The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6544


  this point, Lin Waner spoke solemnly He got up and continued: “Another possibility is that the master knows that this trap will be triggered in unknown years and months, but for him, it does not matter when it is triggered, as long as it is triggered. If this is the case, then the master …most likely not dead yet!

  ”Not dead yet? ” “charlie Wade frowned and asked her: “If he hasn’t died yet, then he should have mastered a way to increase his lifespan from a thousand years to longer, and if he hasn’t died, he should be stronger than me now. , countless times stronger than Sara, why bother to stay silent in Shiwan Mountain for so many years? “

  With that said, charlie Wade added: “In other words, if he needs me, a person with a rising dragon rank, to do something for him, he can come to me directly without having to go to all the trouble to lead me there. Lin

  Wan’er looked at charlie Wade, then at the green and vibrant Mother of Pu Tea in the yard outside the window, and asked charlie Wade: “Master, think about the experience of the Mother of Pu Tea. For more than three hundred years, , the Nu family always felt that she had long been wiped out in that catastrophe, but the Nu family never expected that she had her own way to preserve a glimmer of life for herself. Its vitality was like a seed that would be silent forever. , if she had not encountered the spring rain that belonged to her, she could have been silent in the soil for a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand years, but once the rain fell, she would be reborn and emerge from the earth. “

  Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er met charlie Wade’s eyes and murmured: “Sir, the slave family feels that the master should also have his own way to silence his slim chance of life indefinitely in Shiwan Mountain like the mother of Pucha. Once When the spring rain he wants falls, he can be reborn like the Mother of Pu Tea, and the young master is the spring rain he wants to wait for…”

  charlie Wade looked at the Mother of Pu Tea, the branches in the sun Although it is still very slender, it is already much stronger than when it first broke through the ground. At this moment, a curled bud slowly opened in the sun, revealing a smaller and more tender bud.

  charlie Wade’s heart suddenly There was an obvious feeling of falling, and she was slightly nervous and panicked.

  Lin Wan’er suddenly took charlie Wade’s hand and asked with a somewhat frightened expression: “Master, do you still remember what you told the slave family on the day of the fight with Uncle? if? “

  charlie Wade nodded: “Of course I remember.

  Lin Wan’er said: “Young master once told the slave family, did Willie say before opening the Niwan Palace that it doesn’t matter even if the master destroys his body, he can change his body to seek revenge on the master? “

  charlie Wade nodded and said, “Yes, he did say that. ” Lin

  Wan’er asked anxiously: “Master, do you think there is really such an evil technique in this world that can take away the human body?” ! “

  charlie Wade was silent for a moment and said seriously: “Although I have not come into contact with any magic related to it, I think it is very likely that this kind of magic exists. After looking inside, we can find that people, mobile phones, and computers are actually There is no difference. The body is hardware, and the brain, or consciousness, is software. Replacing one person’s consciousness into another person’s body is like buying a second-hand mobile phone. All the data needs to be migrated. Just come over and replace the original data on that phone. “

  Lin Wan’er said: “If you retain the data of a mobile phone before its hardware is about to be completely broken, and then find a suitable mobile phone, you can theoretically resurrect the former; and the master’s one thousand year anniversary When the time comes, he may not be able to find a chance to continue living, but he has his own way to retain his consciousness and wait for a suitable physical body to appear. “

  Speaking, Lin Wan’er added: “Seizing the body should be a very harsh thing, otherwise, he would not have allowed himself to be silent for so many years, and he could have taken the body of my father before he died. For him who only thinks about begging, For those who live forever, the purpose of seizing a body should not be to survive, but to overthrow the previous one’s thousand-year cultivation path and find a better starting point to start over. If you find a body with mediocre qualifications in a hurry, you might be able to survive He cannot catch up with his previous height, so he not only needs a physical body to be reborn, but also a physical body that is powerful enough, a physical body that is powerful enough to give him a chance to challenge the way of heaven! “

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