Married at First Sight Chapter 2397 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2397 by desirenovel-After a while, Master Caron replied to Julian: “Julian, our Kiera, is an adult; she is free to go wherever she wants as long as she informs us of her plans. Simply go wherever she wants.

As long as my daughter is willing to go, we have no objection.”

Mr. Caron was not worried about what would happen to his daughter when she traveled far away, as long as she didn’t bully others, it was fine.

Just attending Young master York’s wedding with Julian would easily make people misunderstand the relationship between Kiera and Julian.

Considering that Kiera was already twenty-four years old and Mrs. Caron often talked about Mr. Caron teaching her daughter martial arts, the daughter had a proud martial arts background, but it scared away men, and no one cared about it until now.

Mr. Caron did not stop Kiera from attending the wedding of Young Master York with Julian.

It’s good to let Kiera see the big world and broaden her horizons.

Julian smiled: “Master Caron, you’re an enlightened parent.”

Mr. Caron smiled and greeted Julian to eat fruit and snacks.

Julian just tasted the fruit and didn’t eat any snacks.

There was the sound of a car outside.

Soon, Julian heard the shout of a strange man.

“Kiera, the shrimp cakes and pumpkin cakes you asked for are back.”

“Mom, the cooked food you asked me to buy is back. Come to the house. I bought a bottle of good wine to treat the guests well. Mom, can I have a drink with the distinguished guest tonight?”

The two men who came in were Kiera’s two older brothers, Kendrick and Kenneth.

The man carrying the packed shrimp cakes and pumpkin cakes in his hand was Kiera’s second brother, Kenneth Caron.

It was her elder brother who was carrying the cooked food, Kendrick Caron.

All three of the siblings liked to drink a lot. There were five people in the family, and four of them were good at drinking. Only Mrs. Caron did not drink. She looked after her husband and children and didn’t let them drink unless they had guests over. She allowed them only a drink or two with the other people there.

Mrs. Caron always said that drinking was an awful choice, and besides, all of her children ran their own martial arts gym and were coaches there. How could they teach them if they got drunk every day?

Sometimes Mr. Caron was strict, and he would tell his children that the four of them have the same surname as Caron, but they would be strictly controlled by his wife with a different surname.

Then, Mr. Caron faced the wall and thought about it. Apart from giving him sympathetic looks, the three children didn’t even dare to say a word for him, and they had to please the person with a different surname.

The Caron brothers first sent the packed cooked food to the kitchen.

When Kendrick saw Kiera, he gave her a thumbs up and praised, “Kiera, you are the best. You found your other half before you were twenty-five, so you don’t have to listen to your mother’s nagging.”

As soon as it fell, Mrs. Caron flew over with a knife eye.

Kendrick grinned, and said to Mrs. Caron, “Mom, don’t stab me. It’s useless for me. It’s not that I don’t want to go on a blind date, it’s that the blind date didn’t work out.”

Mrs. Caron: “Why don’t you say that your eyes are on the top of your head? Those who pick and choose, think you are excellent? Look at you, your hairline is getting higher and higher, and you are getting fatter and fatter. You look like a middle-aged uncle, but you have the nerve to look above your head.”

Kendrick touched his own body, and asked, “Kiera, do you think your eldest brother looks like a middle-aged uncle? Is your eldest brother fat? Is your eldest brother bald?”

Kendrick felt good about himself.

Kiera said with a smile: “Brother, you’re not fat or bald, mom is trying to scare you on purpose. Also, Mr. Bucham came here to learn martial arts from my father. He is not my boyfriend, mom misunderstood.”

Kendrick and Kenneth were both shocked right away. They looked at each other, and when they saw that they still looked the same, they both let out a sigh of relief.

With a smile, Kenneth also patted Kiera on the shoulder and said: “It’s okay, you are still young, look for it slowly, if you can’t find it, there is no defense, my eldest brother and I can support you for a lifetime.”

There was only one younger sister, two older brothers were still love their sister very much.

“What are you two still standing here for? Taking up space and not helping out, going out to accompany guests.”

Mrs. Caron yelled at her two sons.


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