Married at First Sight Chapter 2398 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2398 by desirenovel-The two brothers ran away quickly.

Mrs. Caron was most displeased to hear what Kendrick and Kenneth said they wanted to raise Kiera for the rest of their lives.

After Julian saw Kiera’s elder brother and second brother come out, he got up again. Master Caron took the initiative to introduce the two sons to Julian. After Master Caron introduced them, Julian said hello to them.

The Caron brothers exchanged greetings with Julian politely, and looked at Julian at the same time.

After everyone sat down again, Kenneth asked Julian: “I heard from my sister, Mr. Bucham, you want to learn martial arts from my father?”

Julian kept smiling, “Yes.”

Kenneth spoke bluntly: “Your age is not suitable for practicing martial arts. Even if you pass our character inspection, pay money, and enter the gym, you won’t learn much. It’s tantamount to paying for nothing. Our Caron family martial arts gym does not do such tricks.”

Julian said with a smile: “I know this, Ms. Caron and Mr. Caron have told me clearly, money is not a problem, it is not a problem, I just want to practice, let’s talk about how far I practice, just treat it as exercising.”

Now that Julian had said so, the Caron family brothers couldn’t say anything more.

Kiera and Mrs. Caron were busy in the kitchen for a long time. Kiera came out of the kitchen. She held a fast food box in one hand and a pair of chopsticks in the other. She came out and ate the shrimp cakes in the fast food box.

“Dad, brothers, it’s time to eat.”

Julian smiled when he saw Kiera walking and eating.

He liked Kiera’s down-to-earth approach.

Anyway, Julian liked what Kiera did, and thought his future wife was too kind.

“Won’t it be poured out and put on a plate? Are you eating alone?” Kenneth was talking about Kiera.

Kiera picked up another shrimp cake and said while eating, “You don’t like it.”

“We don’t like it, but we have guests tonight.” Kenneth said something to Kiera.

Julian quickly said, “I’m not interested in these cakes either, I don’t eat them much.”

He didn’t fight for what his wife loved. Well, she’s his future wife.

Besides, Julian really didn’t like those cakes.

The Caron brothers went to clear the dining table, then went into the kitchen to help bring out the fried dishes.

Mr. Caron still sat in his original position.

After the food was placed on the table, Mr. Caron politely greeted Julian to eat together.

Julian chose this time to visit Caron family with the idea of having a meal.

“Kiera, go and get the good wine from Dad’s collection, and treat Mr. Bucham well.” When Mr. Caron said this, he paid attention to his wife’s reaction, and when he saw that his wife did not object, he let out a sigh of relief.

Mr. Caron, Kendrick, and Kenneth were under intense pressure from Mrs. Caron to refrain from casual drinking, smoking, gambling, and prostituting.

Mrs. Caron always said that although their family opened a martial arts gym, they also transmit positive energy to the students. They must be upright and do their best in order to set an example and teach students well.

When she said that, even Mr. Caron couldn’t say anything.


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