The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6537

  However, Stephen Thompson left without saying goodbye, and there was a high probability that he left the photo album behind. This probably meant that Stephen Thompson had another loyalist behind his back.

  Moreover, judging from Stephen Thompson’s personality, consistent behavior, and the clues that the photo album he left behind brought him good luck, he and the person he was loyal to behind should not be his enemies.

  It might even be his own friendly forces.

  However, he couldn’t figure it out. Since he was a friendly army, why should he hide in the dark? Wouldn’t it be better if we all face to face, have a frank chat, and fight the common enemy together?

  Since it was early in the morning, the traffic was very smooth and the vehicles were rushing all the way. Half an hour later, the vehicles arrived at the entrance of Zijin Villa.

  Seeing the huge plaque of Purple Mountain Villa, charlie Wade retracted his thoughts and said to Don Albert: “Okay Don Albert, I’ll get off the car here, you go ahead and do your work.”

  Don Albert said respectfully: “Okay, Master Wade.”

  With that said, he parked the car outside the gate of Zijin Villa.

  At this time, the door of Zijin Villa opened, and Qiu Yingshan(Curtis), his wife, and Jacob came out together. The three of them walked steadily down the stairs quickly.

  Before charlie Wade got out of the car, he asked Don Albert: “Don Albert, what is Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) busy with recently?”

  Don Albert said hurriedly: “Master Wade, Ermao is in charge of my previous business recently. This old boy is doing a good job. Yes, at least better than me, and the increase in performance and income is quite obvious.”

  charlie Wade nodded and asked: “How much can you make from your business in a year?”

  Don Albert thought for a while and said: “In the past, all year round, except for human consumption, Horse feeding and all kinds of management, I can only get more than 100 million, but now I receive more care, Miss moore has always taken good care of me, the Emgrand Group also has many businesses that are not suitable for me to come forward, plus The current monthly income of some businesses of the Shang wade family is almost 50 to 60 million. Calculated in a year, it is estimated to be around 700 million.”

  charlie Wade nodded and said: “Last time I narrowly defeated that Willie, Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) The credit is great. I promise him a lifetime of prosperity and wealth. However, Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) has great potential and is not suitable to give him a lump sum of money. You give him 30% of Zhang Ermao ( Cade )’s business income. He will work harder if he can. Dude, I will replenish the 30% for you when the time comes.”

  Don Albert said hurriedly: “Master Wade, you and I still know so well what to do… You saved my life, Don Albert, and I rely on you to be where I am today. How can I ask for such a small amount of money from you for your support?”

  charlie Wade waved his hand and said: “One code is the same, I can’t use your money to do my favors, this is a matter of principle. “

  After that, when he saw Qiu Yingshan(Curtis) and others waiting respectfully outside the car, he said to Don Albert: “This matter is settled, no need to say more.”

  Seeing charlie Wade’s insistence, Don Albert had no choice but to nod and agree. , then quickly got out of the car, walked around to the right and opened the door for charlie Wade.

  charlie Wade stepped out of the car, and Qiu Yingshan(Curtis) and the other three said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

  charlie Wade nodded slightly and said, “I’m here to see you miss.”

  Lao Zhang said hurriedly: “Mr. Wade, the miss specially asked me to The slave is here to pick you up. She is already waiting for you in the courtyard on the top floor.”

  ”Okay.” charlie Wade smiled and said to Don Albert, “Okay, Don Albert, you go back, remember what I said, today Just drop it.”

  Don Albert said respectfully: “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I will do it all today!”

  charlie Wade nodded slightly, said goodbye to him, and walked into the Purple Mountain Villa with Qiu Yingshan(Curtis), Lao Zhang and others.

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