The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6540


  Wan’er frowned and murmured: “Young master, the author of “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface” and “Nine Mysteries Scripture” should be Meng Changsheng (Willie), the master of the Nu family, because whether it is the Nu family’s father, Sara, or… The young master’s father knows the existence of the secret of immortality. “

  Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er (Alani) continued: “If it is as the young master guessed, the master first released the “Nine Mysterious Sutra Preface”, and then asked it to wait for a person with the Dragon Gate, and then let the person with the Dragon Gate realize the Tao. Then he went to the Secret of Immortality to find the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”, and was chased by Sara at the same time. Finally, due to the situation, he stripped his fate to his son and achieved a Ascension Dragon Form to trigger the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”. Then, This series of plans is too complicated and thorough. What is his purpose? Could it be that he simply wanted someone with the Sheng Long Ge to inherit his unique skills? “

  ”no. “charlie Wade shook his head and said: “In the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”, there are countless kinds of knowledge, but there are almost no real methods of cultivating Taoism. Even though I have been enlightened for so long, I don’t have a set of true Taoism methods at all. Meng Changsheng (Willie) must have a profound mental method because he could live for a thousand years, but he did not leave it in the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”.

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) frowned and said, “That’s even more strange. What is the purpose of Master spending so much effort? ” He passed away more than three hundred years ago. If he really did all this intentionally, he would have started planning it at least three to four hundred years ago. He is no longer here. Such far-sighted plans were not for passing on his unique knowledge. , what else can it mean? “

  charlie Wade shook his head: “I don’t know either. Lin

  Wan’er thought of something and blurted out: “That time at Shiwanda Mountain, the teacher who stopped me must have known something!” Otherwise, why would she wait for the young master and the slave family there in advance? She even told the slave family that the road ahead was very dangerous and asked the slave family to persuade the master not to go to Shiwanda Mountain! If we can find her, we will surely gain something! “

  charlie Wade sighed: “I don’t want to find her, but she didn’t leave any useful clues that day. If I want to find her, I’m afraid it will be a little more difficult than Sara trying to find me.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade said again : “Actually, what I want to find out most right now is not who the false teacher is named or who she is. What I want to find out is why she asked you to persuade me to turn back that day.”

  Lin Waner (Alani) bit her lip and said He said with a face of shame: “Sir, actually, the slave family did not reveal all the details that day…”

  charlie Wade was not surprised, and just asked her: “Miss Lin, can you tell me now?”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) nodded and said: “It’s the matter. At this point, the Nu family will not hide anything anymore.”

  After that, she explained seriously: “On that day, the false teacher knew all the details of the Nu family, and also knew the details of the young master and Sara. She knew that the Nu family had lived for three hundred years. Over the years, she had also known that Sara had lived for nearly four hundred years and that Po Qinghui was very powerful. However, she said at the time that the real danger ahead was actually another person. She said that compared with ‘that person’, Sara was nothing more than Sara. He’s a clown who has lived for three to four hundred years…”

  ”That person?!” charlie Wade suddenly exclaimed: “Who is it?!”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) shook her head: “She didn’t say it clearly, because she meant, if Too much may affect the young master’s judgment. If the young master thinks that she is playing tricks and wants to find out, the situation may be irreversible…”

  charlie Wade murmured: “Even Sara was worried in front of that person. He’s just a clown, so isn’t this person incredibly powerful?”

  At this point, charlie Wade subconsciously asked: “Could it be that the person she was talking about was Meng Changsheng (Willie)?”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) said: “At first, the Nu family was also suspicious. But…but…but that doesn’t make sense!”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er (Alani) added: “According to my father’s statement, the old master did reach his end more than three hundred years ago and passed away long ago. There is no way he is still alive. Moreover, if He has found a way to live longer than a thousand years, so his strength is probably unmatched in this world. Sara can dominate the world for three hundred years. There is no reason for him to completely hide himself and hide in Shiwan Mountain for more than three hundred years. Ah!”

  charlie Wade frowned and said in a deep voice: “What you said makes sense. I really didn’t understand some things, but I always feel that all of this should have been done intentionally by Meng Changsheng (Willie). My father My murder and my present day are probably all part of his plan more than three hundred years ago.”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) thought of something and said: “If all of this is Master’s plan, the logic of most of the links can indeed be explained. It makes sense.”

  At this point, Lin Waner (Alani) changed the subject and blurted out: “But there is a link here, the logic cannot be self-consistent.”

  charlie Wade asked her: “What logic?”

  Lin Waner (Alani) said: “The Nu family just said, Although the probability of Longge giving birth to Longge is a little higher than that of ordinary Longge, it is still like finding a needle in a haystack. The probability is extremely low. If the master is betting on the future of the young master, the probability of success is extremely low. Once The young master is not a dragon, and everything that follows cannot be established. The young master’s father cannot transfer his fate to the young master, and the young master cannot achieve the ascending dragon status. Naturally, the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” will not be triggered. No one has spent all the time. After countless calculations, the most important link was pinned on a small probability event with a probability of less than one in a billion. “

  charlie Wade nodded: “This is indeed puzzling. “

  At this time, Lin Wan’er (Alani) looked at the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” on the tea table, and asked tentatively: “Young Master, do you think there is any method mentioned in this “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” that can make Long Ge The father must have given birth to Longge’s son? If so, then there is no doubt that all this must have been done by Master! “

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