King Of Kings

Baiyun Middle School, Senior 3 Class 5, all the students were listening to the teacher’s lecture carefully.

Suddenly, one of the dozing students stood up and looked around in amazement.

The teacher on the podium roared: “Omi, what’s wrong with you?Sit down for me.”

But the dozing student muttered, “I’m dead, aren’t I?Where is this place?What a strange place.”

Omi looked around and saw that there was a black panel on both the front and back walls, and he didn’t know what it was for.There were many young boys and girls sitting in the entire room, and they were all looking at him at the moment.

Omi immediately arched his hands to everyone and asked, “Fellow brothers and sisters, may I ask where this place is?Why am I here?Why is this place so strange.”

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