The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6542

  After saying that, Lin Waner added: “Jiaoge is the fate closest to Longge. It is also the only fate that can ‘turn into a dragon’. Once the dragon’s pattern turns into a dragon, it will be a dragon’s pattern. This means that when the young master’s mother is pregnant with the young master and the young master’s destiny has not yet been decided, the young master’s father will become a dragon. He had divided his dragon grid into two dragon grids and gave one of the dragon grids to the young master;” “

  Then, the young master’s father experienced dragon transformation with the young master and became a dragon grid together!” “

  This is how your father used it. Method, let the young master possess Longge!”

  charlie Wade couldn’t help but turn his eyes red, and murmured: “I heard Uncle Zhou say that the separation of fate is extremely painful, it is the most painful thing he has ever seen in his life, what is said here’ One dragon divides into two dragons. Although it does not completely strip away the fate, it can at least half… This… must also be very painful… My father… actually… actually endured such an extraordinary amount for me twice. The pain…”

  Lin Wan’er nodded lightly and said with emotion: “I have pity on the hearts of parents in the world. There are probably countless parents in the world who are willing to endure extreme hardships for their children… My father clearly had the opportunity to live for five hundred years, but he would rather Even if I die, I will leave this opportunity to the slave family. I think I feel the same as your father…”

  charlie Wade murmured: “Why bother… When he used the “Dragon Dividing Technique”, I was not born yet, why bother? You have to pay so much for me? Why hasn’t he thought about it? Maybe I don’t want the Dragon Gate, I don’t want the Dragon Gate, and I don’t want to live forever…”

  Lin Wan’er smiled bitterly and said, “My father hasn’t thought about it either. In fact, I don’t want the Dragon Gate. The slave family does not want to live for such a long time. I am afraid that no one in this world can imagine the hardships I have endured for more than three hundred years…”

  charlie Wade sighed and asked her: “My father used the “Dragon Splitting Technique” After that, his fate retreated from dragon grid to dragon grid, and his own fortune must also be greatly affected, right?” “

  That’s natural.” Lin Waner said: “If his fate retreats by one level, his fortune will naturally also decline by one level.”

   charlie Wade felt mixed emotions in his heart, and quietly wiped away his tears, and continued: “Uncle Zhou said that my father gave me his destiny before he took me away from Eastcliff. That is to say, when I was eight years old, he I had already completed the transformation into a dragon, and returned to Longge from Jiaoge. And I must have completed the transformation into a dragon during those eight years, but I was too young at that time and didn’t remember anything special about my childhood life. This means that my father not only divided his own dragon grid into two dragon grids, he even used his own efforts to upgrade our two dragon grids to dragon grids. In just a few years I don’t know how much effort and price it will take to do this in a short period of time…”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “Sir, since we speculate that all of these are dominoes left by the master, then all of them must be his. Within the calculation, since the “Dragon-Splitting Technique” in which one dragon can be divided into two dragons is written in the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”, there must be the “Dragon Transformation Technique” in which the two dragons can transform into dragons again. Otherwise, if the dragon grid cannot transform into a dragon, To become Longge, all the designed steps will suddenly break. After saying that

  , she turned her attention to the next section and exclaimed: “Look, sir, there is indeed the “Dragon Transformation Technique”!” “

  charlie Wade was attracted to it and quickly looked at the content behind it. Sure enough, even the name was exactly what Lin Wan’er guessed, it was “The Art of Transforming Dragons”!

  charlie Wade couldn’t wait to study it line by line, and then he discovered that the so-called “Dragon Transformation Technique” requires the person who uses the “Dragon Dividing Technique” to separate their fates to continuously use their mental methods to improve the fate of the two people.

  In other words, since his father divided his dragon pattern into two dragon patterns and merged them into After giving one of the dragon grids to himself, his dragon grid and his dragon grid are like quantum entanglement, completely sharing the same advance and retreat.

  Every effort his father makes will act on the two people’s dragon grids completely simultaneously. Above, from that moment on, the burden of the two dragons rested entirely on his shoulders.

  It is conceivable that in the eight years after he was born, his father bruce Wade had been caring for the two of them. He transformed into a dragon and tried his best.

  But his young self knew nothing about it!

  What charlie Wade didn’t expect was that his father would first split his own dragon grid into two, then upgrade the two dragon grids into dragon grids by himself, and finally peel off his own lost dragon grid completely. Gave himself…

  At this moment, he felt extremely ashamed. If he was given a chance to choose, he would rather be an ordinary person who didn’t understand the Taoism at all than his father who had paid so much for himself and ended up being destroyed together with his mother. Will kill…

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