The Mans Decree (chinese) 3700

Wan Tong Pavilion, in a corner courtyard!

Zheng Jian was currently following a man as he climbed up the stairs, and hanging on the man’s waist was a cloth bag, and inside the bag was the soul of Ochre Yan, struggling in pain!

This man was Mu Kui, in order to quickly raise his cultivation, this guy went around hunting and killing demonic cultivators of the Yan Demon lineage, after all, demonic cultivators of the Yan Demon lineage were basically casual cultivators here, and very few people were overly concerned!

“Fellow Daoist Zheng, thank you so much, I really didn’t expect that I would still be able to come across a demonic cultivator who possesses the Supreme Flame in this Wantong Pavilion, it seems that I’m very hopeful of breaking through to the eighth rank of the Transition Realm.”

“When I break through to the eighth rank of the Transition Realm, I’m going to go back and let my father take a good look at me, even if it’s just wandering around, I’ll still be able to make my strength skyrocket.”

Mu Kui said with great excitement on his face!

“Mu gongzi, this relationship of ours, saying thank you is out of place, we are also considered to be mutually beneficial, you get the cultivation resources, I get rid of a love rival, daring to steal my senior sister from me, that is looking for death.”

After Zheng Jian finished speaking, his eyes stared ferociously at the cloth bag on Mu Kui’s waist!

If Mu Kui didn’t need to use Ochre Yan’s soul, Zheng Jian couldn’t wait to flog Ochre Yan’s soul to death right now!

On this journey, the way Ochre Yan followed Jiang Yulian to kiss and kiss, Zheng Jian could not stand to see it anymore!

“Hahahaha, heroes can’t get over beauty ah, this time Fellow Daoist Zheng can go after your little sister without fear.”

Mu Kui laughed and patted Zheng Jian’s shoulder!

Zheng Jian also laughed, but soon frowned and then said with a grave face, “Bad, my master and the others should be here, Fellow Mu must not say that we’ve met, and even more so, don’t say that I asked you to do this.”

After saying that, Zheng Jian leapt without a trace!

Seeing this, Mu Kui also wanted to flee, but then the courtyard door was pushed open for him!

“Elder Mu, causing trouble in my Wantong Pavilion and capturing another person’s soul, are you not putting our Wantong Pavilion in your eyes?”

As soon as he entered, Elder Xia said with a gloomy face after seeing Mu Kui!

“Elder Xia, what are you saying, why can’t I understand!”

Mu Kui played dumb and pretended to not understand, but with one hand, he quietly put the cloth bag behind him!

Kai had long since noticed Mu Kui’s small movements and had detected Ochre Yan’s aura!

“Release my friend’s soul or die ……”

Kai’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked towards Mu Kui!

“Hmph, what kind of thing are you to scare me as well, grandpa I’m not intimidated, not to mention what’s wrong with me beheading a demonic cultivator!”

Mu Kui snorted coldly and his figure suddenly leapt up!

Immediately, the entire person transformed into a fiery light and swept off into the distance in a hurry!

“Chase ……”

Seeing this, Elder Xia immediately waved his hand and started chasing with the people of the Wantong Pavilion!

Having done such a thing in their Wantong Pavilion, Elder Xia certainly had to have an explanation, not to mention that Patriarch Jiang and Kai, had just saved his daughter’s life!

Mu Kui’s figure was very fast, his speed was extremely amazing, transforming into a ball of flame in mid-air as if it was a meteor, Elder Xia with his people desperately chasing after him, but he was actually left far behind by that Mu Kui.

Kai, on the other hand, when he saw this, his feet gave a beat, and his figure instantly disappeared, and immediately after, he appeared several miles away!

Kai had two flames burning under his feet, and his body was surrounded by a raging scorching heat, and in the blink of an eye, he surpassed Elder Xia and the others!

“What a fast speed ah ……”

Elder Xia looked at Kai and could not help but be amazed!

Only to see Kai’s figure was leaping forward, every time his figure disappeared before appearing, he had already gone out several miles away!

Kai’s Royal Fire Steps was an Immortal Technique, not something that could be compared to an ordinary cultivator!

Kai looked at Mu Kui who was not far away, and inwardly regretted very much, if his Royal Fire Steps had become a great success now, he would only need two steps to catch up with this guy!

Mu Kui felt the aura behind him and couldn’t help but look back to find that Kai was actually flickering and rapidly approaching towards himself!

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