Married at First Sight Chapter 2396 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2396 by desirenovel-“Master Caron, my business is very big, but my company also has a reliable management team. Even if I don’t return to the company for a year or so, it’s fine. I think, I’d better practice it myself first. Let’s see to what extent I can practice.”

“Master Caron, I need to invite bodyguards too, and then I will trouble you to introduce me to a few young men with good character and good skills to be my bodyguards. The benefits are similar to those of ordinary white-collar workers in my company. Well, I won’t treat them badly.”

Kiera said that the Caron family Martial Arts Gym not only taught students martial arts to strengthen their bodies but also taught them to develop better. If there were students who used martial arts to bully others, or do illegal things, Caron Family Martial Arts would find them the first time to settle accounts.

After the punishment, they would sever ties with them, and those social sc*m would not be allowed to call themselves the students of the Caron family Martial Arts Gym.

Julian was absolutely certain of the person introduced by Master Caron himself.

Of course, if he really used someone from Master Caron, he had to keep pretending and go the way of Zachary.

Not exactly, at least he didn’t pretend to be poor, but he didn’t tell Kiera that he was the young master of the Bucham family.

Mr. Caron: “Julian, Since you have decided, let’s give it a try.

Julian, it’s getting dark now, and you have come a long way, so let’s take a rest first. I’ll take you to visit our martial arts gym tomorrow. You can take the pain of practicing martial arts before making a decision.”

They also had to examine Julian’s character.

When children entered the martial arts gym, they were young, so they could be disciplined well, which helped them establish a correct outlook on life.

But Julian was already in his thirties. He was a successful middle-aged person and a business tycoon. He had met all kinds of people. His heart, which was born pure, had long been dyed colorful by the big dye vat of society.

Who knew if Julian had retained his conscience?

To what extent did his bottom line of goodness remain?

Mr. Caron would only allow Julian to pay money to enter the pavilion to practice martial arts after an inspection.

Julian couldn’t allow himself to tarnish the reputable name of the Caron family martial arts.

Master Caron: “Okay, I came here this time mainly to visit you, and also to thank Ms. Caron. That night, thanks to Ms. Caron’s rescue, I would not only be robbed, but also kidnapped and blackmailed.

Mr. Caron, there is one more thing; I’ll ask you for your opinion.”

Mr. Caron said gently, “Julian, please tell me.”

Julian: “Two days later will be a great day for the richest man in Wiltspoon, the young master of the York family, to hold a wedding ceremony. Young Master York and I have a few friendships, have talked about business several times, and have cooperated in several projects, so I will be his best man when he gets married. Ms. Caron seems to be very interested in the affairs of Young Master York and Young Mistress York, so I just want to bring Ms. Caron to Young Master York’s wedding together, satisfying her curiosity, and I repay Ms. Caron’s life-saving grace.

When Ms. Caron was in Wiltspoon, she said that she would send the children back for fear that the parents would be worried. But I know she really wants to attend Young Master York’s wedding, so I took this opportunity to visit and pick up Ms. Caron back to Wiltspoon. After Young Master York’s wedding is over, I will come back with Ms. Caron to learn martial arts.”

Master Caron: “…”

Kiera liked gossip, and when she was bored, she would read short dramas and follow novels, and many of those short dramas were adapted from novels. She liked the short play, so she went to read the novel.

After reading too many novels, she became interested in the male and female protagonists. When she learned that there were such protagonists in reality, she just wanted to meet them.

The same psychology as chasing stars.


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