The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6549

  At this moment.

  As Lydia (Ava)  guessed, Lin Wan’er drove the car onto the elevated road to Qixia Temple.

  What she was thinking right now was the same as what Lydia (Ava)  had guessed.

  She felt that since the fake teacher wife had been paying attention to charlie and even protected charlie at critical moments, then in this situation, they must also be paying attention to charlie secretly.

  Maybe, the other party is in Aurous Hill now.

  If the other party is really in Aurous Hill, then they must be secretly monitoring his every move. If he suddenly goes to Qixia Temple alone at this time, once the other party knows about it, he will understand that he did this just to meet them. .

  Of course, Lin Wan’er also knew that the situation might not be as she guessed, or that all this was just her own passionate guessing, and the other party was not paying attention to her at all.

  But Lin Wan’er didn’t care. Anyway, it didn’t cost much to go out and give it a try. If she found nothing, she could just drive back.

  Traffic was very smooth at noon on weekdays. Lin Wan’er drove for more than half an hour and arrived at the entrance of Qixia Mountain.

  Although the Qixia Mountain Scenic Area is very large and has complete winding roads, tourists’ vehicles must be parked in the parking lot outside the mountain gate, and then enter the scenic area on foot, and then choose to take the sightseeing bus in the scenic area, so Lin Wan’er drove the car directly After entering the parking lot, I planned to stop the car, walk around Qixia Temple, fully express my intention to communicate, and wait for the other party to show up.

  There were not many tourists in the scenic spot at noon, and there were still many empty spaces in the parking lot, so Lin Wan’er found a parking space with no cars on both sides and parked her car in it.

  When she stopped the car and just opened the door to get out of the car, the passenger door was suddenly opened, and a figure sat in the passenger seat.

  Lin Wan’er’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that she was being targeted by Sara’s people. She subconsciously looked at that person, and was surprised to find that the person sitting in the co-pilot was actually an old lady wearing a brown hat.

  The next second, she recognized the appearance of this person. This person was the false teacher she saw in Qingzhao Temple of Shiwandashan that day!

  Lin Wan’er’s expression showed surprise for a second, and then returned to normal. She closed the driver’s door again, smiled and said to the fake teacher’s wife: “Hello, teacher, we finally meet again!”

  Sister Sun looked at her Lin Waner smiled slightly and said: “Miss Lin must know that I am not a master, so it’s better not to call me that. Miss Lin is a senior, so just call me grandson.”

  Lin Waner smiled knowingly and nodded lightly. Then he asked her: “You must know that I came to Qixia Temple to meet you, right?”

  Sister Sun smiled and said: “Mr. Wade returned to Aurous Hill today. I think Miss Lin must be worried, so I came to meet with Miss Lin.” When I meet you, I may be able to answer some of your doubts, Miss Lin.”

  Lin Wan’er asked her, “Can I ask a question?”

  ”Of course.” Sister Sun nodded and said, “I will tell you everything I can tell you; what I can’t tell you, Please also ask Miss Lin to

  pay attention.” Lin Wan’er nodded slightly and asked her: “You know that Mr. Wade is coming back, and you also guessed that I will be worried about Mr. Wade. You must also know that all this is related to the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” Is it relevant?”

  ”That’s right.” Sister Sun said calmly: “The fact that all the treasures from all directions have returned to China proves that Mr. Wade must have obtained the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”. What I can tell Miss Lin is, “The Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” For Mr. Wade, there are hundreds of harms but no benefit, and you must never practice it.”

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