The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6545

  charlie Wade breathed out heavily and said, “So… what he needs is a body that ascends to the dragon level? “

  Lin Wan’er nodded quickly: “That’s right! The Nu family thinks this logic is reasonable, and it also echoes what the false teacher said. She said that anyone can go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, but the Young Master can’t go there, and she also said that person is better than Sara is much more terrifying. Now it seems that the person she was talking about is Master, and what he has been waiting for at Shiwanda Mountain is you, Master!”

  charlie Wade also accepted this speculation, gritted his teeth and said: “What a great Meng Changsheng (Willie), raise him I have seen people who use voodoo, but this is the first time I, charlie Wade, have heard of people who throw away voodoo bottles to cultivate voodoo!”

  After saying that, charlie Wade said again: “Now that we have seen through his wishful thinking, does that mean , as long as we never go to Shiwanda Mountain, he will have to wait there endlessly?”

  Lin Wan’er agreed and said: “The slave family thinks so too!”

  charlie Wade breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Okay, from now on, I just don’t get even half a step closer to the Hundred Thousand Mountains. If it hadn’t been reminded by that false teacher before, and you and I are discussing it together today, I’m afraid the first thing I would do after getting the Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra, oh no, the second thing The first thing I want to do is to go to Shiwanda Mountain again and find out for myself the so-called secret of immortality!”

  Lin Wan’er asked curiously: “Then what is the first thing the young master has to do?”

  charlie Wade said truthfully: “Of course, organize it well. Take a look at his “Nine Mysterious Heart Techniques”, this should be his true spiritual cultivation method. If I want to open the Niwan Palace, I’m afraid this is the only method I can count on at the moment.”

  Lin Waner clicked . Nodding, he picked up the first section of “Nine Mysterious Heart Techniques” and read it carefully for a moment, then said: “My father once wanted the slave family to enlighten the Tao, but the slave family was indeed not the material for enlightenment. After repeated failures, my father gave up this idea. At that time, my father I once taught the slave family a piece of mental art, and the slave family knew it by heart more than three hundred years ago. Although so many years have passed, the slave family can be sure that its content is almost the same as what is written here.”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er continued Said: “It’s just that my father said that the master once told him and Sara that this spiritual method has no name. It is just the experience he summarized through many years of practice. Or my father felt that what the master has learned throughout his life should not have a name, so he named it after the master. Name it “Secret of Immortality”.”

  charlie Wade sighed: “It seems that Meng Changsheng (Willie) has a lot of secrets about your father and Sara, and he didn’t even tell them the name of “Nine Mysterious Hearts”. Since they If you don’t know “Nine Mysterious Hearts”, then you probably don’t know “Nine Mysterious Scriptures” and “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”.”

  Speaking of this, charlie Wade couldn’t help but be afraid: “At the beginning, I was grateful for the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” The huge change brought to me was to change the name of Wei’s Pharmaceutical to Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical. It was full of sincerity at first, but now it seems that there are endless troubles… As long as Sara knows about “Jiu Xuan Xin Jue”, Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical will be targeted by her. The risk…”

  Lin Wan’er nodded slightly in agreement, and then asked charlie Wade with some anxiety: “Does the young master plan to practice the “Nine Mysterious Heart Decisions”?”

  charlie Wade said sincerely: “For my current situation, A systematic mental cultivation method is the biggest opportunity for me to improve my strength. Sara was able to open the Niwan Palace more than a hundred years ago, which proves that if this mental method is cultivated to a certain level, it will definitely be able to open the Niwan Palace. For me, this is a rare and good opportunity…”

  At this point, charlie Wade’s expression showed a bit of worry, and he said: “But reason tells me that the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” is the true meaning of the book. Bait, “Nine Mysterious Scriptures” is actually an encyclopedia that lacks core content. To be cautious, I cannot believe any content in “Nine Mysterious Scriptures Preface”. Lin

  Wan’er nodded heavily and said solemnly: “The slaves and the master think the same, not a single word in the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface” can be believed!” “

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