Battle Through The Heavens

Enter a realm devoid of magic, where the powerful dictate the rules and the vulnerable must comply. In this land of captivating treasures and perilous beauty, Xiao Yan, once a paragon of extraordinary talent, faced an inexplicable downfall three years ago. Everything he held dear—his powers, reputation, and a heartfelt promise to his mother—vanished without a trace.

As whispers of his lost abilities echo, questions linger: What mysterious force stripped him of his powers, and why has his once-forgotten fiancee resurfaced? The air is thick with intrigue as Xiao Yan embarks on a journey to unravel the enigma behind his sudden downfall. In a world where strength reigns supreme and secrets lurk in every corner, follow Xiao Yan’s quest to reclaim what was lost, confront unforeseen dangers, and untangle the threads of a destiny that took an unexpected turn.

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