Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174: Killing Millions of Soldiers!

Everyone saw many battleships that were a thousand feet long like small mountains sailing out of the dark fog around the solar system. They constantly emerged from the fog, rushing ahead one after another like dumplings.

“The Wuji Starship of the Wuji Sect, the Apollo Golden Ship of the Apollo Palace, the Demon Sun Fortress of the Demon Sun Sect…” An onlooker counted as he trembled.

Almost all the imperishable sects in the Little South Heavenly Realm were there.

Thirty, fifty, seventy…

In the end, they were so packed that they covered the sky, making it impossible to count them. Those battleships were as dense as a forest and each of them had earth-shattering energy. The mere sum of ten thousand Golden Core Cultivators together was powerful enough to distort the dimension; it was comparable to the power of a peak-stage Nascent Soul Cultivator. Still, there were more than a hundred battleships like that.

But the most terrifying of all was Qin Ye, the Prince of Apollo Palace who was on a golden chariot pulled by two golden birds at the front of the battleships!

“Tap, tap, tap!”


Qin Ye steered his chariot with a calm and serious look.

He remained silent and calm, but his power made billions of people on Earth hold their breath, as if an intimidating powerhouse had arrived in the solar system.

“How is that possible? Why is Qin Ye here in the Abandoned Planet Region? He’s the Prince of Apollo Palace, the fourth cultivator of the Golden Bird Family who is likely to become a Grand Cultivator. Why would the Emperor let him travel to this planet region? What if he dies here?” Someone’s eyes popped out.

“Hm, Prince Qin is the top General of Apollo Palace, someone invincible under the Soul Formation realm. Since there aren’t any real Grand Cultivators here, who else can hurt him?” a middle-aged cultivator said with a mocking tone, “However, I wonder if Prince Qin brought that powerful Divine Treasure to the Abandoned Planet Region or not. He’ll truly be unstoppable if he did. He would have no need to fear even when facing a Divine Lord.”

Everyone knew what he was talking about.

The guarding treasure of the Apollo Palace.

The Golden Sun Halberd!

It was a peerless Divine Treasure the first Emperor of Apollo Palace made with his own body. It could crush a planet and crack the moon with one attack.

That Divine Treasure had always been controlled by Prince Qin Ye. It could fight with a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator for a short period of time in his hands. Chen Fan would definitely be no match for Qin Ye no matter how powerful he was if he had indeed brought it, unless he could immediately break through and become a Divine Lord.

Another older elder with wrinkles on his face coughed and said, “That’s impossible. The ancient Deities left the curses and prohibition spells here in this planet region. The Laws of Heaven are incomplete and all power above the Soul Formation Level is forbidden. A Divine Treasure is like the extension of a Grand Cultivator’s life, carrying their most pure power; it should be unable to enter the Abandoned Planet Region. Still, Prince Qin may have other cards in hand, like the secret treasures and Divine Talismans their Grand Cultivator gave him. Besides, what planet can’t these hundred battleships level?”

When it came to the Realm of Cultivation, everything would be completely different when the number of low-level cultivators reached a certain level.

Chen Fan might not care about a hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators.

But what about a thousand of them?

A thousand Nascent Soul Cultivators were enough to move the Star Ocean and shake the universe with one attack. Their power was unimaginably terrifying, tantamount to that of a Soul Formation Cultivator. Even powerful cultivators like Chen Fan might be killed under such peerless attacks.

As people looked at the battleships behind Qin Ye, there were at least a few hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators, if not a thousand, and also myriads of Golden Core Cultivators. This time, Chen Fan and the Earth were truly in an unprecedented crisis.

Not only did the onlookers see this situation clearly—

A’Xiu and all the members of the North Qiong Sect on Earth also felt chills down their spines. However, they had been through a lot, and they already had more confidence in Chen Fan; they wouldn’t show their worries that easily anymore.

But Qin Jian didn’t think so.

He burst into laughter and said, “Chen Beixuan, our Prince has already arrived with the army. We have ten Half Grand Cultivators with us, let alone the hundreds of Nascent Soul Cultivators and the battleship fleet. How can you resist?”

Qin Jian only had his left leg left right then; the rest of his limbs had been cut off. The wounds were glittering with Deity Light and the power of the Deity Weapon was burning his body and Divine Soul. Even though the black iron bar was just a standard Deity Weapon, lacking the true power of a real Deity Treasure, it had still injured him severely. He couldn’t even heal his body, and his energy had almost dropped below the Half Grand Cultivator realm.

