The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6786

“Goodbye Aunt Matilda.”

charlie Wade had just hung up the phone on Matilda, and Don Albert called right after.

charlie Wade pressed the answer button, and Don Albert said nervously: “Master Wade, let me tell you something, I may have used too much force…”

charlie Wade asked him: “What’s the matter? “Are you using too much force?”

Don Albert said: “Oh, it’s your father-in-law’s business. Didn’t you ask me to leave him alone for a while? I didn’t give him any good face. He called me and said that he wanted to settle in Heaven Springs. I also refused him the private room.”

charlie Wade said, “Isn’t this a trivial matter? You are Zhang Ermao ( Cade )’s boss, so you will be dissatisfied with him emotionally and rationally. It’s normal to reject him.”

Don Albert said quickly: “Oh Master Wade, I originally thought that this attitude should be very good, but their President Pei called me, and I didn’t give him a good face. I said that I would try my best to keep your father-in-law’s position as vice president, so I yelled at him and said that it had something to do with me. I didn’t think much about it at the time, so I just hung up the phone. Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) said that your father-in-law has resigned from the Painting and Calligraphy Association, so I guess the reason why President Pei did not protect your father-in-law is probably related to my attitude on the phone…”

“Oh… .” charlie Wade suddenly realized: “No wonder, I am also curious about why President Pei is adding insult to injury at this time. It turns out that he feels that my father-in-law has no support and has lost his use value.”

Don Albert asked in embarrassment: “Master Wade, I am. I really didn’t expect that things would turn out this way after just saying it casually, so I called you just to ask what you meant and see if I wanted to talk to President Pei again?”

charlie Wade thought for a while. , said: “No need for now, my father-in-law estimates that now is the darkest time in life, let him stay in the darkness for a longer time, maybe he can develop a pair of eyes looking for light in the darkness, and wait until he comes back from Dubai , I will try to find a way to get him to return to the calligraphy and painting association. To be honest, I wish I could put my mother-in-law into some association, so that I can have peace and quiet at home. If my father-in-law is still idle at home, there will be chaos in the house every day. Jump.”

Don Albert asked hurriedly: “Do you want me to do some work in advance? I have President Pei’s phone number. If you think the time is almost up, tell me and I will call the person named Pei immediately. call.”

charlie Wade said, “Forget it, don’t say hello to Pei. Before Old Chen was arranged to take over the position of Tang’s housekeeper in Eastcliff, did he hand over his relationship in Aurous Hill City to you?” After

Stephen Thompson disappeared, charlie Wade helped Isaac Cameron to the position of the Ye family’s housekeeper. His original identity as the spokesperson in Aurous Hill was given to Don Albert. I think with Isaac Cameron’s style of doing things, he should hand over all his resources in this city and even the province to Don Albert.

Don Albert hurriedly said, “It has been handed over. Before Mr. isaac went to Eastcliff, he had already taken me to connect with the relationships in the city and the province.”

charlie Wade said, “Okay, you find the person in charge of the cultural associations in the province to see if you can figure out where President Pei wants to move up next. After figuring it out, cut off his upward path.”

Don’t think that the Calligraphy and Painting Association is just a mass organization. In fact, looking at the entire China, the nature of the groups in the literary and art circles is similar, but the larger the scale and level of the folk groups, the higher the voice and social status.

If a person can hold an important position in a large association, then his own level is also very high. This can be regarded as another alternative career path, just like most people take the normal route in the college entrance examination, while a small number of people take the art examination or physical examination route.

President Pei has been planning to take another step forward, but this person’s character does not seem to be very good now. In order to cater to Jacob, he brought him, an amateur with limited skills, to the level of executive vice president against all odds. The two of them were inseparable all day long, and they were as good as brothers.

Now, Jacob has caused a scandal and Don Albertgang has shown a little indifference, and President Pei immediately added insult to injury and drew a clear line with Jacob. This move is really not kind.

Instead of doing this, it is better to keep him in the Calligraphy and Painting Association, and then find an opportunity to let Jacob go back. The two of them continue to be brothers in distress, and no one should despise each other.

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