Married at First Sight Chapter 1815 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1815 by desirenovel-Sam had seen too many storms. In Serenity’s situation, he immediately guessed that she was being plotted against.

Immediately, Sam’s expression became serious.

The young mistress of the York family dared to plot, that person was really courageous.

What’s more, the young mistress accompanied the young master to socialize, that person was scheming against the young mistress under the young master’s nose, and could not complain that the young master’s face was as dark as charcoal.

Grandma May was also startled when she saw Zachary hurrying in with Serenity in his arms.

Grandma May: “Zack, what’s wrong with Serenity?”

“Grandma, I’ll talk to you later.”

Seeing grandma at his home, Zachary was not surprised.

Grandma May was very free to go wherever she wanted, and her Grandchildren often welcome her kind figure.

While Zachary was speaking, he hurried upstairs with Serenity in his arms.

The old lady stood at the foot of the stairs and watched.

Sam walked up to the old lady, and said in a low voice: “Madam, the youngest mistress may have been plotted against. I see that the youngest mistress’s face is red and she is out of her mind.”

Grandma May said, “Tricked? Serenity is accompanying Zack to socialize, who dares to plot against Serenity under Zack’s nose?” Sam go out and find Jim and the others to find out what happened.”

Sam nodded and hurried out to ask Jim and the others.

Soon, Sam came in.

“How?” asked the old lady.

She was really curious, who wouldn’t be afraid of death, would plot against Serenity.

“Jim said that he met the young master of the Lowe family at the banquet. The young master of the Lowe family greeted the eldest young mistress and chatted for a while. Everyone drank.

It didn’t take long for the young lady to have an accident. When the young master found out that something was wrong, he was furious on the spot and ordered someone to investigate. It was found that the other party was trying to plot against others. Who would have thought that the glass of wine with spices, will be asked by the young mistress.”

The old lady remained silent.

What kind of luck was Serenity.

“Sam, it’s okay. Go and rest. I’ll watch TV for a while. I haven’t slept well recently. I can’t fall asleep until late at night.” The old lady asked Sam to rest, and she was waiting for Zachary on the first floor.

It took Zachary a while to come down from upstairs.

He had already changed his clothes, looked refreshed, and seemed to have taken a comfortable bath. Although he was refreshed, his face was still not good-looking.

Grandma May looked at him with ridicule and ambiguity.

Zachary calmly sat down beside grandma, and after sitting down, he asked grandma: “What kind of wind is blowing tonight so that Grandma came to me? Since Serenity and I reconciled, Grandma seems to have forgotten that she has a grandson, who has not been here for a long time.”

Grandma May was old and she had a little eyesight, and she didn’t need to come here every day. She might go completely blind if she stayed here for a long time.


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