Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177: The Astonished Star Ocean

After a while, the elder of the Qiyun Sect sighed and said, “Even a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator was defeated by a slash. Chen Beixuan is truly terrifying and extremely powerful!”

Many cultivators next to him were shaking.

That was the Golden Bird Emperor of Apollo Palace, a domineering Overlord who kept two planet regions in check; the ruler the Little South Heavenly Realm. He had been famous for hundreds of thousands of years. He had already held that position before the fathers or grandfathers of many people had been born. However, he had been effortlessly killed by Chen Fan the moment he showed up. Did that mean that Chen Fan was also a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator? Or even stronger?

An elegant cultivator frowned and said, “It’s not like that. Looks like the Golden Bird Emperor only stored his Immortal Will inside Prince Qin, as Chen Bei… Divine Lord Chen said. All of us would have been burnt to ashes if he were here in the flesh.”

Reaching the Soul Formation Level was even more difficult than going to Heaven.

Once reaching that level, each Dharma Spell and Divine Power would no longer be able to be predicted by the cultivators of the four lower levels. Even the incarnation of a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator was unstoppable; it was enough to defeat all the Half Grand cultivators. It surely wasn’t an incarnation if it had been done in by Chen Fan with such ease; it probably was his Immortal Will.

“Right, I heard that the Golden Bird Emperor has nine Golden Birds enveloped in Solar True Fire flying around him within a thousand mile radius, like a Fiend God. We would have been burned to a crisp at this distance if he were truly here.” Someone soon nodded.


The appearance and Divine Power of the Golden Bird Emperor were very well-known.

Even so, the cultivators from the Star Ocean still looked at Chen Fan in shock and fear. A talisman, a drop of blood or a spell from a Grand Cultivator could easily kill Nascent Soul cultivators and suppress a sect. Their treasures, amulets and secret artifacts were even more powerful, which could be seen by the performance of those few Quasi-Divine Treasures.

Everything was displaying the power of a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator.

Any Overlord from the Little South Heavenly Realm would only display heartfelt respect and fear when facing a Grand Cultivator. How many people could be like Chen Fan, who had exterminated almost ten sects, destroyed the Immortal Will of a Grand Cultivator and even killed the Grand Cultivator’s sons?

Since the Immortal Will of the Golden Bird Emperor had appeared, it was certain that he was able to see what was happening outside the Earth. So, everything that happened, including what Chen Fan did, didn’t escape the eyes of the Emperor. Chen Fan had acted as if he were directly killing a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator, right in front of his face. There might not have been even one cultivator with such nerve in the entire Star Ocean; not in a hundred thousand years.

So, people addressed Chen Fan as “Divine Lord” when they talked about him, no longer daring to say his name again.

A cultivator who could go against a Soul Formation Cultivator deserved the Divine Lord title.

Billions of miles away from the Abandoned Planet Region.

On a planet covered with fire, which was a hundred times larger than the sun, a giant was laying there asleep and he occasionally used the sun as a bathtub. He was thousands of feet tall and was surrounded by nine giant Golden Birds. The area within a thousand mile radius with him at the center was almost covered with fire. A Golden Core Cultivator would immediately be burnt to ashes upon entry. Not even Nascent Soul Overlords would be able to go further when they were three hundred miles away. Only the Overlords who had surpassed the Nascent Soul level could get close to him.


The giant was asleep. “Wind howled for thousands of miles as he breathed, like an energy storm. If not for the Deity Arrays, the giant could have created a hundred-foot wave on the Pacific Ocean, sweeping dozens of countries in the surroundings. It would be easy for him to destroy cities.

But at this moment—

The giant opened his eyes and looked in the Earth’s general direction. There was anger in his enormous eyes.

“Father, what’s wrong?”

A hundred-mile Golden Bird flew out of the planet nearby and spoke like a human. What was frightening about it was that it had three legs. The third leg might still look immature and small, but having one extra foot represented completely different things. That was the difference between ordinary people and Divine Beasts!

“The Immortal Will I left on your brother was destroyed. Both your fifth and seventh brothers died,” the giant said. Each word he said created a massive energy storm on the surface of the sun.

“How bold! Who was it that provoked Apollo Palace and killed the Golden Bird Divine Family’s descendant!” The three-legged Golden Bird was enraged.

It spread its wings and screamed.


A huge energy wave thousands of miles long was formed on the surface of the planet. Two earth-shattering fire pillars emerged, shooting up for countless miles into the universe. The large number of soldiers guarding next to the planet even trembled and bowed to the planet in fear like crazy. They had no idea what had angered their two Divine Lords.

“He’s in the Abandoned Planet Region. Neither of us can go there. We’ll settle the scores in the future. One day, he will feel restrained in that planet region and will definitely come out. That’s when we can exact our revenge.” The giant looked at the Abandoned Planet Region. Chen Fan and the Earth seemed to be reflected in his eyes, then he suddenly cracked a smile.

“Besides, we don’t know if he can get through that challenge.”

Then, the giant sank into the surface of the planet again.


Not only in the Apollo Palace.

