Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator-Webnovel – Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205: Leaving Home and Meeting an Old Friend

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Chen Fan didn’t stay in the Cangmin Realm for the rest of his past life after being taken from Earth by Master Cangqin. In fact, the Cangmin Realm was a famous battling sacred ground in the universe. Its developer, Master Cangqin, had lived almost a million years and he had risen to fame which was upheld for five hundred thousand years. His Dharma Power was known to be earth-shattering—being able to create the mysterious Cangmin Realm in space, his power was indeed unimaginable. Besides, he was also famous for promoting new cultivators.

Master Cangqin liked to travel around worlds to recruit the best cultivators, so he could take them to the Cangmin Realm to cultivate and fight.

The one who was able to tear the Cangmin Realm apart and stand before him would have the chance to follow Master Cangqin and become his inner circle disciple.

An inner circle disciple of a Perfected Immortal.

In the human world—where nobody had ascended in billions of years and people thought Deities in Heaven were just legends—Dao Reunion Perfected Immortals were beings at the top of the world who could single handedly suppress a top force. In fact, a few of the lowest ranking sects among the nine Celestial Sects only had a couple of Perfected Immortals. They were super Overlords who could defeat galaxy fleets and exterminate a civilization by themselves.

Although the True Martial Celestial Sect had a lot of disciples, how many of them could truly become disciples of a Perfected Immortal?


The Cangmin Realm had many entrances across the universe, so that those weaker cultivators who couldn’t survive there or the Saints who were tired from fighting could have a place to rest.

One of the entrances was in the Tiannan Planet Province!

When Fang Qiong was still alive and hadn’t transferred her Deity Fetus to Chen Fan in his past life, he had merely been an ordinary person on Earth. Master Cangqin had only taken him away and then thrown him into the Cangmin Realm because he had a hint of energy from the Deity Fetus. Soon, he was removed from the Cangmin Realm half-proactively and half-passively.

Although said to be removed…

He was in fact kicked out.

Quacks and lowly populations were eliminated from time to time, or they would become the cannon fodder in the Cangmin Realm. There would be thousands of ordinary or low-level cultivators like Chen Fan who would die in battle.

When Chen Fan was removed, he stayed in the Lin Yang Planet Region found in the Tiannan Planet Province.

“Did Master leave my parents on Planet Lin Yang?”

Chen Fan felt a bit awkward.

Judging from the direction, it indeed seemed to be where Planet Lin Yang was located. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for Chen Fan to find Wang Xiaoyun’s location, given how powerful Master Cangqin was and how covert the Cangmin Realm was. He might have caught the attention of the Perfected Immortals’ if he wasn’t careful enough. By then, those overlords could also send their energy over across the universe and Chen Fan would probably be the one in trouble.

But, it would be quite a pickle if they were truly in Lin Yang.

Lin Yang.

It was a special place for Chen Fan.

He had stayed on that planet for a few decades in his past life. After “escaping” from the Cangmin Realm, Chen Fan became a normal cultivator, living in the universe in constant fear. Although the Lin Yang Planet Region was just a remote place in the Tiannan Planet Province, many talents were hidden there and there were a lot of Overlords. Many families, friends and disciples of the Overlords from the Cangmin Realm would also stay in the Lin Yang Planet Region.

Let alone Chen Fan was just a Connate Cultivator back then—

Those Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators were people that Chen Fan looked up to, not to mention the extremely ethereal Soul Formation Grand Cultivators.

Chen Fan had lived cautiously, carefully hiding himself. Although he had also felt kindness in that cold world sometimes, he used to feel coldness and chills most of the time. Lin Yang was a place with laws, but he had just been a Connate cultivator back then. If he provoked any of those superior beings, they would easily crush him with thousands of cultivation arts.

Chen Fan remembered he once had a friend there. They exchanged cultivation experiences or went out of the city to hunt monsters when they were free. In the end, his friend had offended a large family on Planet Lin Yang, the Chu family, and he was enlisted in the army because of an order issued by the Nascent Soul Ancestral Patriarch of the Chu family. He was appointed to the border of the universe to fight against the universe beasts and was never seen again.

There were a lot of Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators on such a cruel battlefield, so having a thousand Connate cultivators die was nothing.

“The Chu family of Lin Yang…” Chen Fan whispered.

The Chu family had once been superior in his eyes. Being a large family that had a history of a thousand years settled on Planet Lin Yang, they had a stable foundation and their people were everywhere; around the cities, sects, Chambers of Commerce and the planets’ army. The Nascent Soul Ancestral Patriarch of the Chu family had retired from the Tiannan Army and had once been a Commander; he even had relations with people in other planet regions.

