Married at First Sight Chapter 2399 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2399 by desirenovel-Kiera readily put down the fast food box and chopsticks, and went to bring her father a bottle of good wine and a few wine glasses.

Mr. Caron first filled Julian with a glass of wine, and asked Julian, “Mr. Bucham, do you drink?”

“Dad, Mr. Bucham usually has to socialize and talk about business, so he can drink naturally.” Kiera answered.

Julian smiled, “Drinking is a must for social gatherings and business talks, but I usually don’t drink too much, at most two bottles of b-e-e-r. For strong aIcohol, I only drink one glass, so I won’t let myself get drunk and hurt my body. It’s easy to get into trouble.”

“Mr. Bucham, you’re so nice, you drink according to your ability and have a bottom line.” Mrs. Caron praised Julian.

Julian smiled.

He had a clear understanding of the character of everyone in the Caron family.

If someone who knew Julian was present, he would probably spit on the bar when he heard what Julian said.

Two bottles of b-e-e-r at most?

Fortunately, Julian was able to speak out, and even lied without blushing or panting.

Even two dozen b-e-e-r-s couldn’t hold down Julian.

Besides, under normal circumstances, Julian didn’t know how to drink b-e-e-r, okay?

Master Caron poured himself another full glass of w!ne, and while there were guests, he had to get over his Al*ohol addiction.

So did his two sons.

After the two elder brothers filled their wine glasses, Kiera also wanted to fill her own w!ne glass. Mrs. Caron, who came out with the last dish, immediately touched her daughter and refused to let her drink.

It implies that her daughter should maintain a good image in front of Julian.

Kiera: “…Mom, can I drink half a glass?”

Everyone could get over Al*ohol addiction, but she couldn’t.

Mrs. Caron glared at her.

Kiera pursed her lips and had no choice but to compromise, then she got up, went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water.

She couldn’t drink, just have some drinks.

Julian noticed this, but he didn’t say anything.

He also wanted to make a good impression in front of his future mother-in-law, Mrs. Caron.

Mrs. Caron didn’t let Kiera drink. If he let Kiera drink, what would Mrs. Caron think of him?

Julian, who was used to delicacies from mountains and seas, ate an ordinary home-cooked meal at Caron’s house, and he actually found it very delicious.

After dinner, Julian stayed at Caron’s house for another two hours before he got up to leave.

Caron’s family also got up to see him off, and Mrs. Caron asked him with concern: “Have you found a place to live, Mr. Bucham?”

Julian: “I’m going to stay in a hotel.”

Mrs. Caron hummed, “There is a hotel nearby, ask Kiera to take you there.”

Julian couldn’t wish for it.

Kiera quickly took Julian out of the door and took him to a nearby hotel to check in.

After staying away from the rest of the Caron family, Julian asked Kiera, “Ms. Caron, you like to drink Al*ohol?”

Kiera laughed and said: “Our family, except for my mother, liked to drink and eat spicy food, but my mother is from your province. Those who are married don’t eat spicy food, don’t smoke or drink, and under my mother’s control, we can’t drink Al*ohol unless there are guests.”


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