The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1446

1446 Proof of Love

Initially, Jordan did not want to steal Levana’s Thousand Star Grass. However, under the instigation of Victoria and the others, he still went to Levana’s secret room.

Victoria replied. “I followed Levana to this secret room once and memorized the password. I will open the door for you and you can enter quickly. I will guard the door for you.”

Victoria was indeed not an ordinary person. During this period of time in the Howards, although she was an apprentice, she probably knew all the secrets of the Howards like the back of her hand.

Wasting no time, she opened the secret room for Jordan with ease. Jordan no longer hesitated and nodded at Victoria, “Thank you, Victoria. I’ll go in then.”

Jordan quickly entered the secret room and came to his wife’s secret room. Jordan became very nervous. He felt that this behavior was a little shameless, and he did not want Levana to discover him.

If Jordan and Levana met again and he was caught as a thief, it would be too embarrassing.


Therefore, Jordan could not wait to find the Thousand Star Grass after arriving at the secret chamber.

However, as he watched Jordan search around, the mysterious man said, “Don’t waste your effort. The Thousand Star Grass is extremely precious. It can’t be placed in such a bright place. Hurry up and see if there are any secret doors or hidden safes in this secret room. The Thousand Star Grass should be in a safer place.”

After listening to the mysterious man, Jordan began to inquire about the structure of the secret chamber. After looking around, he realized that there was a window in the secret chamber. Moreover, through the window, he could see the dense bamboo growing outside.

“No, the secret rooms are very hidden. It’s best if they’re airtight. How can there be a window and a view? This window is fake!”

Jordan and Levana had the ability to make something out of nothing. Therefore, he could tell at a glance that the window was fake.

As expected, Jordan pressed his hands on the window and used his unparalleled power to reveal the window’s true form.

It was actually a dark door!

“Senior is right. There is indeed a secret door!”

Jordan was overjoyed.

The mysterious man smiled and said, “Yes, the Thousand Star Grass should be inside this secret door. Hurry up and find a mechanism to open it.”

Jordan looked around but did not find any switch. Instead, when he accidentally touched something, a grand piano suddenly appeared in front of the door.

The mysterious man complained, “I told you to find the switch. Why did you create a piano for no reason? Do you still have the mood to play the piano in your wife’s secret room?”

The mysterious man knew that Jordan had the ability to create things out of thin air. He thought that Jordan had created the piano.

Jordan explained immediately, “Senior, I didn’t create this piano. I accidentally touched something and it suddenly appeared.”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “Oh? It seems that this piano is the key to open this secret door. Your wife is indeed a sentimental woman. The switch setting of the secret room is different from others. I guess she must have set a certain tune as the key. The door will only open if you play it correctly. Hurry up and play it. You’re husband and wife. You should be able to guess what tune she would set.”

Jordan was at a loss. To unseal the divine weapon, he had to play a game. Now, he had to play the piano to open the secret chamber door!

This was a little different from the planetary cultivation he had expected!

However, Jordan liked this method very much. He wanted to know what Levana’s song was through this.

Therefore, Jordan sat beside the piano and began to think.

“I remember hearing from Grannus that Levana likes a song from this world.”

Jordan asked Grannus about Levana, including the music she liked. Since Levana liked it, Jordan naturally had to listen to it.

Therefore, Jordan played the song.

After playing, a progress bar appeared on the secret door, showing the unlocking process. However, soon, the progress bar turned from green to red until it disappeared.

In other words, the tune Jordan played was wrong.

“Not this one… Could it be the song I taught Chloe, ‘If I Ain’t Got You’?”

Speaking of which, that song was also a song that Jordan went to her courtyard house to teach Chloe when Levana was planning to get married on Earth. Therefore, Jordan started playing the prelude to ‘If I Ain’t Got You’.

Unfortunately, after playing it, it still showed that something was wrong.

The mysterious man reminded him, “Hey, don’t try it randomly. Think about it and play again. Your wife must have set the number of times to play. If you make another mistake, this piano might be gone.”

Jordan began to feel nervous as well. He had lost his confidence. Of course, he knew what songs Levana usually listened to and liked.

However, those were the songs she liked back on Earth.

Perhaps, the song that Levana had set was a song exclusive to her in this world. How could Jordan know that song!

Looking at Jordan’s gradually dejected expression, the mysterious man said, “Why? Are you going to give up just like that? I can feel that there’s a melody that keeps surging in your heart. Since you think it’s this song, play it. It must be a song that’s very important to you both.”

Jordan replied, “However, I don’t know if it’s important to her now.”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “Then you’ll only know after you play it. Levana has indeed been on Celestial King Planet longer than Earth, but the memories of living on Earth are clearer than those of the past. Just like after you watched a very shocking movie, for a short period of time, your emotions and actions are all affected by it. Don’t underestimate your love.”

Under the persuasion of the mysterious man, Jordan pressed his hands on the piano keys again and played this song. It was a song that Levana would listen to every time she thought of Jordan on Earth: “Love is Simple.”

The familiar melody sounded again. This time, Jordan did not look at the progress bar. This was a song that belonged to him and Lauren. Even if this song was wrong, he wanted to play it completely.

‘Consider it a gift for her, even though she can’t see it.’

After playing for a minute, the secret door suddenly reacted and opened automatically. A white immortal aura wafted out from inside.

The mysterious man laughed and said, “Haha, it seems like Levana still loves you. She set the way to enter the most precious secret room as your love song. Kid, you traveled across the planet to find her, but she didn’t fall in love with anyone else. You two are destined to be together again.”

Jordan was overjoyed. It was really this song!

This was proof of Lauren’s love for Jordan.

Unexpectedly, even as Levana, she was still using this song!

The mysterious man said, “Don’t just stand there. Hurry up and go in to get the Thousand Star Grass. After eating the Thousand Star Grass, you’ll be qualified to fight Donovan Cross!”

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