When that friend of his died, Chen Fan had remained frightened for a few years and was worried that the Chu family would still be enraged.

But they currently were a piece of cake for Chen Fan if he wanted to eliminate them. If it wasn’t for the Soul Formation Grand Cultivator in Lin Yang, he would have already killed the Nascent Soul Ancestral Patriarchs of the Chu family with one finger.

“Brother Chen, the boat is here. We should board,” Guo Chuandong said.

“All right.”

Chen Fan stopped pondering.

He looked up and saw a huge space shuttle slowly land on the Yellow Maple Port after a trip from somewhere in the universe. It had an entirely black metal shell carved with many complex patterns that shone with golden light. Chen Fan could see that it was actually a defensive array carved by top Array Masters. Given the ship’s array level, even Nascent Soul monsters would have it difficult if they tried to destroy the vessel.

“This is the ‘Sunset.’ It’s the ship that travels monthly between the Tiannan Planet Province and the Little South Heavenly Realm. It may not seem big, but there are arrays which create space inside, so it can store millions of tons of materials. It can carry up to ten thousand people each time. The array on the ship was carved by a famous Array Master of the Tiannan Planet Province, ‘Master Qiu.’ It’s said to be able to withstand the attacks from a Grand Cultivator. Building a battleship requires more than ten million Star Coins. Even a large Chamber of Commerce that has businesses across planet regions can’t afford the cost with all of their assets,” the fat guy said proudly.

It was indeed something to be proud of, if that battleship could really withstand an attack from a Grand Cultivator.

Grand Cultivators were dominators in the universe and were also extremely precious. As far as Chen Fan knew, there was only one Grand Cultivator guarding the Lin Yang Planet Region. Only the capital of the Tiannan Planet Province and some planet regions at the border had many Grand Cultivators.

Many people were lining up to board the Sunset. As they looked around, there were some long queues.

According to the fat guy, most of them were related to the Tiannan Planet Province. Only a small number of people had to buy tickets. After all, even Nascent Soul cultivators would end up broke after paying ten thousand Star Coins.

“Why does our line have the most people and the other side has just a few? They passed very quickly.” Chen Fan noticed.

There were three boarding queues in total.

Chen Fan’s queue had the most number of people; the middle one had less and the leftmost queue didn’t have any. People could directly board the boat when they got there. Besides, all of them were surrounded by a dim aura, looking like members of well-off families. They had at least the Nascent Soul level and only a few Golden Core cultivators.

“Those are people with first class tickets, so they can enjoy a VIP treatment. The ticket we got is second class; we can only wait for a bit.” The fat guy patted Chen Fan’s shoulder and looked at the people traveling first class with jealousy on his face.

“How rich! First class tickets cost five times more than second class tickets. The price of a first class ticket can be used to buy five second class tickets. I wonder if they’re disciples of some large families in the Little South Heavenly Realm, or the elites of the imperishable sects.

“I’ve traveled first class once with my relative before; it’s much more spacious than the second class. There are individual rooms and cultivation areas. There are also super huge skylights, so you can see the view of the black sandstorm zone as you enjoy the one-on-one VIP service. A descendant of a large family in the Shanyang Planet Region even reserved the entire first class area of the ship that time for his maids and servants, apart from himself. That’s truly generous.”

The fat guy kept talking.

Chen Fan certainly didn’t care about those things.

He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, so he wasn’t even interested in the throne of the Lord of the human world, let alone a mere first class service of a space shuttle. For him, he just wanted to get through the black sandstorm zone to enter the Tiannan Planet Province safely and get a legal identity.

Chen Fan was wondering if the arrangements he had made on Earth could frighten the cultivators in the Little South Heavenly Realm.

“I hope they don’t get scared.”

Chen Fan cracked a smile.


The Soul Formation Ancestral Patriarch of the Taichu Divine Realm was looking at the sight in front of him with a pale face. The enormous Taichu Divine Palace seemed to have been crushed by a giant dragon. The magnificent ten-thousand-feet tall Taichu Divine Mountain was even split in half in the middle all of a sudden.

All the disciples, Nascent Soul elders or Golden Core cultivators of the Divine Realm all had bruised noses and swollen faces. Everything they had was taken and all the Dharma Treasures had either been shattered or snatched. The Divine Lord of the Taichu Divine Realm had even been injured, so he went to the vault to recover.

