The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6548

In addition, I also asked her about charlie’s trip to the United States this time and what kind of cooperation she has reached with the Rothschild family. I received news this morning that several companies in Silicon Valley are waiting for Nvidia to supply graphics cards. Many companies have had their deliveries delayed without any reason. I always feel that this matter has something to do with charlie. Sister Sun

  looked confused when she heard this, and asked in confusion: “Madam, why do you suddenly feel that Lin Wan’er has come back to Qixia Temple to find her subordinates?” “

  Lydia (Ava)  said: “Last time you stopped Lin Wan’er at Shiwanda Mountain. Although she didn’t know our identities, she must have known that we did this because we cared about charlie and were afraid that charlie would be in danger;” “

  This time charlie Bringing back the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” and going to Purple Mountain Villa to see her immediately, she would definitely open her heart to her. With her intelligence, she would definitely be able to see that all of this was a trap set by Meng Changsheng (Willie), and she would definitely be able to “I want to understand that “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” is full of dangers for charlie;”

  ”Last time charlie was in danger, we took action. Although this time is not as urgent as last time, it is still equally important. She will definitely be able to You can guess that we will most likely be paying attention secretly;”

  ”If she knows that we are paying attention to her and is sure that we are not in danger, she will most likely convey the information that she wants to meet us with practical actions;”

  ”Last time we saw you She is a fake master. If she goes to any temple or nunnery in Aurous Hill in the next 24 hours, she must be telling us that she wants to meet us. Qixia Temple is the most famous temple in Aurous Hill. If she wants to convey If you give us the information, there is a high probability that you will come here.”

  Sister Sun couldn’t help but feel a little dazed. Although she had served Lydia (Ava)  wholeheartedly for many years, her thinking still couldn’t keep up with Lydia (Ava) ‘s rhythm. People say that one step will make you guess the next. Those who are masters and those who can guess ten steps by looking at it are a bit mysterious to the understanding of ordinary people.

  However, although she didn’t quite understand, she still didn’t have any doubts about Lydia (Ava) , so she said without hesitation: “Okay, madam, I’ll wait for her here all day!

  ” A young woman pretending to be a nun, named Jingchen, stepped in and said: “Madam, Aunt Sun, we saw from the surveillance below the Purple Mountain that the young master left the Purple Mountain ten minutes ago. After leaving the east gate, the car headed south. We got on the highway, most likely going to the Champs Elysees. Two minutes ago, Lin Wan’er also drove out alone, and now she has just driven out of Purple Mountain.”

  Lydia (Ava)  asked, “Which direction did Lin Wan’er go?”

  Jingchen said: “Back to Madam, Lin Wan’er walked north after leaving the east gate of Purple Mountain.”

  Sister Sun looked horrified and said, “Lin Wan’er walked north, is she heading towards Qixia Temple?”

  Jingchen said: ” Returning to Aunt Sun is not yet certain, but we will follow her using traffic surveillance along the way to see where she is going.”

  Lydia (Ava)  smiled slightly and said, “Sister Sun, Lin Wan’er should have come to Qixia Temple. It takes at least forty minutes by car to come from Purple Mountain. Please prepare.”

  Sister Sun quickly asked her: “Madam, is this subordinate going to meet her as a master’s wife, or is it some other identity?”

  Lydia (Ava)  said: “She I must have seen through your fake teacher’s identity a long time ago, so you might as well wait for her in the parking lot outside the temple and chat with her for a few words outside. As for your conversational skills, just use Plan A we made before.”

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