Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184: Can’t Lose!

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“How can it be? Divine Lord Chen was defeated by a finger? This is definitely impossible! I don’t believe it.”

“Right, Divine Lord Chen is invincible. Who can beat him? This must be an illusion or a special plan devised by Divine Lord Chen. He’s pretending to be defeated, so Tatian would chase after him so he can kill Tatian with another slash.”

Countless people yelled in shock upon seeing Chen Fan being flicked off.

They discussed emotionally and Chen Fan’s fans, the cultivators on Earth, even tried their best to make excuses for Chen Fan. And yet, the anxiousness shown on their faces could not be hidden as they spoke.

Even the weakest ordinary person felt something had gone wrong.


Chen Fan had always been invincible. When did he need to show weakness to his enemies?

The Grand Divine Power, Flying Deity, which was claimed to be able to kill Gods with one slash, wasn’t even able to go a hundred feet near Divine Lord Tatian. The full-power attack of the broken sword had been blocked by Tatian with two fingers. The difference between their power was too far apart. Such an overpowering performance would usually only appear when a cultivator with a higher level suppressed one with a lower level.

“Divine Lord Chen was defeated? It can’t be right. His slash is comparable to an attack from a Soul Formation cultivator. Not even a real Soul Formation cultivator would have such power, let alone the so-called Divine Lord Tatian, who’s just an old ghost who died a hundred thousand years ago. He’s merely borrowing someone else’s body and is a Pseudo-Soul Formation cultivator of this planet region. How could he be that strong?”

Even some Nascent Soul Cultivators from other planets—including Heavenly Lord Anpo and Ancestral Patriarch Jinghai—were stunned.

Lord Dragon watched on the sideline and heaved a sigh.

The cultivators from Planet Tianhuang and the Abandoned Planet Region were too shallow after all. There hadn’t been any Soul Formation cultivators in the past hundred thousand years, so they certainly hadn’t seen one attacking. Although Lord Dragon hadn’t witnessed it before, he was from the “Fey God Sect” after all and there were real Soul Formation Grand Cultivators. He had a couple of chances to see their power.

That earth-shattering power was only stronger than that of Divine Lord Tatian that day.

“I thought, since Divine Lord Chen came from a Celestial Sect in the Central Galaxy, the secret arts of the Celestial Sect he cultivates may be able to compensate for the gap between Soul Formation cultivators and Nascent Soul cultivators, even though he’s just a Nascent Soul cultivator. And yet, judging from the battle today, the difference between Nascent Soul and Soul Formation is too large after all. Even powerful cultivators like Divine Lord Chen are unable to cross that limit.” Lord Dragon sighed.

As for the others of the North Qiong Sect and the people on Earth, they had already been terrified.

They could not keep fooling themselves and the others anymore. They became more and more anxious and they all looked above them nervously. Senior members of the North Qiong Sect, including A’Xiu, Lu Yanxue and Qi Xiu’er, didn’t seem to look different, but they were clenching their fists and the temperature around them rose rapidly. They were surrounded by air currents and their Dharma Power was surging. That was proof that those disciples were also worrying about Chen Fan.

“Earth will be doomed if Divine Lord Chen loses!”

Not only one person realized that.

Even though Chen Fan had said that no Soul Formation Cultivator could enter Earth with the protection of the Deity Arrays formed by the ancient Deities, Divine Lord Tatian still managed to attack Earth several times with his followers and the Universe Predators during the heyday of Planet East. Besides, according to their conversation, Divine Lord Tatian could completely hold his Dharma Power down and control it to the Nascent Soul level to enter Earth.

That was truly a battle between Nascent Soul Cultivators.

Who could defeat a Nascent Soul cultivator disguised by a Soul Formation cultivator? His experience and understanding of Dharma Laws was already enough to crush all the other Nascent Soul cultivators!

Only those who knew nothing about the current situation and held grudges against Chen Fan—including Qin Dongmu, Xing Hu and the remaining Ancestral Patriarchs of the Gold Clan—hoped Chen Fan would lose. The King of Falling Stars, Qin Jian—who had lost his limbs except for one leg—even burst into laughter.

“Chen Beixuan, you deserve this.”

He said with evil in his eyes, “Shut up!”

Chen Fan grunted and smacked Qin Jian from a few thousand miles away, making him spurt out blood as he fell back. He stepped in the air, traveled a few thousand miles with one step and returned again.

Everyone could see.

Chen Fan was still wearing the black robe, which had twelve patterns on it, including flower, bird, fish, insect, the sun, the moon, planets, mountains, rivers and plants. The Divine Lord’s crown on his head was pretty similar to Divine Lord Tatian’s. The aura around him became even brighter and didn’t dim for even a bit, but some high-level cultivators, like the elder of the Qiyun Sect, saw that Chen Fan’s chest dented through the light. His clothes were also torn and there was a giant hole.

When Overlords like Chen Fan couldn’t even keep their clothes intact during battle, it meant that they had already been at an absolute disadvantage.

“This is really bad!”

Some top cultivators lowered their heads and whispered.


Chen Fan stepped forward and waved his hand. The broken sword turned into a beam of light, going back to his hand. Chen Fan’s blood surged and his energy, vitality and spirit gathered again. He was surrounded by a bright aura and was apparently trying to activate the energy inside the broken sword again.

“Flying Deity!”


At that moment.

The Grand Divine Power, “Flying Deity,” was activated for a third time.

