The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6527

  So, he promised in a respectful and firm tone: “Don’t worry, Your Majesty the Queen, I will definitely supervise this matter throughout the process! If the graphics cards NVIDIA has on hand are not enough, I have other options! The person in charge of AI told me that Zuckerberg, who is working on the metaverse, seems to have hundreds of thousands of h100s in his hands. If NVIDIA can’t solve so many in three days, then I will personally go to Zuckerberg for the rest. If Berg wants it, this young man will never dare to refuse me! Helena

  was finally completely relieved after hearing this, and said with a smile: “I feel relieved with Mr. Rothschild’s words. Since Zuckerberg has hundreds of thousands of graphics cards, then I suggest Rothschild Mr. De tried his best to get as many as 40,000 graphics cards. After all, your AI model is updated very quickly. Once it is updated and upgraded, the computing power will definitely need to be expanded. The extra 5,000 graphics cards will be used as a backup. “

  Howard said cheerfully without hesitation: “Since Her Majesty the Queen has said so, please rest assured Her Majesty, forty thousand, not even one less! “

  With that said, Howard added: “Your Majesty the Queen, don’t worry about data migration. I will ask them to copy all the data to special trucks as soon as possible. It is too slow to take a boat from the United States to Northern Europe. I directly arranged for the US military’s C5 transport plane to transport 150 tons of hard drives to Northern Europe in a few hours!

  Helena asked in surprise: “Isn’t it a little too conspicuous to use American military transport planes? ” “

  ”it’s okay no problem. “Howard said nonchalantly: “We are all members of NATO, and there is frequent military cooperation. Military transport planes fly every day. If we fly one or two more sorties, no one will find out, and if we find out, it will not happen again. What can be done? I am going to great lengths to blockade New York. Who dares to say a word? Don’t worry, Her Majesty the Queen, leave everything to me. Helena

  smiled and said: “Mr. Rothschild’s attitude is really touching. I, a weak woman, can’t repay you. I can only give you a beautiful blessing, and wish you a long life.”

  ”Long… long life… a hundred years old? ” ! “

  As soon as Howard heard Helena’s words, he knew the profound meaning of his words. He was so happy that he couldn’t help laughing a few times, and then he said excitedly: “Then… then I will borrow the money from Her Majesty the Queen. Good luck! Thank you Her Majesty the Queen for your blessing! “

  Helena said: “Mr. Rothschild is too polite. What I said is half a blessing and half a statement. As long as Mr. Rothschild can maintain a close cooperative relationship with us, a long life is what I will give you. promise. “

  With that said, Helena added: “By the way, Mr. Rothschild, I will return to Northern Europe early tomorrow morning. I will wait for your good news in Northern Europe. “

  ”good! no problem! Howard said excitedly: “Don’t worry, Your Majesty, I will send someone to talk to Microsoft about the data center today. Three days later, I will personally go to Northern Europe with 40,000 graphics cards!” “

  Then, the two ended the call. Howard held the phone in his hand and paced around the room excitedly, repeating excitedly: “Long life…long life…long life…long life… age! Hahaha! How damn wonderful! How damn wonderful! There are still sixteen years until I turn one hundred! I must seize this opportunity and live for at least another sixteen years! “

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