The Mans Decree (chinese) 3701

“Holy shit, what kind of spell is this?”

Mu Kui was shocked and his body fell downwards rapidly!

Seeing this, Kai followed suit and dashed straight downwards!

The two of them landed one after the other on top of a barren mountain a hundred miles away from the Wantong Pavilion!

“What kind of person are you? What technique did you use just now?”

Mu Kui asked with a slight frown!

“Who am I to tell you what technique I used, what kind of a thing are you ……”

Kai said with a cold snort!

“Kid, don’t think that I don’t know that you also have the aura of the Supreme Fire in your body, since that’s the case, then I’ll force out your Supreme Fire Soul so that it can become a resource for my cultivation!”

The corner of Mu Kui’s mouth lifted, then he waved his palm towards the ground!

Flames instantly rose up from the ground, and these flames quickly formed an eight trigrams figure!

In the midst of this octagram, humanoid monsters appeared, and all of these humanoid monsters had flames burning on their bodies!

Kai swept his gaze over these humanoid monsters and could not help but frown!

“These are not monsters, but human souls, I did not expect that you would take the souls of others and train them to become murderous puppets.”

Kai glared angrily at that Mu Kui!

“All of these souls’ Qi of the Supreme Fire has been absorbed by me, so they have no value, wouldn’t it be better to refine them into murderous puppets.”

The corner of Mu Kui’s mouth lifted, “You don’t have to be in a hurry, soon your soul will become one of them as well.”

Along with Mu Kui’s words, those souls with flames burning all over their bodies surrounded Kai, and there was a thread of fire connecting these souls!

“Do you think you can kill me even with this amount of skill?”

Kai asked indifferently!

“Looking at your breath, you are only in the third rank of the Transition Realm, I am now in the seventh rank of the Transition Realm, and will soon break through to the eighth rank, so what are you going to fight me with?”

“Just with that bit of Supreme Fire Breath in your body? Seeing that you’re not a demonic cultivator, you shouldn’t be from the Inferno Demon lineage, so where did the Supreme Fire Breath in your body come from?”

Mu Kui asked!

“I’ll tell you if you call out grandpa ……”

Kai said with a playful smile!

Having broken through to the third rank of the Transition Realm, Kai was no longer afraid in the slightest of the seventh rank of the Transition Realm cultivators!

What’s more, he also had quite a few means of preserving his life, the Divine King’s Bow, the Dragon Tattoo Clock, and that Time Spell Clock, which one of them would be able to turn a danger into a disaster!

And now he had opened the Heavenly Underworld Eyes, and there was also the Heaven Swallowing Beast little fellow in his storage ring, although he didn’t know when the Heaven Swallowing Beast would appear, but every time Kai was in the most critical of times, the little Heaven Swallowing Beast would appear!

“You seek death ……”

Mu Kui was furious and choked his hands, and instantly those few souls with flames burning all over their bodies lunged towards Kai!

These soul spirits were burning with a blazing flame, bursting out with great strength!

And the flames formed a ring, the scorching air began to tremble, making crackling sounds!

Kai, on the other hand, did not move at all, the Unbreakable Golden Body on his body suddenly activated, and golden scales covered Kai’s entire body!

“Do you still want to use your armour to resist these flames of mine? It’s simply a joke, these are supreme flames, not ordinary flames!”

Mu Kui laughed coldly!

Kai did not finish his sentence, instead, he swung both of his palms violently, and at the centre of his palms, two flames instantly erupted!

The stars of the Fire Origin within Kai’s body began to flicker rapidly!

Around Kai’s body, flames also rose!

A wave of heat rolled over, and several of the souls that surrounded Kai unexpectedly flew backwards under this heat wave!

“Playing with fire with me, I am your ancestor ……”

Kai smiled coldly, the Royal Fire Steps appeared, his body disappeared in the blink of an eye, then appeared in front of a soul, with a grab of the palm of his hand, the flames on that soul instantly extinguished, and that soul also turned into nothingness with a miserable scream!

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