Qin Ye moved closer with his chariot and glanced at the mostly limbless Qin Jian with a glint of anger in his eyes. He quickly became calm again and said with an extremely majestic voice, “Let him go.”

The ten Grand Elders who came with Qin Ye remained silent.

Eight Quasi-Divine Treasures shone in their hands. The treasures that had flown away before—including the Mountain River Universe Map, the Thousand Star Mirror and the Soul-Destroying Dagger—were currently in the hands of the corresponding sects. Their luster had been restored and their energy could at the moment destroy an area within a ten thousand mile range, like veritable tigers.

The Divine Princes who followed them also said, “Bastard, quickly let go of His Highness.”

“Chen Fan, how dare you offend the large sects, killing our Grand Elders and Divine Princes! We will never let you get away with it. Kneel and beg for mercy right now, His Majesty is here.”

“Cut the crap! Just send out the army and crush him.”

Countless people stared at Chen Fan coldly. Some Divine Princes and elders of the Changshen Sect and the Wuji Sect were itching to simply rush ahead and swallow Chen Fan.

Everyone understood.

The Divine Princes were asking Chen Fan to beg, but that wouldn’t guarantee that his life would be spared. He would only die if he really knelt; even his sect and the whole world might die along with him.

The feud between Chen Fan and the Divine Sects was too deep. Even the water in Heaven wouldn’t be enough to wash it away.

Given this situation, many of the Divine Princes of the large sects and Nascent Soul Cultivators from other planets were sneering since they had been suppressed by Chen Fan before; they looked at him, waiting for his demise.


Chen Fan saw the new arrivals and didn’t even stop while being in front of the few hundred battleships and Prince Qin Ye. He turned around again and slash once again in front of everyone, cutting off Qin Jian’s remaining leg.


Qin Jian couldn’t control himself anymore; he let out a scream because of the excruciating pain.

He resentfully glared at Chen Fan as he yelled. The wounds created by the Deity Weapon weren’t healable. Although Qin Jian didn’t know where the broken sword came from, he had seen a lot and he knew his limbs would not regrow again. Even if they could, he would also have to pay too heavy a price.

“Chen Beixuan, I want you dead! I want your entire sect and the whole Earth to die with you. I want…”

As Qin Jian yelled with a baleful look—


Chen Fan swayed the sword and slapped Qin Jian’s face, smacking him a few hundred feet away. Half of his face had been smashed and his teeth flew out, covered in blood. His entire body spinned dozens of times before stopping. His face had been deformed and was hardly recognizable.

“Shut up!” Chen Fan said.


Prince Qin Ye narrowed his eyes with a glint of anger inside.

He was the Prince of Apollo Palace and he had brought millions of soldiers with him, and yet, Chen Fan had dared to injure Qin Jian in front of him. Even if he didn’t have any feelings towards his brother, he was also enraged right then.

A Grand Elder of a large sect said, “Chen Beixuan, do you really not fear that your sect would be exterminated and billions of people on Earth would be killed after you lose, just because of your actions? You’ll be the greatest sinner of the entire Planet East and the Abandoned Planet Region.”

“He’s still dreaming of becoming a Divine Lord, but he doesn’t know a Nascent Soul Cultivator can’t become one. Even His Highness and Song Yufeng, that Lone Ranger, are still far from the Divine Lord position.” Another middle-aged elder laughed.

Someone tried to convince Chen Fan to stop resisting with a kind look. “Brother Chen, we’ll never hurt anyone of the North Qiong Sect if you stand down.”

They had not arrived in time, but they all knew Chen Fan would be in trouble when they saw dead bodies everywhere and how miserable Qin Jian, the King of Falling Stars, was.

They were confident that there would no longer be any big problems, since they arrived with almost ten Grand Elders with their Quasi-Divine Treasures, Prince Qin Ye, a few hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators and the battleships surrounding Earth, besieging Chen Fan who had already been fighting for a long time; he was basically backed into a corner right then. However, it would be the best if they could settle everything without anyone dying. So, that elegant, kind elder was trying to convince Chen Fan to surrender with a friendly look.

But Chen Fan only shook the broken sword in his hand gently.


Following the cold voice, Chen Fan turned into a beam of light and dashed into the group of battleships. His blade aura was extremely sharp and the dimension layers were as brittle as pieces of paper in front of Chen Fan’s incredibly powerful initial-success Deity Body; all of them were being easily pierced through. Thousands of kilometers were almost like one step for Chen Fan.


