The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6528

 Howard was really caught by Helena this time.

  He originally thought that getting the second pill within the next three to five years would be the best outcome he could expect.

  But who would have thought that a huge opportunity would hit him on the head.

  If I take another half of the pill, I won’t say whether I can live another two or three years.

  The key is that the effect of this pill is immediate. I have now returned to the state I was in a few years ago. If I take half a pill again, wouldn’t my physical condition be even better?

  Human beings, as long as money is no longer a problem, the only problem is how to live long and live well.

  The pill Helena gave him could solve the two pain points of living longer and living well at the same time.

  Therefore, he is determined to get this half pill!

  So, he hung up the phone on Helena and immediately called the person in charge of Nvidia.

  As soon as the phone call came through, the other party asked in surprise: “Mr. Rothschild, why did you call me in person?”

  Although these business managers are usually the world’s technology trendsetters in the spotlight, almost none of them , can escape the control of Jewish capital. After all, even if a company is in Silicon Valley, the capital behind it is still on Wall Street.

  And Howard is definitely the super boss behind the entire Wall Street.

  Therefore, it is a great honor for all entrepreneurs who rely on Wall Street to receive his call.

  Howard didn’t even know the other person’s full name. He just smiled and said in an unquestionable tone: “I’m calling you because I need your help with something. The one you produced is used to provide computing power for the AI ​​model. Can you prepare 40,000 graphics cards for me within three days?”

  The other party was surprised and asked quickly: “Mr. Rothschild…the graphics card you are talking about…is it h100?”

  ”That’s right!” Howard said immediately: “This is the graphics card, 40,000 copies, we need it within three days, can you solve it?”

  The other party said very awkwardly: “Mr. Rothschild, this graphics card is indeed very popular now, our orders have been queued up… “

  Stop it.” Howard said calmly: “I called you to solve the problem, not to hear you talk about how popular your products and orders are. You only need to tell me, 40,000 pieces in three days, Can it be solved? If it can be solved, I, Howard Rothschild, owe you a favor. If not, then I will stop wasting our time.”

  After saying that, Howard added: “Of course, if you can solve part of the problem, , then just tell me the numbers, how many can be solved within three days.”

  The other party did not expect that Howard would be so decisive, leaving no room for him to complain.

  However, the figure of 40,000 in three days is indeed too outrageous.

  In all walks of life, as long as it is a hot-selling product, it will be difficult to keep it in stock, unless it is deliberately hoarding to raise the price.

  This kind of shameless thing is often done by small and medium-sized companies or large companies with no structure, but after all, Nvidia’s market value is approaching two trillion US dollars, and it is impossible to engage in such low-level marketing methods at this time.

  Therefore, except for the graphics cards that have not yet been produced, Nvidia currently has finished products that are ready for delivery.

  Since the chip of the h100 graphics card is manufactured by TSMC, the chip is shipped from the other side of the world to the United States, and then is repackaged by NVIDIA’s own production line before being delivered uniformly by them.

  For example, Company A ordered 3,000 graphics cards last year, and these 3,000 graphics cards were delivered in three installments. Now, there may be exactly 1,000 graphics cards that have already arrived, and they are preparing to notify the other party to pick up the goods. Only these 1,000 graphics cards will remain in NVIDIA’s hands temporarily.

  Normally, according to the current production capacity, the number of graphics cards that can be delivered every day is around four to five thousand.

  The key is that many companies have very strong demand for this graphics card, and there is no need to notify them to pick up the goods. They usually go to the delivery center of the assembly plant to pick up the goods two or three days in advance, and some even fly directly to the assembly plant by helicopter. As soon as the graphics card was delivered offline, it was immediately taken to his company by helicopter.

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