The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1441

1441 Taking the Cursed Spiritual Pill

Three days later.

Jordan asked Vice Dean Evelyn to leave first and promised her that he would return to the Fairy Academy within a week.

The reason why he wanted to stay here for a few more days was to wait for Hunter Stone. He guessed that Hunter Stone would definitely come back to look for him.

As expected, on the third night after Jordan handed the Cursed Spiritual Pill to Hunter Stone, Hunter Stone appeared again.

Jordan was overjoyed when he saw Hunter Stone with his braids. He quickly greeted him, “Hunter Stone, we meet again! Come in and have a glass of milk wine. I specially prepared it for you.”

After Jordan guessed that Hunter Stone might be from the Qing Dynasty, he specially found some milk wine that the Qing Dynasty liked.


Hunter Stone walked in with a serious expression and asked, “Where is Vice Dean Evelyn?”

Jordan said, “I’ve already asked her to go back early. I guessed that you would come back to look for me, so I wanted to wait for you here alone.”

Hunter Stone walked over and sat down. It was obvious that he was willing to drink at the same table as Jordan.

Jordan poured a glass of milk wine for Hunter Stone and asked, “Did Donovan Cross snatch the Cursed Spiritual Pill I gave you?”

Hunter Stone nodded. “Of course not.”

Jordan smiled, “That’s good. It seems like your ability is better than Donovan Cross’s.”

Donovan Cross personally went to snatch it, but he returned in defeat. This meant that Hunter Stone’s strength was definitely not weaker than Donovan Cross.

Hunter Stone asked, “Last time, I heard the poem you recited. Are you also an Earthling from Planet 9696? Are you a descendant of the Qing Dynasty?”

Jordan was stunned for a moment and said, “Uh, the Qing Dynasty has been over for many years. I’m from Earth, but I’m not from the Aisin Gioro family. Which emperor of the Qing Dynasty were you?”

Jordan felt that Hunter Stone looked like an emperor.

Hunter Stone sighed. “Well… The Qing Dynasty is gone… As expected, no one can stop the change of era.”

Hunter Stone drank a cup of wine first. Seeing that he did not reveal his identity, Jordan did not continue to ask.

Jordan and Hunter Stone had a few glasses of wine. Then, they talked about Earth and closed the distance between them.

Hunter Stone said, “I was the first person on Earth to come to the Celestial King Planet. I thought that I was the only one. Here, I have no friends and no backing. I am working hard alone to become an Immortal and achieve the greatest achievement. I didn’t expect to meet you today. You have a tenth-tier talent. You will definitely become an Immortal earlier than me in the future. You gave me the Cursed Spiritual Pill this time. Is there anything you need my help with?”

Jordan spoke frankly and told Hunter Stone everything about Donovan Cross and Levana.

When Hunter Stone heard this, he was shocked. “You’re actually a man? Levana actually became a mortal and went to Earth? Moreover, she became husband and wife with you and had a child? If Donovan Cross knows about this, you definitely won’t live past tomorrow morning!”

Jordan said, “Levana and I love each other very much. I came to the Immortal King Planet this time to kill Donovan Cross and be with Levana and my daughter again. I hope you can help me. When I become an Immortal King in the future, I’ll definitely repay you!”

On the other hand, Hunter Stone was in a difficult position. He stood up and said, “Jordan, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but there’s nothing I can do. Although Donovan Cross is my junior, he’s very talented and his strength has improved very quickly. If it was the first fifty years, I’m confident that I could defeat him. However, I’m no longer confident that I can kill him now. Moreover, there’s another important factor. Do you know who the backer behind Donovan Cross is?”

Jordan shook his head.

Hunter Stone said, “Half-immortal Xavier! He is also the master of your wife, Levana! Xavier and Donovan Cross have an extraordinary relationship. If I kill Donovan Cross, it would be the same as offending Xavier. He is a half-immortal. Killing me is as easy as crushing an ant. I’m sorry, but I can’t take this risk for you. I advise you not to take this risk either.”

Hunter Stone was cautious by nature. Otherwise, he would not have been able to survive on the Celestial King Planet for so long and achieve such outstanding results.

Jordan did not force him. “Alright, I won’t force you. Since you’re afraid of Xavier’s revenge, just pretend that you haven’t seen me today and don’t know about this.”

Hunter Stone said, “Jordan, don’t worry. Although I, Hunter Stone, don’t dare to take the risk, I’m definitely not the kind of person to complain behind my back. Moreover, I also hate Donovan Cross. When he was still a Grandmaster, he challenged me repeatedly. Just because he has a backer and I don’t, he often dares to act recklessly in front of me. I’ve long wanted to teach him a lesson.

“Since you’ve come to the Celestial King Planet, forget about Earth. You have a tier ten talent, and you can have any woman you want in the future. Even if you want Levana, she will be willing.”

Jordan said, “But that will take hundreds of years. I have to get rid of Donovan Cross now. Otherwise, Donovan Cross and Levana will get married!”

Hunter Stone retorted, “So what if he’s married?”

“Levana is my wife. How can I allow her to marry another man? Do you want me to watch them sleep for hundreds of years? I’ll bring my wife back after I become a Celestial King! Levana and I have a pure love. I’m the only man she has in her life. I won’t allow her to have another!”

Hunter Stone continued to ask, “How do you know that you’re the only one in her life? How do you know that she’s the only one for you? Although I don’t know Levana, I’ve heard from others that Levana already has someone in her heart. That person is her master, Xavier. She has liked Xavier for hundreds of years, but how many years has she liked you? Now that she has recovered all her memories, how important do you think those years of yours will be in her life?”

At that moment, Jordan fell silent. Perhaps, in Levana’s heart, he could not compare to Xavier at all.

Jordan said, “I don’t know if Levana likes Xavier, but I know that Xavier doesn’t like Donovan Cross. Otherwise, why would he let Donovan Cross marry Levana? No matter what happens, my plan will not change. I will kill Donovan Cross and be with Levana again!”

Seeing how determined Jordan was, Hunter Stone stopped trying to dissuade him. “Alright, since you’ve made up your mind, I won’t say anything else.”

Hunter Stone took out the Cursed Spiritual Pill from his pocket and threw it to Jordan, “You’re not even afraid of death, let alone a mere curse. I can’t help you kill Donovan Cross. You should take it yourself.”

Jordan took the Cursed Spiritual Pill. He knew that this thing would allow him to instantly advance to the Grandmaster Realm. He did not say anything else and consumed it.

After consuming it, Jordan’s body felt like it was on fire. Fortunately, Hunter Stone was by his side to help him cool down. Otherwise, Jordan suspected that his body would explode.

Jordan only calmed down after two hours.

Jordan was sweating profusely as he thanked Hunter Stone, “Hunter Stone, thank you…”

However, Hunter Stone looked at Jordan in fear, “You… You… You actually…”

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