Married at First Sight Chapter 2395 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2395 by desirenovel-“Ms. Caron, you don’t need to carry so many things.” Julian smiled.

Kiera also laughed, saying, “It’s nothing, just some fruits and snacks. My mother hasn’t cooked the meal yet. Mr. Bucham, you have come a long way, and you’re probably hungry, so let’s have some snacks to fill your stomach first. Dad, you talk to Mr. Bucham; I’ll go in and help my mother cook.”

Kiera said that and went back to the kitchen.

Julian looked at the back of Kiera entering the kitchen and praised Kiera to Mr. Caron: “Ms. Caron is very skilled, beautiful, and kind-hearted, and she can go out of the hall and into the kitchen. Master Caron, you taught her well.”

Mr. Caron said with a smile, “Julian, you’re over the award, but our Kiera is very good.”

Mr. Caron was obviously a daughter slave, and he was more happy to praise his daughter than to praise him.

“Julian, My daughter said that you want to learn martial arts from me! How old are you?” After the conversation, Mr. Caron got to the point.

Julian said honestly, “I want to learn martial arts from you. I am a little older. When I told Ms. Caron at the beginning, she vaccinated me, saying that I am old and that I am afraid that I can only learn it. When it comes to basic skills, I should exercise my body. Master Caron, do you think I can only practice basic skills?

Master Caron, I am thirty-four years old this year.”

Julian learned to be smart, and he stopped talking about false age and said that it seemed that he was a little older.

Master Caron picked up the cup of hot tea his daughter poured for him and took a sip. After putting down the cup, he looked Julian up and down. After a long while, he said, “Julian, at your age, it’s too late to start learning martial arts. No matter what age you are, when you first enter our martial arts gym to learn martial arts, you start by practicing basic skills. What you do well depends on your talent.”

The students recruited by the Caron family Martial Arts Gym were very talented in martial arts; they would be taught by Kiera’s two older brothers. After reaching a certain level, Master Caron would teach them personally. People who participated in competitions everywhere and won countless prizes.

Since the Caron family Martial Arts Gym also paid great attention to martial arts, even if these people entered society, they would often do what was right and help others.

Most of them were enrolled in a police academy or military academy.

“I’m in a semi-retired state now. Under normal circumstances, I don’t accept apprentices. Unless you are a very talented martial arts wizard, you need to be a young one.” Mr. Caron did not intend to accept Julian as an apprentice.

However, Julian came all the way, and he was also the president. He was almost robbed, so it’s normal for him to want to learn some martial arts for self-defense.

After pondering for a moment, Mr. Caron said: “Julian, you can follow the beginners in my martial arts gym to practice basic skills. After practicing the basic skills, you can learn some simple moves. It is still possible to deal with ordinary people, but practicing martial arts is very hard work.

Julian, you’re so busy with work, I’m afraid you won’t be able to spare so much time to practice every day. If you don’t practice, even learning magic skills will be useless. The best way is for you to hire some bodyguards. Some children in my martial arts gym have not found a job after graduating from college, so they can be your bodyguards, and they usually have learned martial arts in my martial arts gym for more than ten years, so it is absolutely fine to be your bodyguards.”

Mr. Caron said that Julian understood that it was impossible for Mr. Caron to accept him as a disciple.

Julian was also mentally prepared. After all, he was also a martial arts student, and he also learned it when he was a child. He understood that what Mr. Caron and Kiera said was the truth, and they didn’t trick him.


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