The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6546

 At this time, charlie Wade looked at the pile of photocopied contents of the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface” and couldn’t help but sigh: “If our guess is correct, then the false teacher last time saved my life.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded lightly, but she held her chin and muttered: “The slave family feels that the false teacher should have taken orders from others, and the person who really helped the young master should be the person behind her.”

  charlie Wade was very satisfied with her point of view. Agreed, but said with some doubts: “This person can see through Meng Changsheng (Willie)’s careful plan, and can also stop me at the critical moment. His background must be extraordinary, but I can’t figure it out. Since this person is willing to help me, he also knows Why am I unwilling to show my true face to others? If we face each other face to face, we may be able to reach cooperation and fight against the Po Qinghui together.”

  Lin Wan’er smiled and said: “Perhaps each of them has their own secrets to protect, just like the slave family, if it weren’t for Young Master Having saved the lives of the slave family and being sent here by my father’s ring, the slave family will definitely not reveal their true identity and experience.”

  After saying that, Lin Waner added: “But what the slave family can be sure of is that this person must be observing in secret. Look at the young master, maybe when the time is right, this person will take the initiative to meet the young master.”

  charlie Wade nodded and said: “I don’t know who Butler Stephen  has been working for over the years. Jing left without saying goodbye. I always felt that he was too similar to the false teacher we met in Shiwanda Mountain. They must be the same person behind them. What makes me a little ashamed is that the other person may have been paying attention to me many years ago, but I But I know nothing about them.”

  As he said that, charlie Wade subconsciously took out the agarwood bracelet he got at the nunnery that day from his pocket. Twenty-eight precious Qinan agarwood beads were warm and smooth in his hands, and exuded. With a refreshing fragrance.

  Looking at this object, charlie Wade couldn’t help but sigh: “Fortunately, the other party is not an enemy. He can’t show his face now. Maybe he has his own reasons.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “Master, I have countless calculations, but I never thought about what I have been planning for hundreds of years.” The plan will be blocked by others and discovered by the young master. At present, as long as the young master does not set foot on the Shiwan Mountain and does not practice the “Nine Mysterious Heart Decisions”, he should not be affected by the master. In this case, the young master’s biggest enemy at present is, It’s still Poqinghui and Sara.”

  After saying that, Lin Waner asked him again: “Then what are the young master’s plans next?”

  charlie Wade said: “When I met my grandpa, Inspector Li came up with an idea. Investigate suspicious companies around the world, dig out and eliminate the dead soldiers of the Po Qing Society one by one, if possible, use two or three years to eliminate the effective forces of the Po Qing Society.” As he spoke,

  charlie Wade said Lin Wan’er synchronized with Lin Wan’er about using AI models to help with the investigation.

  After listening to this, Lin Wan’er called Li Yalin’s criminal investigation thinking very impressive. She also agreed very much with this method and said with a smile: “Once this AI model is put into use, it should be possible to crack down on the Qing Dynasty’s global power map.” They were located one by one one by one.

  charlie Wade thanked him sincerely: “Thanks to you this time. If you hadn’t reminded me, I would never have thought of getting an AI model from the Rothschild family. I am a modern person. I am really ashamed that I don’t know as much and as quickly as Ms. Lin about the actual facts. Lin

  Wan’er smiled shyly and said: “Sir, after all, the slave family has been on the run for more than three hundred years. During these three hundred years, the slave family’s most important thing is to collect all kinds of information. In the early years, they read newspapers, and later they listened to the radio and watched TV. , I started paying attention to the Internet decades ago, and I have long developed a habit. Every time a new technology comes out in the world, Nujia must find out about it immediately, and then analyze and evaluate whether this technology will have any impact on Sara when she finds Nujia. What key role will it play, so we pay attention to AI. “

  Speaking, Lin Wan’er added: “The most important thing is that the young master has completely grasped the person in charge of the Rothschild family. Otherwise, in today’s environment, it may be impossible to get such an AI model. The two chatted for a few more words .

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