The Abandoned Husband Dominates – Chapter 1449

1449 I Hope You Will Fulfill our Wish

A week later.

Donovan Cross was preparing for the upcoming wedding in his courtyard when a charming lady suddenly came to visit. It was Evelyn from the Fairy Academy.

When Donovan Cross saw Evelyn, he smiled and said, “Vice Dean Evelyn? I don’t think you’re invited to my wedding. Are you here to celebrate? However, you’re early. You still have to wait a few more days, hehe.”

When Donovan Cross got married, he invited big shots on the same level as him. Although Evelyn was the Vice Dean of the Fairy Academy, she had yet to reach Donovan Cross’s level.

Likewise, Evelyn was also disdainful of him. “Mr. Donovan, I’m not here to beg you to give me a wedding invitation. I’m here to send you an invitation.”

Headmaster Evelyn handed a blue invitation to Donovan Cross.


Donovan Cross found it strange and opened it. He smiled and said, “Oh, so it’s the birthday of Miss Dawn, the genius of your school. Hehe, it’s just a birthday. Is there a need to organize a birthday party?”

Evelyn said arrogantly, “Dawn is not an ordinary person. Not only is she the national treasure of our Fairy Academy, but she is also the future of the entire Celestial King Planet. Of course, she has to hold a big celebration for her birthday! Mr. Donovan, Dawn is willing to invite you to her birthday celebrations and express her willingness to be on good terms with you. Don’t tell me you still remember what happened before and refuse to come?”

Donovan Cross could look down on Evelyn, but he could not ignore Dawn.

Dawn was now at the same cultivation level as Donovan Cross. Before long, Dawn would surpass Donovan Cross. From Donovan Cross’s point of view, Dawn was even more powerful than his idol, Xavier!

“Since Miss Dawn has invited me over, I will naturally go. I will also personally invite her to attend my wedding with Levana in a few days. Hehe, don’t worry. I will return the favor. We will soon become friends.”

Evelyn scoffed coldly. She recalled that Dawn had snatched Donovan Cross’s Cursed Spiritual Pill earlier, and Donovan Cross had threatened to take revenge.

Now, seeing that Dawn had directly advanced to the Unrivaled realm and he might not be able to defeat her, he saw his enemy as a friend.

After Evelyn left, Levana, who had lived here for a few days, walked over.

As soon as Levana walked over, Donovan Cross said, “Levana, that monster from the Fairy Academy sent an invitation over and invited me to her birthday party tomorrow. I heard that your Howard family has a good relationship with her. Could it be that she sent me an invite because of our relationship? Why don’t you come with me tomorrow?”

Levana was stunned. “Dawn… sent you an invitation?”

At that moment, Levana had already found out that Dawn was Jordan. She knew that Jordan had sent Donovan Cross an invitation to kill him tomorrow!

Levana quickly nodded. “Alright, I’ll go with you tomorrow!”

Donovan Cross was very happy. He wrapped his arms around Levana’s waist. “Wife, you’re listening to me more and more. I’m very happy…”

Before he could finish, Levana pushed Donovan Cross away. “Call me when you go tomorrow. I’m going back to my room to cultivate.”

Women were so confusing. Why was Levana still acting so distant to him?

The next day, at the Fairy Academy, Donovan Cross and Levana came together. Other than the two of them, there were also people from the Howard Clan. Victoria and the others also came uninvited.

In addition, the Fairy Academy also invited some families who had a good relationship with the academy, but they did not invite anyone who had a good relationship with Donovan Cross.

Under everyone’s anticipation, Jordan arrived elegantly in a black windbreaker, causing everyone to cheer.

Donovan Cross also applauded, but he smiled and teased, “It’s Dawn’s birthday today. Why is she dressed in black? Hehe, she’s like a man. Indeed, the stronger you are, the more gender-neutral you will be.”

At this moment, Jordan was still wearing his veil. He looked at everyone and glanced at Donovan Cross. When he saw Donovan Cross, he noticed Levana.


Seeing her, Jordan was incredibly excited. This was the first time he had seen his wife since he came to the Celestial King Planet!

“Levana seems to know my identity.”

Levana looked at Jordan as well. Her eyes were filled with unease as she kept shaking her head at Jordan.

Jordan retracted his gaze and said to everyone, “Everyone, today is my birthday. Thank you for coming to my birthday celebrations. I have something very important to announce to everyone today.”

Everyone was looking forward to it. They did not know what Jordan wanted to announce.

Jordan said slowly, “I think many people want to know what I look like. Alright, I’ll take off my veil today!”

Everyone was excited. Some men even stood up excitedly.

Donovan Cross also laughed and said, “Haha, Dawn is finally willing to reveal her true colors. This trip was not in vain!”

Jordan slowly lifted the veil, revealing the lower half of his face.

When everyone saw this, they discussed it animatedly. Their faces were filled with disappointment and even shock.

“Oh my god, no wonder she doesn’t show the lower half of her face. It’s so ugly. It doesn’t match the upper half of her face at all!”

“It’s not ugly! It’s a completely different style. The upper half of her face is as gentle as water, but the lower half is like a man’s face!”

“Is there a possibility that she’s a man?”

Jordan smiled. “Everyone might find it strange now. That’s right. Half of my face has undergone plastic surgery. I’ll return to my original state now.”

Jordan slapped his face and his face changed again. He finally returned to his original appearance.

Everyone was shocked!

“Oh my god, Dawn is a man!”

“No wonder he’s so talented. He’s a man!”

“He’s a man. Why did he join the Fairy Academy?”

Everyone in the Fairy Academy was stunned.

When Levana saw Jordan’s face, tears instantly welled up in her eyes. “Jordan…”

Seeing Levana’s reaction, Donovan Cross felt as if he was facing a great enemy. “Who did you say he is? Is he the man from your low-level planet? Isn’t he dead?!”

Donovan Cross finally knew who the man in front of him was. However, he had clearly sent Gerald to kill Jordan. Suddenly, Donovan Cross thought of Gerald’s death a while ago and his body immediately trembled.

Jordan looked at the Dean of the Fairy Academy and said, “Teachers, deans and students, I’m sorry. I’ve been lying to you all this while. Actually, I’m a man. I’m not qualified to cultivate in the Fairy Academy.”

Many people’s eyes were wet with tears, but many people said that Jordan would always belong to the Fairy Academy.

However, that was not the main point today.

Jordan walked straight to Donovan Cross and said, “Donovan Cross, you should know why I called you here today, right?”

At the side, Levana stood up immediately and pulled Jordan back. “Jordan, don’t. Don’t be rash. I’m very happy that you came to the Celestial King Planet to look for me. However, you don’t have to take the risk for me. Let me talk to him, okay?”

Levana turned to look at Donovan Cross. “Donovan Cross, as you can see, my husband from Planet Blue 9696 has crossed planets to find me. The person I like now is also him. Why don’t you fulfill our wish?”

Levana hoped to resolve a life-and-death battle with words.

However, she had underestimated the situation.

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