The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1417

1417 The Howard Family’s Invitation

Jordan clenched his fists tightly. Soon, his hands were covered in sweat.

He realized that the weather at the Howard family’s place was humid. The weather was humid and hot now. It was a little like the southern cities of the US on Earth. Meanwhile, Jordan was used to staying in the capital and did not like such weather.

“Give Miss Dawn a handkerchief,” Hestia instructed the servants.

She could see that Jordan’s palms were sweating. In her opinion, this was a reflection of his low cultivation realm. As long as he reached the level of a disciple, he would not be affected by mere climate.

A servant walked up and said, “Madam, because you and Miss don’t use handkerchiefs much and haven’t bought new ones recently, we don’t dare to take them out for VIPs to use. We only found a handkerchief that Miss Levana used before. I wonder if it’s okay?”

Hestia was a little angry. “Bastard, Miss Dawn is a distinguished guest. She’s the first cultivator with tier ten talent on our Celestial King Planet. You want her to use something that Levana used? Go and buy it immediately!”


However, at that moment, Jordan shouted, “Madam Howard, wait. I think I like the color of that handkerchief. You can give me that.”

When Jordan heard that it was the handkerchief that Levana had used, he immediately wanted it.

Seeing that Jordan did not mind, Hestia smiled and said, “It’s good that you don’t mind, Miss Dawn. This handkerchief is very new. I think Levana has only used it once.”

Jordan held the pink handkerchief in his hand and immediately felt comfortable. He imagined the scene of Levana using this handkerchief in the past…

Holding the things that Levana had used before, Jordan felt as if he was holding Levana’s hand at this moment.

In an instant, Jordan recalled the intimate scenes with Levana.

Jordan could not help but ask, “By the way, Lord Howard, Madam, is your daughter, Levana, in the residence? Can I see her?”

Hestia said awkwardly, “This… Levana has just taken in a few disciples and is busy teaching them. I’m afraid she won’t be able to come for a while. The next time you come, I’ll definitely arrange for you to meet.”

In fact, before Jordan came, Hestia had already sent a message to Levana, asking if she wanted to meet the first person with top-level talent on Celestial King Planet.

Levana replied that she was not interested.

Levana of the Celestial King Planet had always been cold and aloof. Hathor and Hestia had met Jordan to rope him in. Otherwise, with Jordan’s current level as an apprentice, he was not worthy of talking to the Howard family’s master.

Hathor looked at Jordan and began to ask, “May I ask which planet you’re from, Miss Dawn?”

Jordan replied, “Mars.”

Hathor frowned and thought for a moment. “Could it be Mars beside Planet 9696? I didn’t expect such a talented cultivator to be born there. May I ask how old you are this year, Miss Dawn?”

Jordan said, “25 years old.”

Hathor couldn’t help but exclaim, “25 years old? Only 25 years old? You’re still an underage girl, yet you actually obtained a tenth tier talent! Miss Dawn, your future is absolutely limitless!”

“If I may ask, you must still be a virgin, right?”

Jordan felt awkward. Good lord, he was actually asked this question when he came to his in-laws’ house!

If I’m not, it’s because of your daughter!

Hestia patted Hathor’s arm. “Isn’t your question unnecessary? Miss Dawn is definitely a virgin. She’s so young and so talented. How can she fall into the demonic path of love so easily?”

Hathor smiled awkwardly and said, “Hahaha, I was overthinking. It’s like this, Miss Dawn. Our Howard family is very interested in you and wants to nurture you very much. May I ask if you’re willing to come to our Howard family to cultivate?”

Cultivate in the Howard family?

If Jordan was cultivating in the Howard family, he would be able to see Levana, Chloe, Victoria, and the Moon Maiden every day.

However, so what if he saw them?

The most painful thing in the world was not being able to recognize them even though they were right in front of him. It was better to not see them and fend for himself silently. In particular, if Jordan wanted to obtain Hathor’s recognition, he could not become his disciple.

Once he became his disciple, he would look down on Jordan for the rest of his life.

Jordan said, “Lord Howard, I’m from the Fairy Academy, and my teacher is right beside me. Isn’t it a little disrespectful for you to snatch me in front of my teacher?”

Jordan felt that Hathor was too domineering. A teacher from the Fairy Academy was clearly here.

However, Hathor didn’t care. He smiled and said, “Hehe, if you agree to come to my family and be a member of my family, I will naturally accept this teacher and give her far better treatment than in the Fairy Academy. Actually, you don’t have to care too much about Miss Elle’s feelings. Miss Elle’s ability is limited. She can only accompany you for the first part of the journey. Soon, she won’t be able to be your teacher.”

Elle humbled herself in front of Lord Howard and said, “Miss Dawn, you don’t have to consider me. If you’re interested in the Howard family, you can choose them. I will respect your decision.”

Jordan looked at Hathor, “If I cultivate in the Howard family, will I become a member of the family?”

Hathor nodded. “That’s right. Since Miss Dawn is from another planet and doesn’t have her own family here, you can change your surname to Howard. In the future, you’ll be called Dawn Howard and be a member of the Howard family. In the future, I’ll definitely provide you with the best resources of the Howard family.”

Jordan smiled. If he were to change his surname to Howard, would he not be adopted into the family?

Previously on Earth, Jordan had already become a live-in son-in-law. He did not want to do such humiliating things anymore.

Jordan said, “Miss Elle has always had a wish. It’s to represent the Fairy Academy and win the competition with other schools. She hasn’t won in a few years. The reason she chose me is to let me win once for her. I promised her that I would help her fulfill her promise.”

Jordan’s meaning was obvious. He did not want to cultivate in the Howard family and planned to go to the Fairy Academy.

Elle was so touched that she almost cried. “Miss Dawn…”

Hathor looked a little disappointed. He changed his tone and said seriously, “Miss Dawn, do you know that you’re in danger now?”

Jordan immediately became serious. He did not know what Hathor meant. Could it be that Hathor threatened to kill Jordan because he refused to join the Howard family?

Could Levana’s father be such a cold-blooded killer?

This reminded Jordan of the first time he went to Lauren’s house in the capital when Levana was still Lauren. When he faced Lauren’s younger brother, father, and grandfather, Jordan fought with them and almost died there.

Could it be that he would have to face such a situation again on the Celestial King Planet?

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