The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6531

  Bill said helplessly: “Thank you for your blessing, Mr. Rothschild. ” Howard

  smiled and said, “Come to the Rothschild Manor at seven o’clock in the evening. I’ll treat you to a meal.” Bill

  said without hesitation: “Okay Mr. Rothschild, I will make sure to attend the appointment on time.” “


  A few minutes later, in the Rothschild family meeting room.

  All the Rothschild family members had arrived. The seats on both sides of the more than ten-meter-long conference table were full, except for the exclusive seat of the first patriarch. It was still empty at the moment.

  Behind the seats on both sides, there were two circles of temporary small benches, because the heads of all the collateral families were also present. At

  this time, the conference room was full of people, and Ross beside the conference table The direct members of the Child family were all chatting happily. Only Steve and his son were a little depressed, while the representatives of the collateral families behind were all whispering to each other. They didn’t know that the Rothschild family was here. What happened in the past two days, I don’t know what the old man’s purpose was in calling them all here.

  Most of these collateral families are people with other surnames, but some are surnamed Rothschild. However, all of them are surnamed Rothschild. The collateral families of Howard are basically brothers or cousins ​​of Howard, and those with foreign surnames are mostly people with foreign surnames who married women from the Rothschild family and then became loyal to Rothschild.

  For these collateral families As far as the family is concerned, they had almost no chance to come to the Rothschild family manor and participate in the high-end meetings organized by Howard.

  After all, Howard is the patriarch of the family, and he usually has almost no direct contact with these collateral families. The branch family usually interacts with some professional managers of the Rothschild family, and even Steve is not someone they can meet whenever they want.

  Today, a meeting was suddenly held here, and all the members of the branch family were speculating in their minds. , is Howard planning to pass on the position of patriarch to his eldest son today?

  However, what makes them gossip is that the eldest son Steve seems to be the only unhappy person in the audience, the other is his eldest son Roy Si.

  It stands to reason that if he were to succeed as the patriarch today, the happiest or only two happiest people here should be them.

  So looking at this situation, today’s meeting should not be a good thing for Steve. Could it be that there was a change of heir?

  Because he couldn’t figure it out, a bunch of side families gathered together and whispered to each other, and no one could keep their mouths shut.

  Such a scene made Steve feel on pins and needles.

  After all, he is also a person who wants face, so he always wants to talk. Being peeked at and discussed in private made him feel like a girl for sale in the Middle Ages, feeling unbearably shy.

  Just when the crowd was buzzing, the door to the conference room was suddenly pushed open. The butler who pushed the door immediately withdrew to one side. Then, the proud Howard Rothschild walked in with strong steps. .

  As soon as everyone saw him, they immediately stopped shouting and whispering, then looked at him intently and saluted him with attention.

  And it was during this process that everyone discovered that Howard Rothschild was in an especially good mood.

  This mood was particularly good, just like the state an eighteen-year-old boy would feel when he walked out of his bedroom the next morning after finishing his graduation prom and having a successful night with his dance partner.

  It stands to reason that Howard is so old and has so much money to spend. He has eaten, seen, played and handled everything in the world, not to mention the old fox, who has long known what it means to be indifferent to emotions and anger. , this state of grinning even while walking is really unpredictable.

  Even the direct members of the Rothschild family were a little puzzled.

  They didn’t know that the old man was already very happy yesterday. Why was he still so excited today? He seemed even more excited than yesterday. What good thing had happened?

  When Steve saw the old man smiling like a flower, he felt even more panicked. He thought to himself: “Could this be another breakthrough for the old man? Otherwise, why would he be so excited?”

  At this time, Howard was thinking in his heart. Already excited.

  The graphics card is done, the data center is also done, and what is left is the data migration of the AI ​​model and its local deployment in Northern Europe. Since the data migration no longer requires any external help, for Howard, it is considered a success for now. All is ready except for the opportunity.

  Before he came in, he had already communicated with the head of the AI ​​team. As 40,000 graphics cards were about to be put in place and Microsoft’s data center was about to be vacated, the possibility of solving the problem within a month had jumped from almost zero at the beginning. To almost one hundred percent.

  This also indicates that there is less than a month left between him and the half pill!

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