The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6533

  As he gets older and is unwilling to pass on the position of head of the family to his son, it will inevitably arouse his son’s dissatisfaction. In the future, one of his sons may want to overthrow or exclude himself, so now he will ask these people first. The collateral families show goodwill and transfer some of their interests in exchange for their absolute support, making the future safer.

  Immediately, he stood up amidst the applause of the crowd and said with high spirits: “From today on, you remember that as long as you stand unswervingly with the Rothschild family, the Rothschild family will never I will make you suffer, let alone be bullied, because we are a family!”

  The heat wave of applause almost overturned the conference room.

  This time, Howard did not interrupt everyone’s applause, but looked on with a smile and a calm expression. Seeing everyone excited and spontaneously clapping non-stop made him very satisfied.

  The applause lasted an astonishing five minutes.

  Five minutes later, as the crowd’s applause gradually decreased, a woman’s cry suddenly came out: “Mr. Rothschild! Dear patriarch! You have to make the decision for me!”

  Howard followed the sound, and among the crowd, A woman about sixty years old burst into tears among the excited people.

  Howard, who wanted to win over the side families, suddenly became interested. He quickly stood up, pointed at the woman, and said with great concern: “What do you need me to make the decision for?! Don’t worry, I’m here, everything can be done.” No problem!”

  Seeing this, everyone stopped applauding and cheering, and their eyes switched back and forth between Howard and the woman.

  The woman cried and said: “My husband and my son have been missing for a long time. I spent a lot of money, invited a lot of people, and searched in many places, but I couldn’t find them. Now I don’t know who they are.” Life or death, please help me find them! Please!”

  Howard nodded solemnly and asked her: “Don’t worry, since it is a matter of life and death, the Rothschild family will never Will stand by and watch! Tell me, which family are you from?”

  The woman quickly said: “Your Excellency, Patriarch, I am from the Hogwitz family, my name is Jenny Hogwitz, and my husband is your cousin Julia My son, I wonder if you still remember me…”

  ”Julia…” Howard frowned and thought for a moment. It seemed that he did have such a cousin, but this cousin’s father had already passed away after his father inherited the family. It became a collateral family, and after she got married, she became the most humble collateral family with a foreign surname among the collateral families, and her son himself would not have much of an impression.

  Although the relationship was far away, Howard still felt that this was a good opportunity to make all the collateral families believe in him, so he said: “It turns out that she is Julia’s daughter-in-law, Jenny, please tell me in detail, How did your husband and son disappear?”

  Jenny Hogwitz cried and said: “Your Excellency, my son Walter Hogwitz was sent to China last year to take charge of the Hogwitz family’s affairs in China. However, not long after he went to China, he disappeared in Aurous Hill. My husband, Steve Hogwitz, went to Aurous Hill to look for him and disappeared too!”

  Walter Hogwitz reported to Aurous Hill a long time ago. Doris Young, the head of the Emgrand Group, was poisoned by his father, causing kidney failure. He then tried to use the kidney source to coerce Doris Young into becoming his lover and betraying the Emgrand Group’s trade secrets.

  Now Walter Hogwitz and his father Steve Hogwitz are being kept in Don Albert’s dog farm.

  Even with eight heads, Howard couldn’t imagine that this matter could be related to his current financial sponsor. As soon as he heard that the person was missing but not found, he immediately said with a serious face: “This is unreasonable! No matter who dares to do anything to me, Rothschild If you attack relatives of the De family, you are seeking your own death! Jenny, don’t worry! I will definitely make the decision for you in this matter!”

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