The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6536

 When the golden sunshine bloomed from the eastern skyline in the early morning, charlie Wade’s plane landed at Aurous Hill Airport facing the rising sun.

  At this moment, he didn’t know that Steve Rothschild, who was far away in the United States, couldn’t wait to visit him in China.

  As soon as the plane landed, charlie Wade couldn’t wait to call Lin Wan’er (Alani).

  The call was connected, and Lin Wan’er (Alani)’s gentle girlish voice came: “Master, why are you calling the slave family so early?”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Miss Lin, I just landed in Aurous Hill. I wonder if it is convenient for you now. If so, I will go to Zijin See you at the villa.”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) smiled crisply and said, “The slave family has prepared some refreshments and is about to boil water to make tea. If the young master doesn’t mind, he just came to eat some with the slave family.”

  charlie Wade said with a smile: “Wait a minute. I’ll take half an hour.”

  In the hangar, Don Albert had prepared a vehicle and was waiting. charlie Wade stepped forward to say hello respectfully after getting off the plane.

  ”Master Wade!”

  charlie Wade nodded and said to Don Albert: “Don Albert, thank you for taking me to Zijin Mountain.”

  Don Albert nodded respectfully, opened the rear door and said, “Okay Master Wade , please get in the car.”

  charlie Wade got into the car, and Don Albert drove the two of them out of the airport and headed to the city.

  In the car, charlie Wade asked him: “Is everything going well at the Champs Elysees recently?”

  Don Albert said respectfully: “Back to Master Wade, everything is very good at the Champs Elysees. Everyone’s martial arts training is progressing in an orderly manner. You We have also taken good care of your grandmother, and Aurous Hill has not noticed anything unusual recently.”

  ”Okay.” charlie Wade nodded slightly and asked him again: “How is the progress of your martial arts?”

  ”It’s… not bad… …” Don Albert laughed at himself and said: “Mr.  and I don’t seem to have much talent in martial arts. Although we have made some progress, we are still far behind others. A few days ago, you asked Mr.  to go to Yan’an. Jing took over the job of Butler Stephen Thompson. He has not been able to come back during this period. It is estimated that in a few days, I will be able to surpass him in martial arts.”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Don’t be too impatient in martial arts training. Many people You have all practiced hard for several years before you really entered the Tao. You have just started, so it is normal for your progress to be slower.”

  Don Albert said with a smile: “Master Wade, I have also figured it out. I am a bit old and it was too late to join the profession. It is unrealistic to expect too high achievements. Anyway, now that we have such an opportunity, we will learn and practice along with it. Naturally, everyone will be happy if we can practice it. If we can’t practice it, we will treat it as strengthening our body.”

  charlie Wade nodded and said in agreement: “It’s best if you have such a mentality.”

  As he said this, charlie Wade thought of something and suddenly asked him: “By the way, Don Albert, is there any news about Butler Stephen Thompson from Isaac recently?”

  Don Albert immediately shook his head. , said: “Back to Master Wade, after you asked me to succeed Mr. Isaac and serve as the agent of the wade family in Aurous Hill and even the whole province, I often communicated privately with agents of the wade family in other places, and they often discussed Butler Stephen Thompson. No one has any news about Butler Stephen Thompson.”

  charlie Wade nodded slightly and sighed slightly: “It seems that he won’t show up again for a while.”

  Don Albert asked curiously: “Master Wade, Butler Stephen Thompson Where did he go? Wasn’t he always loyal to the wade family? Why did he suddenly leave without saying goodbye?”

  charlie Wade said: “I don’t know this very well, but based on my understanding of him, I believe he is not a bad person, let alone a bad person. He would not harm me or the wade family. There must be a reason why he suddenly left without saying goodbye. If the time is right in the future, we may still receive news from him.” As he

  said that, the question arose in charlie Wade’s mind again.

  In the past, he felt that Stephen Thompson worked for his father.

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