The next second—

Chen Fan had already reached the group of battleships.


He rushed forward.

Those battleships might have been made of Planet Gold or Apollo God and there were many arrays carved on them, but they were only Heavenly Treasures after all. How could they withstand a clash against Chen Fan’s initial-success Deity Body?

Eight battleships had been immediately crushed by him. The Golden Core Cultivators on the ships were like tofu under a hammer. Thousands of them were unable to withstand his invincible power and exploded in the sky, turning into blood mist together with the ships.

But that wasn’t the end.

Then, Chen Fan slashed and released the Thunder Divine Blade. The attack swept the sky; the blade aura flashed across the space, killing dozens of Nascent Soul Cultivators! The Defensive Dharma Treasures on their bodies weren’t even able to stop Chen Fan for one second, and were split in half like paper paste.


Barely a clash and one slash.

After a long trip, the army from the Little South Heavenly Realm—thinking they could conquer the Earth the whole Abandoned Planet Region easily—suffered from a huge loss. Almost a hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators died.

“How dare you?”

The Grand Elders were enraged. Even Prince Qin Ye widened his glittering eyes with fury.

Normal people would have yielded in front of such an impressive army; they would have negotiated, only resorting to action if they had no other choice. And yet, Chen Fan chose to attack first when countless Overlords made a move with fierce power, just like a mountain falling down.

He was definitely playing with fire!

He was digging his own grave.

Even the lenient Divine Princes and the elders had already sentenced Chen Fan to death in their minds.

“This guy is too reckless. He only has muscles for brains. How dare he attack my army! Does he think he can look down on the imperishable sects only because he killed some Golden Core and Nascent Soul Cultivators? He doesn’t know the real strength of the imperishable sects. We can crush him to pieces with ease if we attack together.”

The Grand Elder of the Wuji Sect snickered in his mind.

True Essence also surged out of the other elders and their energy shook the world. They were ready to activate the Quasi-Divine Treasures in their hands to kill Chen Fan together.

Even though Chen Fan defeated Qin Jian and the others…

They believed that their ten Grand Elders, the Quasi-Divine Treasures and a few hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators could surely wipe Chen Fan off the face of the Earth. This was an energy beyond the imagination of the people in the Abandoned Planet Region. Besides, Prince Qin Ye was also there. He was an invincible being under the Soul Formation rank and he had the biggest trump card in his hands!

But Chen Fan didn’t care about them at all. He merely shook the broken sword in his hand with a gentle move and said, “Flying Deity!”


At that moment, an unimaginably bright silver ray of light appeared in the sky.

The ray seemed to contain a Divine General from the Heavenly Courts enveloped in countless auras, wearing a Deity Armor and holding a Deity Dagger. He was ten thousand feet tall and his face looked blurry in the light. The slash split the sky and cracked the universe. That blade aura was unimaginably beautiful. There was even elegance in it, when compared to the last one, as if it had been dealt by a peerless Divine Sword of a Deity in Heaven. The only shortcoming was the Divine General of the Heavenly Courts; he seemed a bit illusory, not as concrete as it was before. And yet, its energy was still much more powerful than any of the other attacks done by Chen Fan in the past.


After this slash—

The universe seemed to have frozen. Everyone—including the Nascent Soul Cultivators, the ten Grand Elders with Quasi-Divine Treasures and Prince Qin Ye—remained still and looked as if they had gone mad. Chen Fan’s slash had casually swept the sky, creating a silver blade aura that flashed before everyone. The ray of light even remained after it traversed ten thousand miles, as if the world would have been split!


He sheathed the sword.


After that sound.

The ten Grand Elders who stood in front of Chen Fan weren’t even able to use the Quasi-Divine Treasures they held in time; their bodies had already been split right in the middle.

Not just their bodies; their Deity Souls and Nascent Souls had also been split in half by the Deity Sword. Even Prince Qin Ye let out an earth-shattering cry. His left arm had been cut off; his chariot was cracked, his hair was messy and he had been pushed backwards. As for the hundreds of battleships and Nascent Soul Cultivators behind them… A hundred battleships shattered at the same time; countless Golden Core and Nascent Soul Cultivators died. That line made by the silver blade had flashed for ten thousand miles, forming an unimaginably giant black gap in the sky. It had yet to close after a long time, leaving a magnificent sight.

Millions of soldiers and a few hundred Nascent Soul Cultivators were as vulnerable as animals before Chen Fan’s slash!

Everyone was shocked!

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