The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6529

  After all, AI is now one of the biggest trends among technology companies in the world. Not to mention the world’s top companies, even small and medium-sized enterprises in Silicon Valley have tightened their belts and purchased h100 graphics cards to try to train their own AI models. , some companies have even announced allinai, so the demand for this graphics card has never been stronger.

  However, the total number of graphics cards ready to be delivered is only more than 10,000.

  He could only grit his teeth and said: “Mr. Rothschild, we here can see the production, packaging and delivery status of all h100 graphics cards in real time. Currently, all the graphics cards that we have not yet delivered to customers, there are only There are more than 11,000 graphics cards. There are almost 13,000 graphics cards that can be offline in the next three days. I can make my own decision and give you all these graphics cards. I will find a way to appease the customer, but you want 40,000 graphics cards. , I really can’t do this…”

  Howard didn’t hesitate and said directly: “Okay, you can help me collect 25,000 yuan. I will not miss you the money, and I will think of other ways for the rest.”

  The other party quickly said: “Okay Mr. Rothschild, within three days, twenty-five thousand will be absolutely no problem, I guarantee you!”

  Howard said with satisfaction: “Very good, thank you for your hard work, I owe you this. Once again, if you need my help in the future, please call me directly.”

  The other party quickly expressed his gratitude.

  Howard hung up the phone and immediately called Zuckerberg again.

  Zuckerberg, who has risen to prominence in just over ten years, is almost like the biological son of the financial giants on Wall Street.

  The venture capital fund behind the Rothschild family is itself a shareholder of Zuckerberg. Out of admiration for this young upstart, Howard met with him a few years ago. He was very humble and understanding in front of him. , left a good impression on Howard.

  However, even if he got Howard’s appreciation, Zuckerberg didn’t dare to call Howard casually, so when he suddenly received a call from him, he was very shocked and said very respectfully: “Rothschild Sir, please call me. How can I help you?”

  Howard said directly: “Zach, I need fifteen thousand h100 graphics cards. I heard that you have hundreds of thousands of them. Can you help? Can I fix this gap?”

  Zuckerberg was a little flattered when he heard Howard call him Zuckerberg. After all, Zuckerberg is his full last name, and calling him Zuckerberg was obviously a bit affectionate. .

  But when he heard that Howard wanted to ask him for a graphics card, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, as if someone had cut off a piece with a knife.

  Sometimes, human nature is very contradictory.

  When you have no money, you don’t feel bad even if you spend all your money at once or even go into debt. But when you have money, you will feel extremely painful even if you only spend a fraction of your total assets.

  People are born with the desire to hoard, and the more they hoard, the stingier they become.

  This is true whether it is money or things.

  Zuckerberg stockpiled hundreds of thousands of graphics cards at one time, and bought them early and at low prices, but he valued these graphics cards more than anything else. He would not sell any of them to anyone who asked him to buy them.

  Faced with Howard, a super boss, he instinctively didn’t want to give in. Moreover, he really couldn’t figure out why Howard, an old man in his eighties, needed so many graphics cards? Isn’t the AI ​​they invested in already making a splash? Do you still need to ask for a graphics card yourself?

  So, he could only ask vaguely: “Mr. Rothschild… you… what use do you want this graphics card for? Could it be… have you also begun to study the field of AI?”

  Howard said straightforwardly: ” Zach, don’t say any unnecessary polite words. I just want to know now, if you give me 15,000 graphics cards within three days, will it be okay or not.”

  After that, Howard said again: “Don’t worry, I will follow the market. I won’t let you give it to me for free.”

  When Zuckerberg heard this, he knew that the other party would not give him any room for mediation or cheating, so even though he was extremely reluctant to give up, he could only say helplessly: “Since you have spoken, No matter how nervous I am, I will help you prepare it… Don’t worry, I will personally deliver 15,000 graphics cards to you within three days!”

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