Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194: The Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect

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Following a clear sound, the first crack appeared. After that, the second, third and fourth cracks also appeared one after the other, as if following orders. The entire shell was immediately filled with dense cracks, like a cracked earth, and there were a series of crisp sounds.

In the end—


The entire shell was shattered and beams of colorful light were shot out. Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and saw a girl—with long black hair that touched her feet, enveloped in Five Element Divine Light—appear in the shell. The girl’s eyes were closed. Her eyelashes were long; her skin was fair and her body was well-proportioned. There was light flowing on her skin and she looked unimaginably stunning. She gave the image of an outstanding person who carried the Spirit Qi of the entire world. She was more beautiful than anyone else Chen Fan had ever met in this life. Only the top Divine Princesses and fairies in his past life’s memories could compare to her.



Flowers fell from the sky and golden lotuses grew on the ground when the girl appeared. Beams of light flowed from her body. The Grand Dao let out some thunderous sounds and the Dharma Laws of the five elements appeared in the world. Many Essence Qi Spirits an inch large surrounded the girl. The grass on the ground burst out and spun with her. The girl was like the center of the entire world at that moment. Chen Fan suddenly felt as if he didn’t fit in, like an outsider.

“Five Element Divine Meridians…” Chen Fan mumbled.

It was quite rare to find cultivators born with Divine Meridians in the universe. Up until then, Chen Fan had only found Xiao Mang and Qi Xiu’er in the Abandoned Planet Region.

One True Dragon, one Red Sparrow, that had already been a very unlikely coincidence; you would usually not find even one in a whole planet region. Chen Fan guessed that it had been because the Heavenly Laws of the Abandoned Planet Region had been tampered with, so the talents born there were much stronger than the ones in other places. However, they were restrained by the cultivation environment and couldn’t truly rise.

Any cultivator with Divine Meridians could immediately enter the Soul Formation level in the future. The Divine Sects in the Little South Heavenly Realm would go completely crazy if the imperishable sects found this cultivator. It would mean that there would be a Soul Formation cultivator in the sect, which was a guarantee for the next hundred thousand years. Even though True Dragon and Red Sparrow were powerful, the Five Element Divine Meridians were also on par with them. Besides, the Five Element Divine Meridians might just be moderate in normal sects, but they were considered the best among all others in the Five Elements Immortal Sect. Any cultivator with those meridians—born with affinity for the cultivation arts of the Five Elements Immortal Sect—was able to enter the sect without taking any tests.

Besides, unlike Xiao Mang and Qi Xiu’er, the girl’s Divine Meridians had been completely awakened. Her cultivation speed was much faster in comparison.



The long haired girl’s eyelashes fluttered slightly and she slowly opened her eyes. That would be the first time her spirited black and white eyes saw that world.

The girl immediately let out a soft cry; her voice was as moving as that of a lark. She covered her little mouth in shock. The entire world in front of her eyes seemed to have completely changed. There were Dharma Laws in everything and they were all made of the five elements. She felt as if she were able to control the invisible power of the five elements by merely lifting her hands…

The girl finally reacted; she looked similar to the old A’Xiu, but was much more beautiful than her.

“How is that possible? Are these Dharma Laws? Didn’t you say that only Nascent Soul Cultivators can touch the power of Dharma Laws? I’m just a Golden Core Cultivator. Why am I feeling the energy of Dharma Laws…” The girl was confused, while looking pretty and cute. She tilted her head and suddenly saw the smiling Chen Fan. She immediately said, “Master, why are you here… Right, didn’t I die?”

Her bigs eyes blinked, making her look both dumb and cute.

“You’re not dead. Although your body was destroyed by Tatian, I’ve already made you a new one with the membrane of the Five Element Divine Treasure. Look, do you feel the power of the five elements in the world? This is the power that comes with this new body.” Chen Fan smiled as he pulled out a coat and covered the girl.


The girl noticed she was naked. Her face immediately blushed like a ripe apple; she didn’t know where to place her hands and was extremely nervous.

When Chen Fan saw his disciple react—unlike her easy going, brave and diligent self—like a little girl, he immediately felt as if he were a father watching his daughter grow. He smiled and said as he pretended not to have seen her just then, “What do you think? Are you feeling comfortable? Your body was made with the essence of the five elements. It’s a body of Connate Dharma Laws and has the Five Element Divine Meridians. You can enter the Nascent Soul level with one step and your body is completely different from the others. Provided you use the suitable cultivation arts, you won’t encounter any barriers before the Soul Formation level.”

“Really?” said the wide eyed A’Xiu, while she was distracted for a moment, forgetting about the embarrassment from before.

Three months back, she was still a normal Golden Core Cultivator and hadn’t even formed a divine-grade Golden Core. She only did so with the Butian Pill Chen Fan had made for her.

So, when facing Qi Xiu’er, A’Xiu had always been a bit insecure in her mind. Qi Xiu’er had the Red Sparrow’s Divine Meridians. She would have a divine-grade Golden Core once she entered the Golden Core level; that core would be of a very high level among the divine grades. A’Xiu had heard that Chen Fan had also accepted a disciple with Divine Meridians on Planet Tianhuang; the disciple’s cultivation talent and aptitude were also stronger than hers. She had been preparing herself in her heart. She immediately felt thrilled and a bit scared at the same time since she had acquired Divine Meridians with her new body.

“Master, this must have required a lot of your treasures, and you must have paid quite a dear price…” A’Xiu was anxious.

