The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1444

1444 Levana Is About to Get Married

If Hathor knew that the person in front of him was the husband her daughter had found on a low-level planet, how would he feel?

Perhaps, if Jordan confessed his identity now, Hathor would no longer object to him being with Levana. However, even if the Howard family accepted Jordan, Jordan had to kill Donovan Cross.

Jordan smiled. “Lord Howard, you flatter me. It’s my honor to have such a fate with the Howard family. I also hope to improve my relationship with the Howard family a step further in the future.”

“A step further?”

Hathor’s eyes lit up when he heard Jordan’s words. Could it be that Dawn had taken a fancy to Grannus?

Hathor smiled and did not probe further. “I just received a message from Grannus. He said that Miss Dawn has an extremely secretive private matter that she wants to discuss with me. There’s no one else here. If you have anything to say, just say it.”


Jordan asked about the Thousand Star Grass, “Lord Howard, as you know, I’ve just entered the Unrivaled Realm. As my foundation is unstable, my stamina can’t support my abilities. I sparred with Hunter Stone once before. I almost exhausted all my stamina just by resisting his full-power attack.”

Hathor nodded. “That’s right. Although I haven’t been able to break through to the Unparalleled Realm, I know that when you reach the Unparalleled Realm, you have to consider the consumption of your physical strength. This is because every move in the Unparalleled Realm can consume a very large amount of spiritual power in the Celestial King Planet. Miss Dawn’s strength has advanced too quickly, and her foundation is unstable, so it’s normal for her physical fitness to be slightly poor. As long as she cultivates diligently, her physical fitness will slowly improve.”

Jordan said, “I don’t want to wait too long. I heard that there’s a divine item called the Thousand Star Grass. After eating it, it can quickly increase one’s physical fitness. Does Lord Howard know its whereabouts?”

Hathor was stunned. “Thousand Star Grass? This…”

Hathor wanted to say something but hesitated. It was obvious that he understood this thing and probably knew where it was!

Jordan said immediately, “Lord Howard, if you know the whereabouts of the Thousand Star Grass, please tell me. I’ll definitely repay you handsomely in the future!”

Hathor hesitated for a moment and said, “The Thousand Star Grass is extremely precious. It is something that every cultivator above the Unparalleled Realm needs. You can’t buy it no matter how much money you spend. Usually, only those who have reached the Half Immortal Realm can find the Thousand Star Grass. Moreover, once the Thousand Star Grass is discovered, it will be consumed almost immediately and won’t be kept.”

Jordan nodded. “I’ve heard about that too. Although I know the chances are slim, I still have to try my best to find it. I have a feeling that there’s still a chance. I don’t believe that everyone will eat the Thousand Star Grass immediately after getting it. There will always be exceptions.”

Hathor burst into laughter after hearing that. “Hahaha, there will always be exceptions! Alright, I’ll tell you. There is indeed an exception. There was a half-immortal god who did not eat the Thousand Star Grass after obtaining it. Instead, he gave it to his disciple. As for that disciple of his, he was also rather strange. He actually did not eat it. Instead, he kept it like a gift.”

Jordan was overjoyed when he heard that. “Someone really kept it? Where’s the Thousand Star Grass now? What’s the name of that half-immortal’s disciple?”

Hathor smiled and said, “Levana.”

The smile on Jordan’s face stopped abruptly.

Hathor continued to smile and said, “That’s right. The Thousand Star Grass that you’ve been searching for is now in my daughter’s secret chamber. This Thousand Star Grass was given to her by her teacher, the half-immortal Xavier. It’s a gift for Levana to advance to the unparalleled level. However, that silly girl Levana has been keeping it and not eating it. I’ve always advised her to take it as soon as possible because this thing is extremely precious. If she keeps it, I’m afraid others will covet it and it will greatly increase her ability.”

“But she said that with her Master protecting her, she wouldn’t be afraid of anyone snatching it from her. She also wouldn’t fight with anyone. Her stamina is strong enough. She said that the Thousand Star Grass is quite beautiful and it’s better to keep it. Don’t you think she’s foolish?”

Jordan’s expression gradually darkened. Although he had finally found the whereabouts of the Thousand Star Grass, he was not happy at all.

This was because the Thousand Star Grass was with Levana. How was Jordan going to get it from her?

This was only secondary. This Thousand Star Grass was actually given to her by Levana’s master. Levana actually treated it like a treasure! It was obvious that Levana’s treasure wasn’t the Thousand Star Grass, but the person who gave it to her!

At that moment, Jordan felt a little jealous.

The mysterious man sensed Jordan’s thoughts and said with a smirk, “Why? Are you jealous? Since you know the whereabouts of the Thousand Star Grass, why don’t you hurry up and snatch it? Hehe, although there will be some obstacles in Levana’s secret room, based on the understanding between the two of you, won’t it be easy to crack it?”

Jordan was confident that he could sneak into Levana’s secret room and steal the Thousand Star Grass. However, he felt that doing so was very humiliating.

Hathor saw Jordan’s dejected expression and said, “Miss Dawn, this Thousand Star Grass is very important to my daughter. Therefore, I’m sorry. I don’t think she’ll give it to you or sell it to you.”

Hathor would never give something as precious as the Thousand Star Grass to Jordan. He would rather let Levana eat it herself.

Jordan nodded. “Alright. Since that thing is so important to Miss Levana, I won’t force her. I’ll look for it elsewhere.”

After leaving the Howard family, Jordan returned to the Fairy Academy and remained in a daze in his room at the top of the mountain.

He didn’t know what to do.

The mysterious man, who had always been unwilling to talk to Jordan, became energetic. He kept talking, “Hey, Jordan, why don’t you steal the Thousand Star Grass? You don’t have to worry about being discovered. I have a way to sneak into Levana’s secret room. I guarantee that no one will find out. Go steal it quickly. If you steal the Thousand Star Grass, you can fight Donovan Cross after eating it!”

Jordan was also enraged. He said angrily, “You know that it was given to her by Xavier! She treasured it like a love token! How do you expect me to steal it?! If I steal it, then what am I?!”

The mysterious man laughed happily. “Isn’t that good? You steal a love token from the person your wife has a crush on, then use another man’s gift to your wife to defeat another love rival who wants to marry your wife. Then, you get back together with your wife and children. Your wife will definitely be very touched, haha.”

Jordan clenched his fists. He knew that the mysterious man was mocking him, but there was nothing he could do.

He didn’t want the item Xavier gave her, but if he didn’t take it, how could he stop Donovan Cross from marrying Levana?

Just like that, more than a month passed.

Jordan, who was cultivating in the Fairy Academy, was suddenly invited by Grannus personally again.

When he saw the beaming Grannus, Jordan asked, “Grannus, why are you here again? Does Lord Howard have news about the Thousand Star Grass again?”

Grannus took out an invitation and handed it to Jordan. “Miss Dawn, I’m here to give you an invitation. I’m inviting you to my sister’s wedding banquet. Haha.”


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