The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1419

1419 Energy Storage Immortal Stone

Jordan did not expect that the first time he came to his parents-in-law’s house on Celestial King Planet, he would be taught high-grade basic mental cultivation techniques by his father-in-law.

This treatment was much better than what he experienced with Lauren’s family on Earth.

Jordan had a bitter experience that gradually improved in the capital. The Howard family in the capital knew about Jordan’s background. They hoped to cling to the mysterious Steeles, so they supported Jordan and Lauren being together.

However, Jordan was alone on the Celestial King Planet. He couldn’t rely on any family.

Unless Jordan made a name for himself, Hathor would never agree to his marriage with Levana.

About four hours later, Jordan learned and memorized the Howard family’s basic mental cultivation method, the Celestial Heaven Technique. Hathor brought him out of the inner hall.


“Miss Dawn, you have to remember the verses of the Celestial Heaven Technique. After you go to the Fairy Academy, you must practice diligently. At least, you have to practice every day for the next month. After you familiarize yourself with it and consolidate your foundation, you can practice it every three days. Slowly, you can freely adjust your time.”

Hathor instructed Jordan as he walked out.

Jordan also bowed his head and thanked Hathor, “Thank you, Lord Howard. I’ll definitely cultivate the Celestial Heaven Technique well. However, I’ve just tested my talent and haven’t really entered the apprentice stage. I’m afraid cultivating it won’t be effective temporarily. When I become an apprentice cultivator, I’ll definitely cultivate every day.”

Jordan had only just tested his talent. It was a tier ten talent, but he could not be considered a true Celestial King Planet cultivator yet.

Unexpectedly, Hathor said, “No, you’re already an apprentice cultivator. You can cultivate the Celestial Heaven Technique at any time.”

At this moment, the two of them had already walked outside. Elle also walked forward.

Jordan was extremely surprised. “What did you say? I’m already an apprentice?”

Hathor laughed and said, “Don’t you feel anything? Hahaha, why do you think we spent so much time just now?”

Elle stepped forward and said, “Dawn, you’re already an apprentice. I can feel it. Lord Howard, thank you for helping Dawn enter the door of cultivation. It was originally my job but you did for me. Thank you.”

Hathor waved his hand. “It’s nothing. A tier ten genius stepping into the apprentice stage is as easy as drinking water and walking. I beat Miss Elle to it. Hehe, I hope Miss Elle doesn’t mind. However, from now on, Miss Dawn will have to rely on Miss Elle to advance from an apprentice to a disciple.”

Elle lowered her head and said, “Of course. I’ll definitely make Miss Dawn a disciple as soon as possible.”

Jordan did not expect to become an apprentice cultivator unknowingly. After hearing what he said, Jordan felt that his breathing was indeed different from before.

Previously, when he came to the Celestial King Planet, he always felt a sense of discomfort. He felt that the air here was repelled by his body.

But now, there was a feeling that the two were infinitely close to each other, and it was very comfortable.

“I’m finally an apprentice cultivator. Alt is also an apprentice…”

At that moment, Jordan recalled Alt whom he had encountered at the hotel. Jordan had lost to him in a one-on-one battle. He had been beaten up by him and it was very embarrassing.

Currently, Jordan was on the same level as him. Although he might not be able to defeat him if they fought now, Jordan was at least qualified to challenge him.

Hathor said, “By the way, I still have two immortal stones here. Miss Dawn, take them to protect yourself.”

Hathor handed Jordan two glowing stones.

Jordan was shocked. “Immortal Stone? Protection?”

Jordan did not know what it meant. How could he protect himself with these two stones?

When the bad guys came, would he throw them over?

Jordan felt that a pistol was more useful.

Elle, on the other hand, looked shocked. “Immortal stone? Is… Is this an energy storage immortal stone? What level is it?”

Hathor said nonchalantly, “Oh, it’s just a small thing at the level of a scholar.”

Elle exclaimed, “Oh my god, a scholar-level energy storage immortal stone! This piece is worth a million purple gold coins!”

Seeing how excited Elle was, Jordan asked immediately, “Miss Elle, what’s an energy storage immortal stone? Is this thing very valuable? What’s its use?”

Elle explained, “It’s like this. On our Celestial King Planet, someone tried to store their realm energy in a stone. After the stone explodes, they can instantly unleash the strength of that realm. For example, the two Immortal Stones that Lord Howard gave you. After you detonate them, they will immediately release an energy of the same realm that can help you defeat the enemy and give you a chance to escape.

“Normally, it’s very difficult to buy Immortal Stones with the ability to store spiritual energy. To low-level cultivators like us, they’re very precious. Some even have to go to an auction to obtain them.

“Miss Dawn, Lord Howard is really sincere to give you these two stones. You have to remember Lord Howard’s kindness and thank the Howard family in the future.”

Hathor smiled and waved his hand. “Hey, Miss Elle, you’re being too serious. It’s just a small thing in our Howard family. There’s no need to take it to heart. I’m also worried about Miss Dawn’s safety. After all, the entire Federation knows about your tier ten talent, especially the evil Fairbright Club. If they have evil intentions and want to kill you in the cradle and send someone to assassinate you, you can take this out to protect yourself.

“I don’t want anything to happen to such a talented woman. Our Celestial King Planet has never had a female Immortal. I’m looking forward to seeing you break this phenomenon and become the first Immortal Queen! Do you know that my daughter, Levana, has been working hard to be the first Immortal Queen of the Celestial King Planet?”

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