The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6784

Jacob, whose emotions and mentality collapsed, finally got off the plane crying and took a taxi to the hotel crying.

Elaine, who had been lying down in a luxury hotel for a day and a night, was shocked and speechless when she saw Jacob crying like a child and swiping his card to enter the room.

Jacob, on the other hand, seemed to see psychological sustenance when he saw Elaine. He cried and threw himself into Elaine’s arms, wailing: “My wife…that person named Pei tricked me…I There is nothing now…”

Elaine was a little stunned by Jacob’s crying action, and then quickly patted his back to comfort him: “Don’t cry, husband, you are just a piece of shit. The Calligraphy and Painting Association? We still don’t like it! Listen to me, we won’t go there anymore!”

Jacob cried, “But I like it and I want to go…”

Elaine was annoyed. The hand that was still patting Jacob’s back to comfort him immediately slipped to his waist, and pinched his waist hard while he wasn’t paying attention.

“Ouch!” Jacob yelled in pain, and asked angrily and aggrievedly: “Why are you pinching me?!”

“Nonsense!” Elaine reprimanded with a cold face: “I’m so f*cking kind to comfort you, you turn around and give me I’m going against the grain, so go ahead and cry!”

Jacob was even more aggrieved and asked her, “Just comfort me, can’t you just comfort me one more time?”

Elaine waved her hand: “That’s it, no more. Not a little.”

After that, she said with a look of contempt: “Jacob, look at you, you are over fifty years old, and you can’t stand this little blow. I’m ashamed to tell others about it! Do you know what kind of life I lived in Bedford Hill? Do you know how I managed to survive?”

Jacob subconsciously asked her: “How did you survive?”

Elaine glanced at him and said: “I don’t even want to tell you! It’s embarrassing!”

Jacob became even more depressed, and said in a muffled voice: “I’m so miserable, and you still always scold me!”

Elaine said: “What’s wrong with scolding you? You deserve it! I tell you, Jacob, we came out this time to spend our honeymoon Yes, you left me here and ran away for a day and a night. I won’t say anything. From now on, if you can turn over a new leaf, we can have fun here. If you have to wear that face of a dead mother wherever you go, then quickly book the earliest flight ticket and go back by yourself!”

Jacob saw that Elaine was not joking with him, and sighed helplessly: “Okay, okay, can’t I turn over a new leaf?”

Elaine nodded: “That’s more like it!”

Jacob stopped talking, but his heart was even more depressed. He had never stepped on such a big series of pits in his life, and he couldn’t digest it for a while. At this moment, he could only swallow his anger.


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