The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1413

1413 Tenth Tier!

Emily looked at Jordan’s back and was stunned.

She did not expect to meet someone so willing to protect her when she came to the Celestial King Planet. Moreover, what the girl said just now reminded her of Jordan.

“Dawn, you can do it!”

Emily secretly cheered for Jordan.

As for Mr. Fred and Mr. Tom, they had mocking expressions.

Jordan walked into the testing tunnel slowly and followed the staff’s guidance to a huge and sealed room. The room was very empty and the sides were very wide. As soon as he entered, Jordan felt a very strong smell.


“This is the Spiritual energy of this world!”

Since this was the room for the test, this room must be filled with technological spiritual energy.

Jordan stood in the empty room and thought to himself, ‘I wonder how the test will be conducted later?’

Just as Jordan was about to carry out the test, a voice that he had not heard for a long time suddenly sounded in his heart.

“Hehe, so this is where talents are tested. Interesting, interesting.”

Jordan was shocked and shouted secretly, “Senior! You’re awake!”

The mysterious man smiled. “That’s right, that’s right. I’m awake.”

Jordan quickly reported his progress to him, “Senior, I entered the Fairy Academy by chance. I’m going to cultivate as a woman.”

The mysterious man said, “Yes, I know.”

Jordan frowned. “You know? You know what happened to me at the hotel? Then why didn’t you help me?!”

The mysterious man yawned. “I already said that I’m a remnant soul. How can I help you? Besides, aren’t you fine? It’s such a small matter and you want me to help you resolve it? What kind of identity do I have? It’s the highest level on the Celestial King Planet!”

Jordan was speechless. He did not know what to say. He had almost died when he saw him earlier. He was indeed a demon king!

Jordan asked, “Then why are you making a sound now? Aren’t you going to continue sleeping?”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “Hehe, I’m very interested in what it is that tests cultivation talent. Back then, when I was cultivating, this thing hadn’t appeared on the Celestial King Planet. I didn’t know what my initial cultivation talent was, so I blindly cultivated. So, I want to try it later.”

Jordan was stunned. “Didn’t you say that you’re a remnant soul and can’t do anything? How are you going to do the test?”

The mysterious man said, “You don’t understand. This test is not to test your body, but to test the compatibility of your will with the technological spiritual energy. The technological spiritual energy is a little like the artificial intelligence on Earth. It has a little self-awareness.

“People from the Celestial King Planet have similar body structures, but their souls are different. Technological spiritual energy will determine if the other party is the person they are looking for through their consciousness. If they don’t like the other party at all, then this person doesn’t have any cultivation talent. If it’s just barely acceptable, the ranking is relatively low. If they are very compatible, the rank will be higher.

“Later, I’ll knock out your consciousness and use my remnant soul to test it. Hehe, I’m really looking forward to it. As someone who has already reached the highest achievement on Celestial King Planet, what level of talent will I have?”

Jordan said immediately after hearing that, “Knock me out and you’ll do the test? No! You’re already an Immortal. What’s the point of your initial cultivation talent? I have to do the test myself. Only then will I know how much my talent is. I’ll also know my strengths more clearly when I cultivate in the future.”

Jordan rejected him immediately. It did not matter if he was an Immortal or a Demon King. He did not help him previously. There was no way he could make it easy for him now!

The mysterious man was clearly a little angry. “Why are you so unappreciative! My talent will only be higher than yours. It can’t be worse than yours. You’re at most at the seventh stage, and I’m at least at the ninth stage. I won’t embarrass you.”

Jordan said proudly, “Who said I’m at least at Tier Seven? Maybe I’m at the ninth tier too. Besides, even if I’m at the seventh tier, it’s enough to slap the faces of those people outside. You should rest and watch my performance. If you dare to forcibly knock me out, I won’t take revenge on Donovan Cross and let you watch the show!”

The mysterious man said, “You… You brat, you’re so ungrateful. I just saved your life a while ago, but you refuse to even help me with such a small matter. Damn it, I’m usually too busy. I never thought that I would come to such a beginner place for a test. You got lucky. Alright, what do you want me to do to let me test my cultivation level?”

Jordan chuckled. Naturally, he wanted to use this opportunity to make some conditions.

Jordan said, “Senior, I can help you, but you have to promise me that you’ll save me the next time I’m in danger.”

The mysterious man said, “I’ll save you once. Just once.”

Jordan thought about it and agreed, “Sure. Also, after I officially cultivate, if there’s any problem that Teacher can’t help me solve, you have to answer it for me.”

The mysterious man replied. “Every month, I will only answer three of your cultivation questions”

Jordan agreed immediately, “Alright, let’s begin then. Don’t pity me. Knock me out to your heart’s content…”

Before he could finish, Jordan fainted.

“The test begins. Please hold your breath and be ready. Countdown: three, two, one.”

Ten minutes later.

Outside the testing ground.

“Strange, why haven’t they reported the results after entering for so long?”

Mr. Fred felt a little strange.

Mr. Tom was also curious. “That’s right. Generally speaking, the results are already out at this time.”

Another ten minutes passed.

Mr. Fred asked. “Why did it take so long? Don’t tell me she’s been tested twice?”

Mr. Tom said, “Strange, why did she take the test twice? Could it be that she doesn’t have any cultivation talent? Was she afraid and wanted to take the test again?”

“Miss Elle, to think that your student boasted shamelessly that he would definitely reach the seventh stage. In the end, she didn’t even reach the first stage? Hahahaha, I’m dying of laughter.”

At this moment, the broadcast suddenly announced the results.

“Number B18, Dawn, from the Fairy Academy has cultivation talent. Talent level: Tenth tier!”

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