Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1436 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1436

After Zachary talked to Duncan, Duncan did not dare visit Liberty on a daily basis.

He only visited her twice that week. The first time was the night he had a heart–to–heart talk with Zachary

The second time was that day itself.

“Mr. Lewis, Ms. Harmon.”

Liberty got up in a hurry when she saw them enter.

Duncan put the fruit basket down and handed the bouquet to Liberty. He gazed at her gently and said, “These flowers are for you, Liberty.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lewis. You’re too kind.”

Liberty accepted the flowers and thanked Duncan, She had been receiving many fruit baskets and bouquets every day.

She was a person of minor importance, but she was still the biological sister of Mrs. York and Mrs. Stone’s niece. Therefore, she received many visitors every day.

Duncan smiled. His gaze lingered on Liberty for a long time before saying worriedly, “Did the doctor say when you can be discharged?”

“I can only leave the hospital after another week.”

Duncan nodded.

Lily also asked Liberty several questions out of concern.

Knock knock.

Sounds of someone knocking on the door rang again.

A bodyguard entered and said to Serenity, “Missus, the Browns are here again.”

After Liberty regained consciousness, the Browns still came to the hospital every single day. despite knowing they were not welcome.

Serenity glanced at her sister and said, “Ask them to leave.”

She knew Jessica was used because Mrs. Newman held the fate of the Yates family. Mrs. Newman forced Jessica to be her pawn to kidnap Sonny.

After Jessica was taken away by the police, neither the Browns nor the Yateses could meet her. Only the lawyer could.

Family members could only visit Jessica after she was sentenced.

Jessica apologized to Liberty through her lawyer and defended herself. She said that even though. she was jealous of Liberty, she had never thought of hurting Sonny. She only helped Mrs. Newman because she had no other choice.

However, no matter the reason behind her actions, it was a fact that she had committed a crime. What awaited her was punishment by the law.

Her wedding ceremony with Hank was canceled in the end.

The Browns forced Hank to divorce Jessica.

After finding out about it, Jessica laughed in self–deprecation. She had always thought she was a winner, but she did not know she was the biggest loser all along.

If she did not date Hank back then, she would have found a nice guy, married him, and lived a peaceful life.

Jessica wound herself up in that situation when she chose to be a homewrecker instead of someone’s lawful wife.

Being in heaven or hell depended on one’s way of thinking.

Jessica regretted her decision.


The bodyguard went out.

Mrs. Brown was about to enter after seeing the bodyguard exiting, but the guards blocked her.

“Mrs. Brown, our missus requests you to leave. Ms Hunt doesn’t wish to see you. all.”

“We just want to go in and have a look. We’re not going to do anything. Why won’t you let us in? Who’s inside?” Mrs. Brown asked.

She could hear other people talking in the room.

The York family’s bodyguard replied, “It’s Mr. Lewis.”

Upon hearing Duncan had come again, Mrs. Brown immediately decided to enter the room.

However, the York family’s bodyguards stood in front of the door like a wall, keeping Mrs. Brown and her family outside the room. They could not even take a step inside.

“Mom, let’s go.”

Hank felt unpleasant when he heard Duncan was visiting Liberty again.


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