The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6534

 Howard’s statement made Jenny Hogwitz burst into tears and bowed in gratitude: “Thank you, the respected patriarch! Thank you!”

  For Jenny, she was already at her wits’ end, but she still There was no good way, and she didn’t dare to ask the Rothschild family for help. After all, she knew in her heart that the Rothschild family actually looked down on their distant relatives.

  But isn’t this a coincidence today?

  Howard suddenly extended an olive branch to the side family, and Jenny immediately realized that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  The other collateral families were naturally very grateful and excited to see Howard being so responsible for the collateral family.

  Howard stood up at this time and said with a smile: “If something like this happens again in the future, you can go to the clan liaison office as soon as possible. I will arrange for my most trusted subordinates to be stationed there to concentrate on solving the problems you encounter. .”

  When Howard said the word “men”, all the sons realized one thing. The old man was wary of them.

  Generally speaking, if you really want to contact relatives, it must be the most suitable one to choose from family members, and it is also the best way to make these collateral families feel valued.

  But the old man put aside so many sons and grandsons and chose to let his subordinates take on this role, which meant that although he wanted to strengthen ties with the collateral families, he also wanted to create a separation between his children and grandchildren and the collateral families.

  In this way, his real purpose of drawing close to the collateral families can be easily revealed, which is to guard against these children and grandchildren.

  At this moment, the eldest son Steve felt even more depressed.

  He cursed in his heart: “The old man is afraid that I will unite with my relatives to rebel in the future. Now he is directly attacking me from the inside and outside. I can’t break through internally and can’t borrow strength from the outside. In this way, I can always be held in the position of heir by him.” No way…”

  Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but lament: “Fortunately, charlie Wade only gave the old man a few more years of life. Even if the old man tried hard, he wouldn’t be able to give up for a few more years. When his health is gone, even if he doesn’t want to give up, he will have to give up… “

  Immediately afterwards, Steve suddenly became extremely panicked and sighed: “If in the future, like Helena said, charlie Wade can let the old man live longer than me, it will be over! If charlie Wade keeps extending the life of the old man, I He will definitely not survive the cheating old man…”

  At this moment, Steve was extremely frightened.

  He knew that in the current state of the old man, he would definitely try his best to live longer, and he would definitely control the position of the head of the family, and would never allow himself to succeed easily. Therefore, his future was completely In charlie Wade’s thoughts.

  Thinking of this, he couldn’t wait to go to charlie Wade to pay homage to the dock tomorrow, to repent, and to show his loyalty at the same time.

  At this time, Howard’s attitude moved the collateral families present to the extreme, giving them a real sense of sincerity.

  For Howard, he wanted to win over these collateral families and was planning to find a role model to set up. Unexpectedly, Jenny Hogwitz happened to cry and make her appeal in front of so many people. In his opinion, this This is the best opportunity to demonstrate the courage, strength and credibility of the patriarch.

  And it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be difficult.

  It’s nothing more than the Hogwitz father and son missing in China.

  Disappearance, there are only three results, either the person is dead, or the person is alive but hidden by himself, or the person is alive but hidden by others.

  If it’s the first type, then it’s the easiest, just find the body and give the woman an explanation;

  if it’s the second and third type, then find the two men, regardless of whether they voluntarily hid it. We should still hide them passively. In short, if we bring them back to the United States, we will be done.

  So, he looked at the Rothschild direct members on both sides of the conference table and asked: “Which of you is willing to volunteer to go to China to help Jenny bring her husband and son back?”

  All the children and grandchildren looked at each other.

  Who wants to leave New York at a time like this?

  If something changes in New York during this period and I am in China, wouldn’t I completely lose the opportunity to compete?

  Howard couldn’t help but feel a little angry when he saw that no one in the group spoke up. These children and grandchildren usually seemed to be five to six in number, and they all obeyed him. But when he really wanted them to come forward, they would be like dogs to each other. If there was no such thing, When someone picks a fight with you, where do you put your face?

  Just when Howard felt that he was riding a tiger, his eldest son Steve suddenly stood up and said: “Father, let me go! It is related to the personal safety of the two clansmen. We must pay enough attention to it. You are old, so naturally If I can’t let you go there in person, then please allow me, the eldest son, to go to China on your behalf!”


  Howard was ecstatic, and he even praised Steve’s performance angrily.

  I sighed in my heart:

  ”What is a pattern?”

  ”This is what a f*cking pattern is!”

  ”You guys who are not the eldest son, none of you are willing to leave New York, but my eldest son took the initiative to ask for help!”

  ”It seems, Steve My husband is indeed my great eldest son! A filial eldest son!”

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