Once you reached that level, she certainly became aware of how exorbitant the price would be to raise someone to the Nascent Soul level with one step, especially when Chen Fan had turned A’Xiu from a normal person who had an ordinary body to a cultivator that had the Five Element Divine Meridians. Such a Divine Power was similar to remaking a person like Nuwa creating humanity; a great price must have been paid.

Chen Fan caressed the girl’s long, waterfall-like hair and said gently, “Silly, you’re my disciple. I was too weak on Earth and had some concerns, so I couldn’t really teach you and only passed down the True Martial Divine Fist to you. You’ve done too much for me and the North Qiong Sect… Even your body was destroyed and you almost died. I felt guilty about it; making you a body is nothing. Besides, how can my disciples be weaker than the others?”

“All right, leave that matter aside. Let me teach you some of the real Divine Powers and cultivation arts. You were reborn with the Five Element Divine Meridians and you have the Body of Five Virtues. Cultivation arts of the Five Elements Immortal Sect are the most suitable for you.”

After that…

Chen Fan sat down cross-legged and A’Xiu also quickly sat down next to him. Chen Fan started teaching her the Dharma Spells of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. Although he didn’t have the Sacred Body of Five Elements in his last life, he indeed knew a lot of their Divine Powers. He even taught the Azure Thearch Longevity Body to A’Xiu.

A’Xiu indeed had the Five Element Divine Meridians. It was the perfect match for her body.


When she started cultivating the Azure Thearch Longevity Body—

Her entire body was filled with azure light and her heart even released countless beams of green light. Some vivid, agile energy surged out and nourished the earth, resonating with the entire deity ground. That place was the deity ground on Heavenly Jupiter, where the Five Elements Immortal Sect had grown the Heart of Wood God. There were many Spirit Medicines and Spirit Herbs there, and an extremely dense Wood Qi; this made it the most suitable place for cultivating Wood Elemental Divine Powers.

Chen Fan watched the girl break through the barriers all the way.

She completed the fundamentals of the Divine Body the first day, reaching initial success after three days, and phenomenal success after ten days. Her Divine Body entered the great perfection level in less than two weeks, and was only one step away from attaining a perfect Divine Body with a Soul Formation level.

“No wonder people said cultivators with the Five Element Divine Meridians are the most suitable for practicing cultivation arts of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. This cultivation speed is indeed much faster than that of any other, not even the me from back then could match it. Looks like the Five Element Divine Meridians are more valuable to the Five Elements Immortal Sect than all the other Divine Meridians and even the Sacred Meridians.”

Chen Fan nodded slightly.

A thought instantly came to his mind; he felt like he had to find a way to look for the other four cultivation arts for the Sacred Body of Five Elements. It wasn’t important for Chen Fan. He was strong enough and would be able to change into cultivating the True Martial Sacred Body or other top body cultivation arts, but A’Xiu had been limited by the Five Element Divine Meridians. Her gift would be wasted if she didn’t cultivate the Sacred Body of Five Elements.

A month later.

A’Xiu reached the phenomenal success level.

She was wearing a black gown. Her skin was smooth and her hair was like a waterfall. She looked extremely cold, like the Moon Palace fairies. The girl’s body had reached the great perfection level. She currently had a body of Connate Dharma Laws, and her power was as strong as that of the Nascent Soul cultivators after cultivating the Divine Powers of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. She would even be regarded as an Overlord among the others, close to the Half Grand Cultivators. Her energy was constantly increasing. Completely awakened Divine Meridians were too horrifying. Chen Fan felt like the girl would enter the Soul Formation level in less than fifty years.

“Let’s go. We should head back.”

Chen Fan got up.

There were many things he had to deal with when he returned to Earth; a lot of matters had yet to conclude.

“Hm.” The girl nodded.

Then, the two of them searched around the deity ground and took all the Spirit Medicines that they could take, sweeping the entire deity ground. After finding eight Quasi-Divine Medicines and even one that was a few years away from turning into a Divine Medicine, they started their journey back to Earth.

This time—

Chen Fan was familiar with the way and they took only a dozen days to return to Earth.

People on Earth were certainly thrilled to see Chen Fan. All the senior members of the North Qiong Sect, including Qi Xiu’er, Jiang Churan, Lu Yanxue, Auntie Tang, including Heavenly Lord Anpo and Li Yuan from the Changshen Sect, all of them went to congratulate him. Some Overlords—who had been hiding and cultivating in some dangerous places in space—also showed up to pay their respects to Chen Fan. Chen An even saw an old man among them, who was a Half Grand Cultivator.

The old man’s name was unknown. People called him Heavenly Lord Yuan; he was from a nameless planet in the Abandoned Planet Region. He was currently more than sixty thousand years old, but he had still been unable to break through to the Soul Formation level, even though he had been in secluded cultivation. He was extremely excited to learn about the rise of a new Divine Lord, and specially made the trip for help. Once Heavenly Lord Yuan saw Chen Fan, he went forward and bowed.

“All right, let’s get back first.”

Chen Fan nodded.

“Divine Lord.”

Everyone, including Heavenly Lord Yuan, bowed extremely respectfully at the same time. Even billions of people on Earth lowered their heads silently at the moment. Countless cultivators lined up on both sides and formed an avenue of light from the edge of the solar system, all the way to Earth. Only Chen Fan walked on the light, holding A’Xiu’s hand. He was covered with colors and surrounded by cheers, like the king of the entire world.

Upon witnessing this sight, many onlookers knew the planet and the entire planet region had welcomed their new master.

July 19th, 2028, Chen Fan, the Divine Lord of the North Qiong Sect, rose to the top of Planet East and received the Divine Lord title, becoming the well-deserved top cultivator of the Planet East Region! The sects in the Little South Heavenly Realm became silent once the news reached them.

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