Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1447 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1447

“I’m sorry, Mr. Callum ”

Camryn still turned Callum down.

Callum took the watering can from her hand Then, he dragged her to the counter and sat down He said, “Camryn, please sit down. I have something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?”

Callum noticed that the two store workers were out delivering flowers to customers In fact, he purposely called to order two bouquets of flowers to send them away

Due to her two elder aunts, the business of Spring Blossoms had gone downhill.

“You’ve always wanted to know why I approached and helped you, right?”

While facing Callum, Camryn kept quiet.

As much as she wanted to know, she would not be able to fish for his answer if he was silent on it. She remained baffled

When he first appeared in her flower shop, she was sure that it was their first time meeting each. other

“After the new year, Nana sent me two photos. One is for me, whereas the other is for Kevin. The one I have is a photo of you.”

Camryn was dumbfounded.

Since when did Old Mrs. York have her photo?

Old Mrs. York even passed Camryn’s photo to Callum. What did this signify?

Camryn tried her best to recall, yet she could not think back to when she had met Old Mrs. York.

She was invisible among the Newmans, whereas Old Mrs. York was the head of the Yorks. Not only did Old Mrs. York hold the highest position in the family, but she was also well-liked in Wiltspoon.

Camryn and Old Mrs. York had nothing to do with each other.

After making that remark, Callum did not continue.

After a while, Camryn could not help but ask, “Mr. Callum, how did Old Mrs. York get my photo? She passed it to you, and what does that mean?”

He did not make his words definite, fuelling her curiosity.

This man treated her very well, but sometimes, he could be nasty.

“Take a guess.”

“I can’t ”

Camryn said honestly, “I need you to clear my doubt, Mr Callum.”

Callum extended his hand to remove her glasses and said, “You put on such a big pair of glasses when your face is small. It has nearly covered your entire face. You look good without glasses.

“Camryn, just call me Callum from now on.”

Camryn fumbled around to get back her glasses from him as she was used to wearing them.

Callum dodged her hand and gently placed the pair of glasses on the edge of the counter so that she could not reach it.

He even spread his hands. When she fumbled around, she touched his hand.

The moment Camryn touched his hand, she quickly withdrew her hand.

“Camryn, I felt ticklish when you touched me.”

“Mr. Callum, it was because I touched your hand by accident!”

Callum’s wording was flirty.

Camryn was no fool. She just did not want to face it.


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