The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1423

1423 Assassin

Emily would never have thought that the man who had left a deep impression on her in the GL8 car on that crazy night on Earth was sleeping beside her at this moment. For some reason, Emily felt safe in Dawn’s arms. Therefore, she fell asleep very quickly.

More than an hour passed.


There was a slight movement in the room.

In the dark room, Jordan immediately opened his eyes and became alert. He listened carefully and felt a gust of wind blowing in from outside.

“The door moved.”


Jordan’s heart skipped a beat. He realized that someone might have snuck in.

After coming to a new planet, Jordan could not sleep too deeply. He had died once. He would never let someone take his life while he was unconscious. He knew that his talent test today had attracted the attention of all the cultivators in the Celestial King Planet. Even if he was in the Fairy Academy now, there were still people who wanted his life.

The figure approached Jordan’s bed step by step. Jordan closed his eyes immediately and pretended to be asleep.

A woman’s voice sounded, “Hmph, a favored daughter of heaven? Do you think you can live for that long? Go to hell!”

After saying that, the woman immediately attacked Jordan with an unknown weapon!

Jordan woke up immediately. He jumped up from the bed and kicked the other party away. Then, he immediately took out the energy storage immortal stone and smashed it at the visiting assassin!

Jordan smashed the rock at the other party’s body, but it was obvious that the other party was not an ordinary person. Her movement technique was extremely powerful, and she quickly dodged the energy immortal stone’s attack.


With a loud bang, Jordan’s single room lit up from the explosion. Everything in the room shattered instantly!

Even Emily’s bed was shattered.


Only then did Emily wake up. When she saw the scene in front of her, she was a little frightened.

Seeing that the assault had failed, the female assassin did not dare to stay any longer. She immediately wanted to escape. Jordan really wanted to chase after her and see who was trying to assassinate him.

However, he was pulled back by Emily. “Dawn, don’t chase her. Her level is higher than ours. We can’t beat her!”

Jordan cursed in his heart. He was very frustrated.

That’s right. Jordan had just finished testing his talent and was not even an apprentice. The other party was an assassin who was at least a Grand Scholar. Even if he caught up, he would be courting death for nothing. How could he fight?

However, just as Jordan thought that the female assassin was going to escape, a crimson figure suddenly descended slowly from the top of the mountain outside the room.

The crimson woman directly blocked the female assassin’s path and descended in front of her.


When the female assassin saw the woman’s back, she immediately realized that something was wrong.

The crimson woman turned around slowly. Jordan was shocked. “It’s Vice Dean Evelyn!”

When the female assassin saw Evelyn, she wanted to escape without a word, but how could she leave?

The female assassin pounced and jumped, wanting to jump down from the mountainside.

Evelyn threw out a red ribbon and wrapped it around her, pulling her over. The red ribbon wrapped around the female assassin’s neck. The female assassin could not move at all, and even breathing became difficult.

“Wow, the vice president is so suave! She’s so awesome!” Emily praised.

Jordan walked out of the room quickly and said to the two people by the mountain, “Vice Dean Evelyn, keep her alive and ask who sent her!”

However, in the next second after Jordan said that, the female assassin died. She fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

Emily quickly walked forward and thanked him, “Dean, thank you for coming in time. Otherwise, we would have died!”

Evelyn glanced at Emily with contempt in her eyes. She ignored her and walked toward Jordan. She said, “There’s no need for anyone to send her here. You’ve obtained the best talent in history. Many people want to kill you. I’ve already expected it. However, don’t worry. With me here, nothing will happen to you.”

“Thank you, Vice Dean Evelyn.”

In response, Evelyn said coldly, “There’s no need to thank me. I’m willing to protect you because you carry the hope of our Fairy Academy. If one day you can’t bear this hope and can’t achieve results, I won’t care about your life or death.”

With that, Evelyn took a deep leap and slowly flew to the top, leaving only a wisp of fragrance.

Emily looked up at Evelyn’s figure in a daze and said enviously, “Wow, she’s so handsome! I also want to be like her, flying around and killing people casually. The fragrance on her body is very similar to a Chanel perfume I used before!”

At this moment, Elle, who had heard the commotion, walked over.

“Dawn, are you alright?”

Jordan pointed at the female assassin’s corpse on the ground and shook his head. “I’m fine.”

Elle walked towards the female assassin’s corpse and said, “She’s from our Fairy Academy. However, she probably didn’t kill you because she was jealous of you. There must be an organization behind her that paid a high price to hire her to kill you. I’m sorry, Dawn. As a teacher, I don’t have the ability to protect you.”

Jordan smiled. “It’s alright. They only have a few days to kill me. After a few days, when I become a cultivator, it’ll be difficult for them to kill me.”

“Teacher, go back and rest. We’ll officially start cultivating tomorrow morning.”

Elle said, “Yes, I’ll go back then.”

Between the two of them, it was as if Jordan was the teacher and Elle was an obedient student. Elle listened to Jordan’s arrangements.

The room had been bombed to the point that it could no longer be used. Jordan and Emily moved to another room, but they did not fall asleep. They chatted for the entire night.

The next day, in the maple forest of the Fairy Academy.

Everyone had been cultivating for the entire morning. Emily ran to Jordan happily and said, “Dawn, I’m already an apprentice cultivator! I can already control spiritual energy. Look!”

As Emily spoke, she exerted force with her hands and controlled a leaf on a tree branch right in front of her.

The leaf slowly moved from the branch to Emily’s hand. It was a little slow, but the distance was very short. Soon, it reached her hand.

Then, Emily used her little finger to cut the leaf in half.

Emily was overjoyed. “Look, am I not amazing!”

Jordan smiled. Compared to the weak air stewardess in the past, Emily had improved a lot.

Jordan praised with a smile, “Emily, you’ve improved a lot. Congratulations.”

Emily put her hands behind her back and twisted her body cutely. She was also very proud of her improvement. “By the way, Dawn, how’s your cultivation progress in the morning? When I came over just now, you looked listless and didn’t seem to be progressing well. Could it be that… you haven’t become an apprentice and can’t control the technological spiritual energy of the Celestial King Planet?”

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