My Rich Wife – Chapter 2713

Chapter 2713: The Interrogation

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This was the person who had been with Ruoyao previously. Qin Yu had seen her once before and finally remembered.

“Hey, aren’t you Ruoyao’s boyfriend? Why is he here?”

Wu Qian said in surprise.

“Isn’t this person a wanted criminal issued by the Path of Heaven Academy?”

A man with a gloomy expression behind Wu Qian suddenly said.

“Wu Hao, I know this person. He even saved our lives!”

Wu Qian frowned.

“This is an order jointly issued by Yi Yun, Lord Tang, and Lord Hong Luan. Anyone who enters the Endless Mine during this period is to be arrested.” Wu Hao said in a deep voice, not giving Wu Qian any respect.

Xi Ming frowned slightly. His throat moved a few times as if he wanted to say something.

However, he did not say anything in the end. He had some doubts about Qin Yu entering this place as well.

“Come with us.”

The man took out a shackle which was similar to a magical artifact used to control mine slaves.

Qin Yu laughed coldly.

“If you have the ability, then handcuff me yourself.”

“Wu Hao, don’t look for trouble. Yi Han’s matter and what happened here are completely different. ”

Seeing his behavior, Wu Qian was a little angry.

This person was from Yi Han’s faction. Qin Yu had offended him previously, so she probably wanted to take this opportunity to take revenge for Yi Han.

“Oh, you sure have big words! However, since you’re so tyrannical to us

Guardians of Order, it depends on whether you’re tough or not.”

Wu Hao smiled sinisterly and crushed a communication talisman.

Countless lights and shadows exploded on the talisman, sending dangerous information to the surrounding cultivators.

Qin Yu took a deep breath. He was in a very bad state right now.

After accidentally entering the space of the ring, his body had already reached an extremely weak state. He did not expect to encounter such a thing again.

“Go up and handcuff him. I want to see what he dares to do.”

Wu Hao said to his two underlings while he took a step back.

This person had previously been with Yi Yun in the Demon Sealing Valley, so he was somewhat afraid of Qin Yu’s strength.

The two people held shackles in their hands and walked directly towards Qin Yu, wanting to suppress him.

Qin Yu revealed a cold smile. The silver light on his body slowly emitted.

Although he was in a very weak state, he was not someone these people could bully.

“Stop! All of you, retreat!”

When Xi Ming saw Qin Yu’s state, he finally spoke.

“Qin Yu, such a big incident happened in the Endless Mine. Nearly 100,000 people died in the mine. It’s understandable for the three forces to investigate. If you have nothing to do with this, please follow us to investigate. I guarantee that the Guardian of Order will not make things difficult for you if you have nothing to do with this.”

Xi Ming turned around and promised Qin Yu solemnly.

“Xi Ming, can I trust your promise?”

Qin Yu shook his head lightly.

“Don’t worry! If I break this oath, my dao mind will be destroyed by the heavens.”

Xi Ming said seriously.

“Alright, I’ll follow you. I’ll accompany you on account of you.”

Qin Yu agreed to Xi Ming’s words.

“However, don’t force me to kill if you dare to take out that dog cuff again.” Qin Yu glanced at Wu Hao indifferently.

After being stared at by Qin Yu, Wu Hao also flared up. He had seen Qin Yu make a move before.

Even Yi Han with a body full of Dharma Treasure was not a match for him, let alone him.

He hesitated for a moment, but he didn’t dare to continue speaking. He didn’t want to anger this Asura.

“As long as you reach the place, I’ll see how you can be so unyielding.”

A cold smile appeared on his face.

As they spoke, nearly a dozen nearby cultivators rushed over.

They should have received the signal from the communication talisman. These people’s internal qi were not weak. They were probably the elites of the Guardian Of Order Guild.

Xi Ming waved his hand, signaling them not to speak.

‘Qin Yu, follow me.”

The group used the nearest spatial teleportation formation to teleport to the surface.

Above the Endless Mine, the moon was bright red.

The blood-red light enveloped the sky filled with vultures and bats.

The number could not help but make Qin Yu feel surprised.

However, he immediately understood the reason after scanning it with his divine sense.

The Nineteenth Prison was not only below the mine but also above it. Those whose souls were absorbed by the Buddha in the Nineteenth Prison could never wake up again.

After the Nineteenth Prison was broken, they died.

These corpses attracted the hordes of demons. Even if the human cultivators tried their best to chase them away, it would not be effective.

Blood and sand mixed along the way.

‘l’ne smell ot D100d and decay was mixed m tne air, making tne entire Endless Mine seem like hell.

Cultivators were riding magical artifacts everywhere in the sky. There were cultivators guarding every direction.

Moreover, many people from the three major forces escorted a group of living beings to a certain place.

“It seems that this matter has quite a big impact!”

Qin Yu frowned slightly. This kind of large scene was a little out of his expectations.

It seemed that the higher-ups of the three major forces also paid great attention to this matter.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared in Xi Ming’s palm. He raised his palm and read the contents carefully.

His expression suddenly became a little ugly, but he did not say anything.

The group rushed to an area where many cultivators were already on guard.

Even from a great distance, one could hear the wails as if someone was being tortured.

Upon entering this region, one could see that there were nearly 3,000 people trapped in the air.

Their faces were pale. Some of them had already been tortured.

The injuries on their bodies were exposed, making them look miserable.

“Come on, capture this person. This is a person wanted by the Path of Heaven

Academy. He barged into the mine of the academy and there are even traces of a battle in that mine. He is extremely suspicious!”

Arriving at this place, Wu Hao no longer had any scruples.

As they spoke, a few people surrounded Qin Yu.

The few higher-ups in the middle immediately turned their gazes to Qin Yu.

“Stop it! Junior Sister Ruoyao and I know this person. He even saved Junior Sister Ruoyao and the others’ lives. Moreover, he acted with me when I was investigating. He can’t be the one who set this up!”

Xi Ming took a deep breath. He did not expect the three forces to take such a big action.

“I’ll vouch for him!”

“Vouch? Can you? Nearly 30% of the ores in the Endless Mine have disappeared, and a total of 300,000 people have died. How can a kid like you guarantee?”

Lord Tang said softly.

He pointed in the air, and Xi Ming was sent flying.

A deep scar was left on his body. His face was flushed red..

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