The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1416

1416 A Small World

It was really a small world!

In order to find his wife and daughter, Jordan crossed planets and went from the ordinary Earth to a world where technological spiritual arts existed.

It was to find the “Lauren” he once loved and their daughter, Chloe.

Now, Lauren’s family in this world was inviting Jordan to the Howard family! In other words, Jordan would have a chance to see the mother and daughter again soon!

At that moment, Jordan could not hide his excitement.

At the side, Rong Bingshao said, “Emily, Dawn has just tested her strength and found out that she’s at tier ten. She must have a lot of things to deal with. Let’s not disturb her. Do you want me to take you back?”


Like Emily, Rong Bingshao was not qualified to cultivate in the Howard family. He could only go to the entrance of the Howard family.

As Emily and Victoria were sisters, theoretically speaking, she could go in and find her.

Emily waved goodbye to Jordan as well. “Yes, Dawn, we won’t disturb you anymore. See you at school in the future. Don’t forget me when you get there. I’m definitely going to cozy up to you, hahaha.”

“Wait a minute.”

Jordan stopped Emily immediately and asked, “Um… Is the Howard family a very powerful family?”

Emily nodded repeatedly. “Yes, yes. The Howard family is amazing! Their house is so big. It’s even bigger than the entire villa area I used to live in on Earth. Moreover, it’s so advanced. Their family head is also very powerful!”

Seeing that Jordan seemed to be interested in the Howard family, Elle added, “Hathor is considered very powerful here. The Howard family is also a big family, and have a daughter who is Xavier’s disciple. Do you know who Xavier is?”

Jordan knew that Elle Green was talking about Lauren, the Levana of this world.

Jordan pretended to be calm. “Alright, since the Howard family has some strength and invited me sincerely, Miss Elle, why don’t you accompany me to the Howard family before we return to the Fairy Academy?”

Elle smiled. “Sure. You’re new here. It’s a good thing to get to know more big families.”

Emily was also excited. “That’s great! Dawn, we can leave together!”

Jordan nodded and said to Rong Bingshao, “You don’t have to send Emily off. Go and do your own thing.”

Rong Bingshao said, “Uh…”

Jordan’s cold and commanding tone reminded Rong Bingshao of someone on Earth.

Subsequently, Jordan and the others arrived at the agreed location and the Howard family sent servants to receive them. They flew to the Howard family’s base camp on a luxurious aircraft specially made by the Howard family.

Along the way, Jordan looked at the buildings and scenery outside the window. He wanted to remember the route clearly. After all, this was his wife’s house. He would definitely not come here only once. He would come here often in the future.

At the same time, Jordan became even more excited.

“I wonder if I’ll see them this time…”

Time passed quickly. Soon, they arrived at the Howard family.

When they arrived at the Howard Residence, Hathor and his wife personally went out to welcome them.

Hathor laughed heartily and walked up to Jordan. He said boldly, “Today, I don’t know if the sky has become water or not. You’ve made an impact in the galaxy. Hahaha, Miss Dawn, until I saw you in person, I still couldn’t believe that someone could actually reach a Tier Ten talent. It’s really unprecedented! I’m really honored that you’re willing to come to my Howard family as a guest!”

Hathor’s wife, Hestia, also had a smile on her face. “That’s right. All along, it has always been men who are more talented than women on the Celestial King Planet. I didn’t expect Miss Dawn, a woman, to do something that even men can’t do. It’s really amazing. Quickly invite her in for tea.”

Jordan looked at the two of them and thought to himself, ‘They should be Levana’s parents in this world. I should call them in-laws.’

If Levana brought Jordan here from Earth to meet them, she would probably call them ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’ as soon as they met.

Jordan did not say anything else. “Alright, thank you.”

Hathor and his wife brought Jordan to the living room inside. However, when they entered, they asked Emily to wait outside.

Jordan stopped as well. “Why didn’t you let Emily in?”

Hathor explained, “Oh, she’s the sister of my daughter’s new disciple. We only entertain honorable guests like Miss Dawn here. We don’t entertain mediocre people.”

He did not expect Levana’s parents to be so snobbish.

Jordan said bluntly, “Many families and organizations invited me to their home bases just now. The reason why I chose the Howard family is because Emily wanted to go to the Howard family to tell her sister the good news that she passed the test. Emily and I hit it off at first sight. We’re from the same school. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have come here.”

Hathor felt a little awkward. He looked at Emily. “You passed the test too? What level are you at?”

Emily said shyly, “I… I’m at tier one.”

Hathor was speechless. It was actually the lowest rank. Disdain flowed from his eyes. However, since Jordan had said that he was here because of Emily, Hathor had to give him face.

Hathor said, “Since Miss Dawn treats you as a friend, come in and have some tea together.”

Everyone went inside and sat down. Some servants with strange appearances walked in with small steps to serve Jordan and the others.

When they arrived, Hathor had yet to acknowledge Jordan’s teacher, Elle Green. Elle Green took the initiative to introduce herself, “Lord Howard, I’m a teacher from the Fairy Academy. Next, I’ll be responsible for guiding Miss Dawn from apprentice to disciple. My name is Elle Green. Thank you very much for your invitation, Lord Howard and Madam Howard.”

Hathor took a sip of tea and smiled. “Oh, thank you, Miss Elle.”

It was obvious that Hathor did not care about Jordan’s teacher. He only respected Jordan.

Jordan knew very well that if it were not for the mysterious man testing for him, he would not have been looked at by Hathor even if he came here.

He could not help but feel more pressured.

Hathor valued talent, rank, and status so much. How could Jordan confess his identity to them? How could he seek to be with Levana?!


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