The Mans Decree (chinese) 3699

“Elder Xia, allow me to ask ……”

After Jiang Patriarch finished speaking, he rushed over and asked Jiang Yulian, “Yulian, what’s going on?”

“Master, someone secretly made a move on Brother Amazing, the Supreme Fire Soul in Brother Amazing’s body was captured, I’m trying to suppress it, otherwise Brother Amazing is going to go crazy.”

Jiang Yulian grabbed Ochre Amazing in a death grip and said very anxiously!

“How come?”

Patriarch Jiang froze!

Kai also stepped forward at this moment and grabbed Ochre Yan with one hand, a heat wave of Qi entered Ochre Yan’s body, and only then did Ochre Yan slowly calm down!

“Mr Chen, I …… got the Supreme Fire Soul in my body was forced out and grabbed ……”

Ochre Yan said very weakly!

Ochre Yan was a demonic cultivator of the Inferno Demon lineage, the Supreme Fire Soul in his body could be said to be the most important, without the Supreme Fire, Ochre Yan would probably find it difficult to survive!

The other party seemed to know Ochre Yan’s identity and did this on purpose!

“Who is the other party?” Kai asked with an icy face!

“I don’t know, it’s a young man, the other party seems to be cultivating fire techniques as well, but he’s not a demonic cultivator.”

Ochre Yan said and suddenly fainted!

Seeing this scene, Patriarch Jiang hurriedly pulled out a Soul Fixing Pearl and stuffed it into Ochre Yan’s mouth!

Now that Ochre Yan’s original soul had been captured, if there was no way to retrieve it in a short period of time, Ochre Yan’s life would be in danger!

“This Soul Stabilising Bead can only save his life for a while, we must find out who has captured Ochre Yan’s soul.”

Patriarch Jiang said with a frown on his face!

Kai was also anxious at the moment, where were they going to look for the person who had captured Ochre Yan’s soul now ah!

“Patriarch Jiang, I should know who the person who just said that he cultivated fire techniques is.”

At this moment, Elder Xia spoke up!

“Who is it?”

Patriarch Jiang hurriedly asked!

“I’ll take you guys to find it, this guy hunts demonic cultivators of the Inferno Demon lineage everywhere, sucking each other’s to fire souls to cultivate.”

“I didn’t realise that amongst your disciples, there were even demonic cultivators who possessed the Supreme Flame.”

Elder Xia said with great disbelief!

After all, Patriarch Jiang’s Soul Demon Sect was a sect that specialised in the cultivation of the soul type, so how could there be a demonic cultivator of the Inferno Demon lineage amongst the disciples within the sect!

Upon hearing this, Patriarch Jiang hurriedly explained awkwardly, “In fact, this Ochre Yan, is my disciple’s dual cultivation couple ……”

When Jiang Yulian, who was on the side, heard this, her face immediately turned red!

Although she followed Ochre Yan in love, the two of them hadn’t formally tied the knot as a Dao couple yet!

Even more so, there was no dual cultivation, and now that Patriarch Jiang said so, it made Jiang Yulian very shy!

But in her heart, she was very happy, proving that Patriarch Jiang agreed to her following Ochre Yan!

“Oh, so that’s how it is, let’s go, it’s not too late!”

Elder Xia personally led Patriarch Jiang and also Kai to find that person!

“Patriarch Xia, this person you are talking about, what exactly is he?”

On the way, Patriarch Jiang asked!

“This fellow’s name is Mu Kui, the eldest son of the Mu Family.”

Elder Xia said!

“Someone from the Mu Family?”When Patriarch Jiang heard this, he immediately exclaimed in shock.

“What? Patriarch Jiang recognises?”

Elder Xia asked!

“En, this Mu Family has also once allowed our Soul Demon Sect to reshape their flesh.”

“The Mu Family is the one that specialises in fire techniques, but this Mu Family is very special, the men cultivate fire and the women cultivate ice, so the men and women of the Mu Family will double cultivate together from time to time!”

“But if you don’t control it well, it will be counterattacked by the other party, and your physical body will be destroyed, leaving behind only a wisp of residual soul, I haven’t rarely remodelled the Mu family’s physical body.”

Patriarch Jiang said!

When Kai heard this, he was dumbfounded!

Kai said with some incredulity, “Then isn’t this Mu family a mess …………”

“That’s not true, the Mu Family has a long history and many collateral lines, many people have long been estranged by blood despite being Mu Family members.”

“Although the Celestial Realm is chaotic, there are still human morals ……”

Patriarch Jiang hurriedly explained, fearing that Kai would misunderstand!

Once Kai heard this, he slightly nodded his head as a sort of understanding, didn’t the previous kings’ houses in the secular world also marry each other to ensure the purity of their bloodline!

Even the current island royal family still maintains this tradition!

Thinking of the island country, Kai is somewhat nostalgic for the days in the secular world, now he has long been a god of the island country, I do not know how much of that power of faith has been gathered!

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