A blade aura comparable to the one before appeared again. It flashed across the sky, as if it were going to break the sun and the moon. A door opened at the same time behind Chen Fan and a hundred-foot Heavenly General from the Deity Realm stepped out as Chen Fan slashed forward. The light of the sword didn’t seem any weaker than before and was even brighter when Chen Fan stimulated his energy and attacked with his life. And yet, upon a closer look, people would see that the Heavenly General from the Deity Realm looked a bit less realistic.


Chen Fan sped ahead with his sword. The Sword Qi was like a beam of light, as if the stars in the sky would also be cut down.

But it was all useless.

The young man in a black robe only flicked his fingers and easily crushed the blade aura of the Flying Deity and the image of the Heavenly General. He then swayed his hand and knocked Chen Fan away with his Deity Weapon.

“Chen Fan, have you used all your tactics? That’s it? I’ve already seen enough. There’s no need to carry on.” The young man in black snickered. His face as cold as a glacier showed a hint of disdain.

“I won’t keep you alive just to show those tactics and that we’re relying solely on a weapon. I’ll directly crush you, take out your Divine Soul and interrogate you slowly. By then, I don’t think you can still insist on keeping your mouth shut while in my hands,” Divine Lord Tatian said.

“Damn it!”

At that moment.

Many people on Earth shouted furiously.

Some young people who admired Chen Fan hoped that they could become powerful and teach Divine Lord Tatian a lesson for Chen Fan. A lot of female fans in China, Japan, Europe, America, black people, white people and asians… Even burst into tears and turned their heads away, avoiding that sight.

The girls of the North Qiong Sect even gritted their teeth so hard that they almost shattered.


Chen Fan rushed forward with his sword.

The Deity Infant jumped into thin air behind him and the nine Divine Forms appeared in the sky.

The Xuan Wu, the Kun Peng, theThunder Loch, the True Martial… Different Divine Forms switched with each other. The Thunder Loch Divine Form was suddenly lit up. Chen Fan first slashed forward. That was the fourth time he used the Flying Deity. The image of the Heavenly General stepped out again, but it was extremely thin. At the same time, Chen Fan twisted his body and turned into a Thunder Loch Divine Beast, holding the Deity Weapon in his hand. He used that broken sword to create a blade aura that cracked the sky.

“The fourth form of the Thunder Divine Blade, Cracking The Firmament!”


A sword and a blade.

A beam of light and a blade aura.

One was extremely bright, while the other was extremely dark.

Chen Fan shot out two beams of light at the same time. The entire world seemed to be enveloped in darkness. At that moment, only those two unbelievably dazzling blade auras were left.

The Flying Deity and the Thunder Divine Blade.

Those Divine Powers were almost all of Chen Fan’s ultimate trump cards. How would his power merely double when he used them at the same time? The two of them together were indeed much more powerful than in times they were used separately. The entire universe was split by the blade auras, as if there was a cross-shaped wound. Many people had only seen “the sky bled” in books, but they saw that the sky had been torn when they looked up, and countless colorful energy waves surged out as if the sky were truly bleeding.

“I guess he wouldn’t lose again with such a powerful attack, right?” someone mumbled.

But Divine Lord Tatian merely stuck out one more finger.

Two fingers!

He gently flicked his fingers and crushed the Flying Deity and the Thunder Divine Blade. The extremely bright blade auras had even split the sky; they were currently shattered and turned into countless dots of light, snowflakes.

“Great Sword Arts, but you’re too weak,” Divine Lord Tatian said as he swayed his hand, as if he were wiping dust and ants off his body. One of the nine Rivers of Hades around him dropped and lingered on both sides of the sleeve, striking Chen Fan like a mountain.


Like a giant hammer hitting a mosquito—

Chen Fan’s initial-success Deity Body strengthened by the nine Divine Forms had also been overwhelmed and was immediately knocked away. He spurted out blood, scattering light golden blood everywhere, and the aura around him shook violently, like boiling water that moved up and down. He broke through layers of air and flew dozens of thousands of miles away, crushing countless small planets before finally stopping.


Chen Fan spurted out blood again. The glittering blood dyed his clothes red; his hair was messy and his black robe with twelve patterns had been torn. His energy immediately dropped.

That was the first time Chen Fan was truly injured since the battle started.

Prince Qin Ye had arrived with the Immortal Will of the Golden Bird Emperor and commanded millions of soldiers and the ten Grand Elders to besiege Chen Fan, but they still couldn’t harm a single hair of his. And just then, Chen Fan had been injured by Divine Lord Tatian.

Countless people felt their hearts lower as cold as ice when witnessing the scene.

Then, Chen Fan shouted and moved: from ten thousand miles away with a step. His black hair fluttered in the wind and he looked extremely vicious. He performed a few Divine Powers at once.

Jiujue Divine Thunder, Grand Five Reincarnation Art of Destruction, Qi Blade of the Primordial Five Elements…

Each of them was an earth-shattering Grand Divine Power. The Grand Five Reincarnation Art of Destruction was even one of the most powerful Divine Arts of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. It was activated with the Sacred Body of Five Elements and five supreme energies in the universe, including evolution, reincarnation and restructuration, and was extremely powerful. However, all of those destructive Divine Powers that could have swept the entire space quickly weakened when they were a hundred feet away from the young man in black robe. They shrank and turned into breezes, which didn’t even move a corner of Divine Lord Tatian’s clothes.

There seemed to be an invincible Divine Domain surrounded by sacred Dharma Laws a hundred feet around him. No power below the Soul Formation level was able to move it a bit.

“Too weak!” Divine Lord Tatian replied, including a punch.

The attack will shake the entire solar system, then make the moon move and Earth vibrate. The unimaginably terrifying energy that frightened countless people swept through the whole universe, crushing Chen Fan in the sky right away!

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