The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6532

With a beaming face and an excited heart, Howard sat on the main seat in the conference room under the attention of everyone.

  Then, he looked at at least two to three hundred people on each floor around him, smiled and said: “Everyone, please take a seat!”

  Then everyone sat down one after another.

  Howard looked at everyone with a smile and said: “This is the first time so many people have come to the conference room at home. I see that many people don’t have a formal seat. We should have called everyone to the group meeting so that everyone can be more comfortable. , but I haven’t been to the group in recent days, so I can only invite everyone here. It’s really a bit neglectful and has made everyone feel wronged. Please don’t take it off.” “

  No, no, no…” A bunch of side officials The members of the family waved their hands hurriedly, all of them with humility on their faces, not daring to show any other expression, not even the slightest hint of tiredness.

  They also didn’t expect that Howard, who had always been very cold towards them, would suddenly become so humble and even a little loving.

  Howard said with a smile: “I have called everyone here today to announce a few things. The first thing is that the Rothschild family has decided to release more opportunities and benefits to everyone in the future. For the collateral families who are loyal to the Rothschild family, everyone’s income will definitely increase greatly in the future!”

  When everyone heard this, they suddenly became excited and couldn’t help but cheer and applaud.

  No one expected that the old man would be so powerful and immediately want to increase their income as soon as he opened his mouth.

  Seeing how excited everyone was, Howard stretched out his hand with a smile to signal everyone to be quiet, and then said: “Although you are collateral families of the Rothschilds, you all have inseparable family ties and blood ties with the Rothschild family. The relationship allows you to make more money, which is also my unshirkable responsibility and obligation as the patriarch of the Rothschild family!”

  In an instant, thunderous applause started again.

  Howard once again signaled everyone to stop applause and continued: “In the future, I will set up a clan liaison office in the Rothschild family, and my eldest son Steve will be the head of this office. In the future, all collateral families will Members, if you need help from the Rothschild family, or if you have any opinions or ideas about cooperative projects, you can come to this clan liaison office to communicate in person.” When the

  members of the collateral family heard this, they were like thunder. Generally boiling.

  This is definitely the first time these people have heard of the term clan liaison office.

  However, one can also tell from the name that this office is designed to enhance the relationship between clan members.

  In the past, they basically had no chance to face the core members of the Rothschild family.

  If the core members of the Rothschild family are a real estate development company, most of the collateral families are just small subcontractors. Some families may be responsible for providing lunch boxes and fast food for the entire construction site, and some families They may be responsible for removing construction waste at the construction site, and some families are responsible for putting putty on all rooms, but they will not leave any larger tasks such as construction machinery and commercial concrete and steel bars to them.

  Therefore, the status of these collateral families in the eyes of the master’s family is actually very low, even worse than that of domestic slaves.

  Howard suddenly paid so much attention to them now, which immediately gave them a strong sense of belonging, making them feel as grateful to the Rothschild family as a courtier to a monarch.

  In the past, Howard really looked down on these relatives, and his purpose had always been to strictly limit the development of these relatives to prevent them from committing the same crime, or combining with one of his sons to go against him.

  But this time, his perspective on the problem has undergone earth-shaking changes from before.

  He wanted to understand one thing. What he really cared about now was no longer the future of the Rothschild family, but his own future.

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