The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6535

  Thinking of this, he exhaled all his breath, slapped the table in excitement, stood up, and said loudly: “Okay! Very good! Steve You are worthy of being the eldest son of my Howard Rothschild! The pattern is far beyond comparison with others! Since you have this heart, then this task will be left to you!”

  Steve decided to go to China in person, not really wanting to find it. Hogwitz and his son, he just wanted to take this opportunity to go to China to find charlie Wade and say goodbye to the dock.

  But in Howard’s view, when his son took the initiative to ask for help, he was wholeheartedly trying to solve his problems.

  In fact, there is an information gap between Howard and his son Steve.

  Howard didn’t know the true owner of the elixir. He only knew that the elixir belonged to the Queen of Northern Europe, and he didn’t know the hidden story behind it.

  But Steve knew clearly in his heart that the Queen of Northern Europe was just charlie Wade’s white glove. Whether his father could get the elixir in the future depended entirely on charlie Wade alone.

  Therefore, he had to quickly take advantage of this opportunity to go to China to say good things to charlie Wade.

  Howard first thought that the Queen of Northern Europe sent the elixir because of his son Steve’s filial piety, so now Steve took the initiative to ask for help, which naturally made him very satisfied, so he looked at everyone and said loudly: “Besides, I want to be here An announcement is made. From today on, Steve Rothschild will officially become the next heir to the Rothschild family! In the future, after I retire, he will be the one who leads the Rothschild family forward. That man!”

  As soon as these words came out, the side members at the scene applauded, but Steve’s younger brother and nephews all had expressionless faces.

  They knew very well that if the old man announced this decision in front of so many people, there was basically no possibility of changing it.

  That also means that after the old man passes away and Steve becomes the patriarch, they will slowly become a collateral family. In the future, their descendants will sit in the audience like the collateral families behind them. From my seat, I was grateful for the little favors from my host’s family.

  What’s interesting is that Steve himself doesn’t look very happy at this time.

  This is not surprising, because he was the only one besides Howard who knew that he might not be able to take over.

  Therefore, he became even more eager to go to China to meet charlie Wade.

  After the meeting, these collateral family members left the Rothschild Manor happily one by one. Howard called Steve to his study alone and told him: “Steve, this time you go to China, you must You must do everything you can to bring back the Hogwitz father and son. Those side families are waiting for news of your success.”

  Steve said respectfully: “Father, don’t worry, I will go all out! “

  Howard nodded slightly and continued: “I usually look down on these relatives, but they will be an indispensable force for you to consolidate your position as the patriarch after you come to power in the future, so I established a clan this time. The purpose of the Liaison Office is to unite them around the Rothschild family from now on!” “

  With the grace given to them by this clan liaison office, they will do their best to maintain the orthodoxy of the Rothschild family in the future. The orthodoxy of the family is to safeguard their interests. Your father and I are the orthodoxy of this generation of the Rothschild family, and you, as my eldest son and my confirmed first heir, are the orthodoxy of the next generation of the Rothschild family. Orthodox, so everything I did today was to pave the way for you, do you understand?”

  Steve sneered in his heart: “Paving the way for me? My road has almost been cut off by you, and you are still paving the way for me? You It’s more like paving the way for me!”

  If it were before meeting Marven, Steve would have believed at least 70% of Howard’s words.

  However, given the inside story that he already knew, Steve’s trust in his words was completely zero.

  In comparison, he knew more than Howard, so he could conclude that everything his father did today was to consolidate his status as the patriarch. The reason why he said so high-sounding things was just to deceive himself and continue to give himself Draw a cake and let yourself be a stupid prince.

  The simplest point is that if the old man really wants to pave the way for himself, then he should naturally be the person in charge of the clan liaison office.

  However, he avoided all direct family members and appointed his most trusted professional managers to manage this office. Isn’t this because he was afraid that the favors done by the Clan Liaison Office to the collateral families would be mistakenly recorded in his name? , or in the names of other brothers?

  The old man took the lead in establishing the office, and he designated his confidants to manage it with full authority. If the collateral families benefited from this office in the future, the old man would naturally be grateful.

  Just imagine, when a person is not sure whether the boss’s son will lay off employees or replace people after taking over, or whether he will cut his salary and drive out people, his boss suddenly wants to give him a 50% salary increase, and also promises to help him solve his wife’s problem. Work, children’s insurance, home mortgage, parents’ medical care, will he expect the boss’s son to take over?


  He would only pray to Bodhisattva or God every day to bless him and let his unfair boss live a few more years, because if his son comes up one day, his good days may come to an end.

  However, although Steve knew everything well, he still bowed to Howard respectfully and said: “Thank you father for your cultivation! I will definitely live up to your expectations!”

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