He almost fainted after having a look.

The treasures the Taichu Divine Realm had gotten in the past hundred thousand years were stored in seventeen vaults.

All kinds of Spirit Pills, Spirit Medicines, Divine Treasures, Heavenly Treasures, Spirit Stones… There used to be thousands of them, which were enough to buy a hundred resource planets in terms of value. But then, the vault had been looted; not even an ordinary Red Flame Spirit Pill was left.

“Who… Who did this?”

Their Ancestral Patriarch turned pale.

The elders and disciples hesitated and looked at each other. In the end, someone stammered and said a young man in a black outfit had shown up at the entrance of the Taichu Divine Realm on a boat with a black iron rod three days prior, claiming he was an old friend of the Taichu Divine Realm and was there to repay their kindness.

The disciples of the Taichu Divine Realm were confused at first.

Some Golden Core guards went out and wanted to send that ridiculous, nameless guy away.

They had never thought that the young man in black would still break into the sect while carrying a sword. He didn’t seem to know any Dharma Spells and had no Dharma Power around him, but he wasn’t affected by any cultivation arts or arrays. Even when the Divine Array opened, he still walked through it casually. Whoever resisted was knocked down with a slash. Even if a hundred Nascent Soul elders attacked at the same time, they would still be defeated by him with a punch.

In the end, none of the Nascent Soul elders were able to deal with him.

They watched him find the seventeen vaults in the Taichu Divine Realm one by one as if enumerating his family’s valuables. He then used a black iron rod to break the seal and slowly store all the Spirit Stones, treasures and Spirit Medicines into a yellow gourd, leaving leisurely afterwards.

Although that person didn’t kill a single person of the Taichu Divine Realm since the beginning—

Such a humiliation—just like a walk in the park, as if the land were deserted—left those Nascent Soul elders feeling extremely embarrassed. They, who were respected in the entire Little South Heavenly Realm and treated as the elders of the imperishable sects, admired and worshipped.

They watched that man split the entire Taichu Divine Mountain in half with a slash before he left. Although the Taichu Divine Mountain wasn’t a treasure land and neither was it protected by a top Divine Array, it was indeed the place where the Ancestral Masters of the Taichu Divine Realm cultivated. And yet, it had been cracked by someone in front of all the disciples of the realm. If the news were to spread, the entire Taichu Divine Realm would lose face completely.

At first, the elders of the Taichu Sect didn’t recognize him—

But the moment that iconic broken sword appeared… Everyone knew who that young man in a black outfit was.

“Chen… Bei… Xuan…!” The Divine Lord of the Taichu Sect almost had to squeeze those words out of his mouth.

Even though nobody had been killed or injured—

The moment he saw the seventeen empty vaults and the broken Taichu Divine Mountain, he knew the reputation of the Taichu Divine Realm had just been completely destroyed; they had been stepped on hard.

That week…

Not only the Taichu Divine Realm—

The Niekong Sect, the Wuji Sect, the Demon Sun Sect…

Among the seven sects that attacked Earth back then, the young man didn’t go to Apollo Palace and the Changshen Sect which had three Soul Formation cultivators. The rest of the imperishable sects were attacked and looted by Chen Fan. Chen Fan seemed to do so when the Soul Formation Ancestral Patriarchs weren’t there. Besides, he hid his energy to look as if he were an ordinary person so nobody noticed him at all. The Divine Arrays and cultivation arts of the sects also had also weakened in front of Chen Fan’s Full Nascent Soul Power.

If the Soul Formation Ancestral Patriarchs were there, Chen Fan might have still been afraid.

And yet, there were just Divine Arrays and he could get past them with cultivation arts.

So, all the large sects in the Little South Heavenly Realm suffered a huge loss. Even though none of their disciples died, the loss of resources and reputation still gave them a severe blow. They wouldn’t even be able to make it up after decades.

Chen Fan’s name was even spread around the Little South Heavenly Realm.

Everyone knew about him.

Nobody dared to offend him.

In the meantime, Chen Fan had already gone to the Yellow Maple Port and was ready to get on the boat. After that trip, he would rise as high as the mountains and go as long as rivers did. He would be returning to the field like a fish hopping back into the ocean. When he went back to Earth, he would probably have the power to completely conquer the whole Little South Heavenly Realm.

“It’s our turn.”

The fat guy had pushed Chen Fan forward.

When Chen Fan was about to get on board, he glanced around and suddenly saw someone he knew. He was a bit startled.

“Is that her?”

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