The Wuji Sect, the Taichu Divine Realm, the Changshen Sect, the Demon Sun Sect… Overlords in the core secret lands or ancestral grounds of all those large sects also spoke. Some of them grunted, some were enraged, some shook their heads and some frowned.

Chen Fan appeared in their eyes at that moment.

Although they were billions of miles away, the power of a Grand Cultivator was completely beyond everyone’s imagination. None of the Overlords did anything in the end. Even the Sect Master of the Wuji Sect—who hated Chen Fan the most—was still sitting on the clouds, absorbing the Essence Qi of the planet to strengthen his body and Divine Powers. He only smiled coldly at the Abandoned Planet Region.

On Earth.

Chen Fan seemed to have sensed something. He looked behind him and frowned, but turned back in the end.

At the same time, Qin Ye was being pushed back; there wasn’t any calmness on his face anymore.

“Impossible, this is impossible…” The Prince of Apollo Palace, the fifth son of the Golden Bird Emperor, had seemingly lost his soul. His face was filled with fear; all his courage and confidence seemed to have been destroyed by Chen Fan’s three slashes.

“What’s impossible?”

Chen Fan flicked his sword and stood arrogantly.

He also had a hard time. The three slashes almost used all of Chen Fan’s Half Nascent Soul Power and gathered the three strongest powers which made Chen Fan’s energy, vitality and spirit. An ultimate attack didn’t necessarily need to be neat and precise. He didn’t use any of his power at all and destroyed the Immortal Will of the Golden Bird Emperor purely with Essence Qi. Aside from that, Chen Fan’s Deity Body was extremely resilient. It was the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. The cracks on his body were healing rapidly as he breathed.

“You’re just someone from Earth, a young man who’s not even fifty. How can you be so powerful? I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.” Qin Ye’s eyes were wide open and bloodshot.

He was the Prince of Apollo Palace, an Overlord who was invincible under the Soul Formation realm, but he lost to a young man who wasn’t even fifty. That was a severe blow to Qin Ye.

“Besides, the Immortal Will father left isn’t something Nascent Soul cultivators like you can resist, even if it’s just a thought. How could it fail? It’s impossible, definitely impossible.” Qin Ye shook his head anxiously.

The “Golden Bird Emperor” was like a real God in his mind.

Qin Ye wasn’t the least bit scared while having that trump card. He had never thought Chen Fan would destroy it with three slashes.

“Ah, brother, haven’t you realized? We’ve already lost, completely lost. Not only us, the entire Apollo Palace and Little South Heavenly Realm lost. Who else in this Abandoned Planet Region can fight him? He’s the real Divine Lord in this planet region!” Qin Jian yelled in sorrow.

Although the King of Falling Stars of Apollo Palace had been left with only one leg, his mind had never been so clear and keen before.

After that battle, Qin Jian had finally realized.

The Little South Heavenly Realm was doomed.

It wasn’t that there was no one in the Little South Heavenly Realm who could deal with Chen Fan. In fact, if Chen Fan were outside of the Abandoned Planet Region, Qin Ye might not even be a worthy match. The Divine Treasure of Apollo Palace—the Golden Sun Halberd—was in Qin Ye’s hands. If he attacked with the full power of the Divine Treasure, it would be comparable to an attack from a Soul Formation Cultivator. No Overlord would be able to resist it. Unfortunately, Divine Treasures had been blocked by the Deity Arrays.

Even without any Divine Treasure, Divine Array, secret artifact, tons of soldiers and Soul Formation Grand Cultivators—

The attacks were supposed to be things Chen Fan could not withstand.

However, Chen Fan happened to be in the Abandoned Planet Region. All the Overlords who entered that place would have to fight with him in a condition as if their hands and legs were tied. Nobody was able to compete with him. Chen Fan was destined to rule that planet region. Judging from his potential, Qin Jian was for the first time worried that he would seek revenge in the future for the first time.

Even if he wanted to become a Soul Formation cultivator, it was impossible for him to achieve it without investing a few thousand years. And yet, Qin Jian’s mind was truly shaken and his face was extremely pale.

Qin Ye was different. He yelled loudly as he sneered, “Chen Beixuan, even if you defeated the army with millions of soldiers, I’m the Prince of Apollo Palace and I’ll never surrender! I’ll sit and wait for your death!”

“You’re just a big fish in a little pond. Even though you’ve lived for dozens of thousands of years, you’ve never opened your eyes and looked outside of the pond. No matter how you try, you won’t be able to imagine my talent with your narrow imagination,” Chen Fan said calmly as he slashed and nailed the escaping Divine Prince Qin Ye in the sky.

This time, Qin Ye gritted his teeth. The muscles on his face kept pulsing and he wasn’t making a noise. He only stared at Chen Fan in anger.

Chen Fan only replied to him with a casual slash, cutting off Qin Ye’s head and crushing both his Divine Soul and Nascent Soul completely, which truly killed Qin Ye. Everyone who witnessed that was terrified.

August 3rd, 2028.

Divine Lord Chen Beixuan of the North Qiong Sect slayed the coalition army of the seven Divine Sects, killing Prince Qin Ye of Apollo Sect and defeating a million soldiers just outside of Planet East. Once the news spread, the entire Star Ocean was astonished!

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