The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6525

  Helena asked him: “How long does Mr. Rothschild think it will take to get everything done?”

  ”Well…” Howard said: “I have contacted the person in charge of the AI ​​project. We’ve talked about it, and what he means is that it may take at least two years.”

  ”Two years?!” Helena was startled, frowned and asked, “Why does it take so long?”

  Howard quickly explained: “This time It’s not that long, Your Majesty the Queen. I have already understood it in detail. The reason why it takes so long is because there are many particularly difficult things.” “

  For example, our team must first choose a suitable place to establish in Northern Europe. A data center requires a long time to prepare, from site selection to design, to bidding and construction, as well as the purchase, erection, and debugging of cabinet equipment, cooling equipment, power supply equipment, and communication optical cables, which also take a long time to complete piece by piece; “

  In addition, I consulted and found that the core hardware for building AI models is Nvidia’s h100 graphics card. This graphics card seems to be specially designed to provide computing power for AI models. Basically all AI models rely on This graphics card provides computing power, so this graphics card is extremely popular now. Not only has the price been skyrocketing, but many companies have been unable to get the goods with large amounts of cash and large price increases, and the futures have been queued up to a few years later;”

  ”To build this set The AI ​​system requires at least 35,000 graphics cards of this model. Just waiting for these graphics cards may not be able to be completed in two years. I am planning to say hello to NVIDIA and ask them to find a way to jump in the queue for me first. Let’s see if we can shorten the time.”

  At this point, Howard said: “Oh, by the way, in addition to these, there is another very troublesome thing, which is the database copy migration of the AI ​​model, because the AI ​​model has learned almost everything The amount of human knowledge and information is extremely huge. It is said that if it were all stored on a hard disk, the weight of the hard disk would exceed 150 tons; “

  Moreover, they said that if this massive data is transmitted through optical cables, with the existing bandwidth, It may not be able to be transferred in place in a few years, so after backing up the data center in Silicon Valley on-site, several trucks specially used for large-scale data migration are used to transport the hard drive weighing more than 100 tons and the data is backed up to Northern Europe. Although this method is much faster than transferring data to Northern Europe, it also requires a lot of work, so overall, two years is already very fast. “

  When Helena heard this, she said without hesitation: “Mr. Howard, there are many difficulties in everything, but I believe that any difficulty can be overcome with all your strength. If you can do your best in this matter, , try every way you can to accelerate it. The moment the AI ​​model is put into operation in Northern Europe, I will provide you with the right to purchase half of the elixir. You can buy it immediately and take it immediately, without even a minute. delay. “

  After Howard heard this, he suddenly asked excitedly: “…is your Majesty the Queen serious? ! “

  After suffering a stroke, he now understands a core truth. The Rothschild family has a big business and is not afraid of losses, let alone spending money. Therefore, the most important thing is that he can live long. As long as he can

  get the first With two pills, the probability of living to be over ninety will increase infinitely.

  If you can get three pills, wouldn’t it mean that you can reach a hundred?

  Therefore, Helena hit his vital point as soon as she opened her mouth. .

  At this moment, Helena said seriously: “Everything I said is of course true. I promise you this on the basis of my own reputation and that of the entire Nordic royal family.

  Howard quickly asked: “Then how fast do I need to get this purchase right? ” “

  Helena thought for a while and said seriously: “If you ask me to say, the sooner the better. If you want me to give a specific deadline, I personally think it should not exceed one month at most!”

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