Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 668 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 668

The only person that Serenity was wrong about was Zachary.

Then again, Serenity was fooled by Zachary’s whole family.

The cousins shared a pleasant conversation along the way that the journey felt short to Serenity. Soon, they arrived at the Buchams’ residence.

Josh was not back. He was still having dinner with Jasmine and her brother. Jasmine was concerned about her best friend, but her mind was at ease since Josh had everything sorted out.

Enter title…

Serenity had just arrived at the Buchams’ residence when Jasmine gave her a call. Jasmine felt better after confirming Serenity was at the residence.

‘Thank goodness Mr. Bucham stepped in to help tonight, Jasmine. Please thank him for me. I’ll personally express my gratitude to him when I return.”

Sure, Josh was Zachary’s colleague. He could simply do his due and inform a colleague there to send Zachary to the hospital.

However, Josh went above and beyond at sorting everything out when Serenity said she wanted to be there. Josh even let her use his family’s private plane.

Serenity had to thank the man personally for such a huge favor.

“I will. Go on and take care of Zachary. Josh said you should get the doctor to give him a few jabs. It will serve as a reminder that he shouldn’t try to tough it out when he catches a cold next time. Apparently, Zachary*s afraid of needles.”

Serenity replied, “Mr. Bucham’s idea is mean, but it sounds like a plan. I can use this to my advantage and teach him a lesson.”

Zachary scared her silly this time.

“I’m getting on the plane now, Jasmine. I’ll call you once all is okay.”

“Sure. Go on then. I’m having my dinner.”

“I’m jealous,” Serenity commented.

Jasmine smiled. “Let’s get together and have a nice dinner when Zachary’s back from his business.”


After the call ended, Serenity got into the Buchams’ private plane.

“Send us a text message when you arrive there, Serenity,” Clive urged.

Nodding her head, Serenity waved her cousin off.

The plane took off and flew her overnight to Zachary.

It was just like when she went drinking at a bar. Zachary was worried after finding out and rushed overnight to her side.

It was her turn to be worried about him. She was rushing there now.

They gave each other the cold shoulder during fights, conflicts, and silenttreatments.

The couple was also anxious if something were to happen to each other.

This might be love.

Clive waited until the plane flew afar before thanking the Buchams’ butler. He then got into his car and drove away from the Buchams’ residence.

Zachary had no idea that Serenity was on her way to him.

By the time he came to, he was at the hospital.

The manager and deputy manager of the branch company stood by his bed.

‘You’re awake, Mr. York.”

The manager looked relieved the moment Zachary opened his eyes.


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