Married at First Sight Chapter 2401 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2401 by desirenovel-Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Today, it was an auspicious day for the richest man in Wiltspoon, the eldest son of the York family, Zachary, and his beloved wife to hold a wedding ceremony.

The gate of Wildridge Manor was open, welcoming business leaders and celebrities from various cities.

When guests came to Wiltspoon, they usually went to Wildridge Manor first, and then the York family arranged them to stay in the Wiltspoon Hotel under the York Corporation.

The Wiltspoon Hotel issued a notice a few days in advance, during the wedding of Zachary, the Wiltspoon Hotel was temporarily closed to the public, making room for the York family to arrange guests to stay.

After the wedding banquet today was over, business would get back to normal the next day.

In the early morning, Serenity was woken up by Liberty.

The senior makeup artist arranged by Zachary had already come, waiting for Serenity to wake up, and helping her put on light makeup suitable for her.

Serenity was very sleepy.

She didn’t sleep well last night and was a little excited.

The sisters all came to accompany her, and everyone chatted for a long time before falling asleep.

Woke up by Liberty, she rubbed her eyes, turned her head to look outside, and saw that it was just dawn, she closed her eyes again, and muttered: “Sister, let me sleep for a while. Makeup doesn’t take much time, let the makeup artist eat something first.”

Liberty lifted her quilt and said, “It’s early in the auspicious time for you to go out; why don’t you get up and prepare now and wait for Zachary’s wedding team to arrive? You haven’t put on your makeup yet, so he should be anxious.”

“We’re both old couples, so what else is there to worry about?”

Muttering and muttering, Serenity still sat up.

After sitting for two minutes, she fell back on the bed, wanted to pull off the quilt, and said, “Sister, let me sleep for another half an hour.”

Liberty said: “Don’t sleep, get up quickly.”

“Sleep for fifteen minutes, really I’m too sleepy.” Serenity bargained with Liberty.

Liberty poked her forehead amusedly, and said to her: “I urged you to go to bed last night, all of you felt like you had been injected with chicken blood, saying you were not sleepy, but now you wake up and don’t want to get up, who do you think Sonny looks like? It’s like you.”

“I understand Sonny too, he was called up by you to go to kindergarten every day before I woke up.” Serenity pressed her face on the pillow and yawned: “Everyone come to talk with me, I I was so excited for a while, I thought I could get up today, but now I feel that my eyelids weigh a thousand pounds, and it is difficult to open them.”

Liberty: “Do you want me to put some chili water on your eyelids?”


Serenity sat up again, her eyes were still closed, she had already got out of bed, and wanted to put on her shoes to go to the bathroom, but she couldn’t find the shoes, so she opened her eyes to look for her slippers.

Serenity: “Sister, where are my slippers? Isn’t it… Maybe I kicked it under the bed.”

Liberty quickly took out her shoes.

“Walk with your eyes open; don’t close your eyes. Be careful of collisions, especially with your stomach. At the wedding banquet, you should also pay attention. There are too many people, and there are children; don’t be bumped into your stomach by them.”

Liberty kept on talking to Serenity.


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